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  1. MinaxUmbra

    Soup Kitchen Available to All

    I'm not sure if there are any posts about this yet, however, the Soup Kitchen will currently feed your pets regardless of how many Neopoints you have. While this is great news for anyone trying to get the avatar I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a glitch since there is no reason that the Soup Kitchen should be open for everyone. If it is a glitch could people be frozen for feeding their pets there since it is technically "exploiting a glitch"? It also is displaying the text from the Faerie Festival which is why I think it could be a glitch caused by all of the recent changes.
  2. MinaxUmbra

    Weapons bans

    I recently did a senior paper regarding gun control(not going to say where I stand on the issue) and one article I found on Fox News quoted the London mayor saying "There is never a reason to carry a knife" (I might not have the exact wording right but that was the intended message). Odds are what you are seeing is people reacting to that statement and jumping to conclusions.
  3. MinaxUmbra

    Yay for going to get my nose pierced on June 6

    Just out of curiosity, have you considered getting a neopets themed nose ring? I'm sure there is someone on etsy who specializes in custom nose rings that could make one for you.
  4. MinaxUmbra

    New Avatar: Stamp Collector - Neopia Central

    As I stated in a topic I made a while ago, the pages that give avatars are always, the ones with stamps you can't get anymore. With the Lenny's Conundrum that means best case scenario, 250 people can get the avatar. They really need to unretire stamps, or make them prizes for dailies. Or they could make a shop with high prices like the hidden tower, but instead it specializes in retired items with a rotating stock.
  5. MinaxUmbra

    Yay, for birthdays????

    Happy birthday! I have a friend who turned 18 today meaning I can't use the "when I was your age" joke until next May. I feel like the facebook messages saying happy birthday really don't mean much. What means a lot is spending time with someone, even if it's just five minutes, or calling them to wish them a happy birthday or sending a card. Or in my case sending a neomail because I dragged my friend into Neopets and he has promised to go so far as to neomail me if I try to drop off the face of the earth after graduation. I feel like birthdays are like most holidays, if it's the only day you say hi to someone or ask them how they are doing, you aren't doing a good job as a friend/family member. With all the technology we have today, it's the little things that show you care that count.
  6. MinaxUmbra

    Nay for forgetting to take my medication -_-

    If you have a cat give them a treat whenever you have to take your medication. You might forget but I promise the cat won't. Also probably a good idea to put the pills and treats close to each other.
  7. MinaxUmbra

    Altador Cup: Sign-Ups Postponed Indefinitely

    Maybe the "something" is another plot that will drag on for months and leave you dissatisfied with the conclusion, and also let the villain escape so they can reuse them in a future plot.
  8. MinaxUmbra

    Apple bobbing

    Honestly it's hard to pick a favorite. Ryuk was right about how amazing apples from this world are, they're so juicy and sweet. I would gladly sell my soul to an evil notebook for an apple. In all seriousness though, it's a hard pick between the Blackapple because I like the color, or the Digital Apple because I'm a little obsessed with Digimon (Digital Monsters).
  9. MinaxUmbra

    Altador Cup: Sign-Ups Postponed Indefinitely

    Honestly I'm worried that if they are delaying to get the game working on mobile they will somehow mess up so it doesn't work properly on PC/Mac.
  10. MinaxUmbra

    Have any of you found your Magma Pool time?

    I found mine one night while I was taking a break from homework. I wrote it down in the note app on my computer but I have no idea if I could actually find it now. Honestly the spreadsheet method is probably your best bet unless you're unlucky and it's open for you at midnight or some other ridiculous time.
  11. MinaxUmbra

    What avatars were you obsessed with as a kid?

    I never used the neoboards as a kid but now I am busy hunting for avatars. While I personally like the Darkest Faerie avatar, I am trying to collect them all, not because I will use them, but because I can't leave things unfinished in video games *mutter* stupid retired avatars stopping me from getting 100% *mutter*.
  12. MinaxUmbra

    I'm procrastinating

    I would agree with you, but then I remembered I participated in the Daily Dare rather than doing my AP Stats homework, Studying for my AP Calc test, or writing my Senior Paper for High School (Don't panic I got my paper done and did well on the Calc test, Stats I have given up on as the teacher is an even worse person than whoever put Zurroball in Daily Dare this year).
  13. MinaxUmbra

    Glitch with customising

    Surprise, the Peophin is being replaced with Missingno as of today. Missingno is the first pet to have special effects around the site such as games crashing more often and a chance that your entire account will become corrupted and need to be purged. Or it could just be that TNT is trying to get customization set up in HTML5 and they are starting with the Peophin. Ideally it is a sign of progress being made.
  14. MinaxUmbra

    Inkblot Paint Brush Idea

    While I love the concept, I feel like the result might be too close to the Skunk paintbrush. Personally I would recommend making the contrast a little less intense (keep the black as dark as it is but make the white into more of a light gray). Another idea might be making it slightly yellowed like things in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Maybe try it on a few other pets as well to see its potential.
  15. MinaxUmbra

    Notable Donors?

    The question I have for the perk isn't anything to do with how it works but why it exists. All it does is put your pet in a slideshow and put in a link to your user lookup with the image. Who would waste points on that when they could have had something with actual effects?