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  1. mysteryfuzz

    What's your Achievement today?

    Hahaha I just edited my post to include that I didn't get it because I already had it... I'm a mess. Thank you for your help xD
  2. mysteryfuzz

    What's your Achievement today?

    I'm pretty sure I made out in the deal because I got 2 maraquan paint brushes from the WOE!!! I also just got the Wheel of Monotony av but I didn't actually get it? The wheel says I got it but it's not in my av list and my count on my UL didn't go up... What the heck?! EDIT: Hahahahaha I didn't get it because... I already have it -facepalm- I can't take me anywhere...
  3. mysteryfuzz

    What's your Achievement today?

    YESSSS. I finally finally FINALLY got the wheel of extravagance av!!!!! I could cry!
  4. mysteryfuzz

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 121!

    GO SEEKERS! I'm surprised they have so much going on at once! Games master challenge, battleground, plot... So much!
  5. mysteryfuzz

    Captchas going away?

    Aw people are jerks :( Thanks for the info. This is good to know!! Thanks for that!
  6. 13 years ago (holy crap) I was obsessed with meowclops and my brother gave me one as a gift on my old main account. I'm pretty sure I cried the day that account was frozen Yours probably hurts a little more though since you won it yourself, got trophy and lost a valuable item AND trophy! RIP Lord Kass Plushie -hug-
  7. mysteryfuzz

    Captchas going away?

    I JUST RAN INTO THIS BEFORE I FOUND THIS THREAD AND I SCREAMED BECAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! Woke the baby up but totally worth it. But I wasn't around when they first instituted the captchas... What abuse was going on that they decided they were necessary?
  8. mysteryfuzz

    The Official Stock Market Board

    RIGHT? I was on the stock board on neo and I was like, "Should I sell my SHRX?" and people asked what I bought it at and all that and they were like "SELL RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY QUICK HURRY!". And I did and then it took a dive a few days later and I was reaaaaaally glad I sold when I did. When was this boom? And how boomy are we talking?? I'm sad I missed it!!
  9. mysteryfuzz

    Here's a random question! Which eye do you wink with?

    For most of my life granny smith apples were the only apples I'd eat but my tastes have changed a lot in the apple spectrum and I avoid granny smiths now. I'm guilty of not knowing what apples are "cooking apples". I've always made apple crisp with granny smith apples though... Besides that I don't do much baking with apples. I like gala apples too! They're very similar to honeycrisp except I think they're less tart at the end? But they're sometimes too tiny to be a decent snack haha. Completely opposite of honeycrisp that way
  10. mysteryfuzz

    Here's a random question! Which eye do you wink with?

    Haha that was more of a joke than anything else BUT! Liking sour grapes and sour apples is technically a correlation, right?! Hahaha That's so true! I like red delicious apples the least of all but I think it's mainly a texture issue... They're always kind of grainy and that is just awful. My favorite apples are honeycrisp apples. MMMMM. But they're HUGE. I usually eat 1/2 an apple at a time haha. I cross my arms opposite of you with arm crossing! There must be a correlation between all of this because I'm the opposite of you guys in everything. I wink, snap, cross my arms and cross my legs opposite of the way you do! But we're all right handed?
  11. mysteryfuzz

    The Official Stock Market Board

    You have invested A LOT I'm jealous. I came back from a looong hiatus in the beginning of September and my portfolio was +781%! I bought 5,000 shares of SHRX YEARS ago and completely forgot about it and I made an awesome profit there but that was my only stock. I started buying daily after that and for a few weeks after that my portfolio was +30% and then I sold AAVL and I've been -20% or more for over a month now It's been slowly getting closer to positive numbers though!! Today Holdings Overall Icon Ticker Open Current Price Chg Qty Paid Mkt Value % Change AAVL (profile) 9 8 -1 4,000 65,000 32,000 -50.77% ACFI (profile) 10 9 -1 2,000 26,000 18,000 -30.77% BB (profile) 7 6 -1 1,000 15,000 6,000 -60.00% BOTT (profile) 13 15 +2 4,000 61,000 60,000 -1.64% BUZZ (profile) 16 16 0 4,000 55,000 64,000 +16.36% CHIA (profile) 8 8 0 8,000 120,000 64,000 -46.67% CHPS (profile) 19 20 +1 4,000 60,000 80,000 +33.33% CYBU (profile) 6 6 0 4,000 62,000 24,000 -61.29% EEEEE (profile) 12 12 0 2,000 30,000 24,000 -20.00% FAER (profile) 16 16 0 4,000 60,000 64,000 +6.67% HELT (profile) 11 8 -3 1,000 15,000 8,000 -46.67% LUPE (profile) 6 7 +1 2,000 30,000 14,000 -53.33% NAKR (profile) 10 9 -1 5,000 72,000 45,000 -37.50% NATN (profile) 15 14 -1 5,000 79,000 70,000 -11.39% PDSS (profile) 20 19 -1 1,000 16,000 19,000 +18.75% PEOP (profile) 9 9 0 2,000 33,000 18,000 -45.45% SKBD (profile) 16 16 0 3,000 47,000 48,000 +2.13% SKEI (profile) 15 16 +1 1,000 15,000 16,000 +6.67% STFP (profile) 37 41 +4 3,000 48,000 123,000 +156.25% TNPT (profile) 12 11 -1 3,000 49,000 33,000 -32.65% TPEG (profile) 10 10 0 2,000 25,000 20,000 -20.00% TPP (profile) 16 17 +1 5,000 73,000 85,000 +16.44% TSRC (profile) 18 19 +1 4,000 60,000 76,000 +26.67% UNIB (profile) 9 8 -1 2,000 31,000 16,000 -48.39% YIPP (profile) 17 17 0 5,000 82,000 85,000 +3.66% Totals: 81,000 1,229,000 1,112,000 -9.52%
  12. mysteryfuzz

    Here's a random question! Which eye do you wink with?

    I'm right handed but I wink most comfortably with my left eye. Maybe it's related to snapping?? Again, right handed but I snap most comfortably with my left hand. Which hand do you all snap most comfortably with? Similarly, I've found a correlation between the color apple and grapes people like best
  13. mysteryfuzz

    So, what are you listening to now?

    Taylor Swift's new album and I am in loooooooooooove with it!!!!
  14. mysteryfuzz

    The Official Stock Market Board

    My portfolio's been down 25% for the last.. Forever? And it's now only down 11%!!! Eventually is happening now!!
  15. mysteryfuzz

    Avatars: What have you got?

    SORCERY!!! Yay I'm glad it caught up! So it's just a bit delayed, good to know. Thanks for letting me know that it caught up!!