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  1. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #73

    Every single one of these is brilliant. Noice job, everyone!
  2. FreakyBowie

    Enter The Runway #70!

    This is one of my favorite ideas so far. -rubs hands together-
  3. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #69

    Oh man, @aleu1986 , touche. I feel like we've got both sides covered-- empty garbage planet vs cool futuristic dreams. 😂
  4. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #66

    Congrats, guys! One of my votes went out to @gypsyknees Not only does it look awesome and do a good job at camouflaging, but they did the Vandagyre like I did-- and did it better!
  5. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #65

    @Kute Holy Acara, I'm touched. Glad people like it! ❤️❤️
  6. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #65

    Righteous, thanks everyone, and congrats on the others! I had to do Bowie, as he just *was* outer space, in my mind. This warms my alien heart. ❤️
  7. FreakyBowie

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    I have a few of them from recent rounds! Slumber Party I did this traditional girly one, then was like, "nah!", and submitted a goth one. Greek/Roman/Egyptian Gods I had actually started this Hermes (and a Hermes actually won, whoops). Special Edition #2 I also tried out an all-bronze and all-silver custom. I actually liked the silver one a lot, but the bronze was just... I struggled.
  8. FreakyBowie

    Enter The Runway #61!

    Haha, I love this. I imagine markings are allowed? What about the glasses zone?
  9. FreakyBowie

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes!

    Congratulations! I almost went with a tired night crew theme, but decided to mix it up and do Altador Cup as well. In retrospect... oops. XD
  10. FreakyBowie

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes!

    Congrats, guys! Welp, I'm buying one of those righteous pins. I really want one 😅
  11. FreakyBowie

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    Here are a couple recent ones: Easter Cybunny I did this Spring cleaning one, then re-read the theme and its description: dress up a Cybunny in celebration of Easter. Oops. So, I scrapped this "Spring" themed one and instead went for a Negg-painting scheme. Superheroes I started these two fellows, but really wasn't sure how to finish them or give them that extra something. But then I thought, "a Bruce as Bruce Wayne," and I promptly abandoned these ones. Here's Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk:
  12. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #55

    Yay, thanks guys! I tried a few others that I'll post backstage sometime. Ultimately I had to roll with Bruce Wayne as a Bruce though, once that popped in my head.
  13. FreakyBowie

    The Runway Votes #55

    Yay guys, these are great! Good luck, everyone!
  14. FreakyBowie

    Enter The Runway #55!

    This one should be fun! Excited to see everyone's entries.
  15. FreakyBowie

    Enter The Runway #53!

    @Nielo Yay, thank you! I really have been missing this. And @deboratibi, take care. Thinking about you over here. Let's see what I can whip up! *rubs hands together*