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  1. trickkey


    No problem! It's nice to meet you too! My neoname is trickkey, but I think I sent you a Neofriend's request already. (Lemme know if I'm mistaken or remembering incorrectly.) And yes! Friends are fun to find and make~! ^^ Nice! I'll be turning 27 on July 2nd. Congrats on the big 20 for you, though! I may be almost 27, but I'm still super psyched for my b-day, hehe! ^^ Yaaay for Neopets Nostalgia! Neo-stalgia...? Hmm... Sounded better in my head. xD And Happy Sunday to you, too! Good day to be on Neo. ^^ Although, what day isn't? ❤️
  2. trickkey


    Hey there! Welcome to TDN forums! My name's Rissa! It's super great to meetcha. I haven't posted much yet, but I love making new friends. I'd love to add you on Neo! ^-^ I'd be really glad to be friends and maybe be able to help out. You know you can have up to 5 Pets now? (6 if you have Premium.) It's great! Especially since I enjoy Neopets enough to have Premium. I'd be happy to help out if I can. I found a wonderful bunch of friends after returning, and I'm in an amazing guild called The Kindness Project. ^-^ Hiya! I got the same nostalgia wave when I got the message from Neopets about the pet limit raised to 5... or 6 with premium. I was instantly back into my memories and it's great! I'm looking for friends, too! Would love to be your Neofriend, too! ^-^ I've had the same experience! I'm 26 & shameless with my love for Neopets. There shouldn't be a "right" or "wrong" age to play Neo. We're all enjoying the same site, and we're all having fun. ^-^
  3. trickkey

    Share some happy!

    My friend showed me this video and it's just... so sweet and cute and pure and I love it! (And it's clean, adorable fun to listen to. ^^) Enjoy, my friends ^-^ The Egg Song It makes me smile everytime I hear it. ^-^ EDIT: I almost forgot about this video. It's fun and pretty much sums up Popplio & Litten if they were to get into a contest on who would be best. Heh. I can picture Rowlet in the background being like: "Uhh.. Guys..? I still exist." Anything You Can Do (Pokemon Animatic)
  4. trickkey

    When will lutari's be available to make?

    For anyone who hasn't created theirs yet, Lutari are available to create now! I just made mine. ^-^ I'm painting her either White, Striped or Rainbow. I love their look as Rainbow Lutari. But I can't decide...
  5. trickkey

    When will lutari's be available to make?

    I can't wait either! I'm super excited! I keep refreshing to see if they're able to be made. Lol! Is there a specific time they'll be able to be create-able? Do you know?
  6. trickkey

    User Shop Limit Raised to 999,999nps!

    This is .... AWESOME! I wish it had happened sooner, but better late than never, am I right? ^-^ Glad to see some good change!
  7. trickkey

    Hi! NP veteran here

    Hiya! Glad you've joined us on TDN and returned to Neo! It's lovely to make your acquaintance! You're definitely among your people. My name's Larissa but I go by Rissa. I'm 26 yrs old and I returned to Neopets when I got an e-mail from Neopets and found out you can have 5 pets now. (Or 6 with Premium! Which I have again.) I have known of TDN's main site for years, but just recently noticed that there was a "TDN Forums" option. I feel silly. I mean, I am a goofball, but ... it took me so long to notice that button link to the forums here! That's a different kind of silly, ha! I remember when The Altador plot first started and I STUNK at the game that came with it. I'm terrible at most of the games on Neo. :c I remember when the SDB avi was SO POPULAR! And when 450k for a FULL Secret Laboratory Map set was expensive. Now they're 1.8million at the lowest. xD You're a Marine? Marines are so tough and strong! I've heard the training to be one is REALLY rough. But... Thank you for going through that training and serving to protect. You're very brave and selfless to put your life on the line to protect the country. I made it my goal a long time ago to thank those in the military, firefighters, police, and especially Veterans. People who are constantly putting their country first don't hear enough thanks for doing what they're doing. So, from me to you: Thank you! You're an inspiration to me. I've always wanted to serve, but with my health issues, I wouldn't be accepted/able to handle it. It takes a strong and brave person to go into the military, or any of the careers that put their safety second. Back to Neopets, though: I'm in an awesome guild called The Kindness Project, and I dunno if you've found a guild yet, but TKP is such a great guild. I joined and was instantly welcomed as if I'd been there the whole time. It was the warmest welcome I've ever received. And everyone there is so sweet, friendly, generous and kind. If you'd like an active and friendly guild to join, The Kindness Project is always an option for ya. Also, I'd love to add you as a Neofriend and talk more! Would you mind? You could even add me, if you'd prefer. Either way, I'd love to talk more. I remember I was collecting anything and everything rainbow when I was collecting gallery items back in the day. I changed my gallery to a Nostalgia themed one. ^^ As for socks... Argyle socks would be a poor choice. They're awesome but they can cost more than wine. ;P
  8. trickkey

    I'm back!

    Yep! I found out because my account is signed up for Neopet's News. And so I got the e-mail announcing it, which drew me back into the site and nostalgia took over from there. :) & Yeah! I have 6 pets because I got Premium again. If you can afford it, and you're on neo a lot... it's truly worth it. In my opinion at least. ^-^ You get a Space Faerie Scratchcard every Friday, the Super Shop Wizard, and a whole bunch of bonuses! It's worth it if you're on Neo quite a bit and has lots of surprises. And oh, woo! Glad you're using Trudy's Gift thing. Make sure to try to get it done once a day. Twice now, after spinning the wheel for a week or two every day, I've had it give out 100k as a prize! It's so great when that happens. ^-^ & I saw you joined TKP! I'm super happy you did. I think you'll really love it in the guild! ^-^ & No prob, Bob! I love making new friends and helping people out. Especially helping my new friends out. <3
  9. trickkey

    I'm back!

    Hiya! Welcome back to the world of Neopets! I came back a few months ago after the announcement for ability to have a 5th Neopet! (or 6th, if you have Premium.) Luckily, I had been kind-of, sort-of on every now and then before the announcement. Now I'm on EVERY DAY! I'm in a super awesome guild called TKP: The Kindness Project. I've never had a warmer welcome from a guild or group of people than when I joined here and was invited to take a look at the guild after I had posted my introduction thread on here. I had the warmest, friendliest welcome when I posted my introduction on here, and I love the friendly community vibe I feel when I'm on here or in the guild. I'd love to add you as a friend on Neopets! I'll send you a request! And I'd really recommend joining The Kindness Project guild on Neo! Such a loving, friendly, open, welcoming guild. I've made many friends already, there. Here's a little link to the Neopets guild itself, in case you'd like to join. The Kindness Project Neopets Guild <-- This is a link to the guild's front page. It's no pressure if you find a different guild you want to join, but I think you'd really have a wonderful time in TKP (The Kindness Project.) Everyone is so kind and generous. We have a Dream Pet program, and a "Guild Lab Zappers" area as well. I'm one of the official zappers for TKP. But if you have a Dream Pet, even if you don't join the guild, lemme know! I can put you on the Dream Pet Seekers list. ^-^ Also, I'm sending you a full map for being able to access "Forgotten Shores". You can get NP or items randomly (it's a daily, but sometimes you don't find anything) when you go to the Forgotten Shore on Krawk Island. You can get up to 5k NP and some cool items. I found a Pirate Techo Morphing Potion there today!) So, I'm just sending you a lil' help to get started with earning NP. Admittedly, I stink at most of the games and try to sell stuff instead. Trudy's Box has been SUCH an AWESOME help each day to get NP! I'll send you a friend request on Neo, now! It's the same username as on here. Trickkey. If you make a junk trade on the site and let me know, I'll give you the Forgotten Shore pieces. I have more than one of each piece. And I love to share cheer. ^-^ EDIT: I put up three trades for ya! I hope they find you well! Here's the link to your prezzies! My Neopets Trades for MilkyMamaBear
  10. trickkey

    Hello and introductions :D

    Hi, Tracy! I'm Rissa! I'm a Neo veteran, myself! I remember back in the days of the forums being when all the newbie accounts were people claiming to be "Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana" or one of the old-school Disney channel stars "on neopets in secret". Haha! And I have just recently joined the forums too! (But also have had my TDN account for a while. For the same reason as you. ^^) I'm terrible with timing the Kadoaties or having what they want. It's like people can read their minds! Is there any secret to it? Or any advice if I wanted to try feeding a Kadoatie successfully? I refresh after half a second and they're all fed. ;-; But it's nice to meetcha! Glad you joined the forums! ^-^
  11. trickkey

    Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    I love pastries & pastas. So Panera's menu is perfect for me. Although, Olive Garden is a nice Italian restaurant as well... Two years ago I had my first crepe pastry. Apples and cinnamon with caramel. It . was . INCREDIBLE! Have you heard about crepes? They're almost like a pancake. I took this from Wikipedia, but it explains what they are, and is pretty detailed & I didn't know about the Greek stuff: "Crêpes are a type of very thin pastry, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes). Crêpes belong to the general category of ancient Greek Tiganitai, from Greek tiganos (τίγανος), meaning "frying pan", which in English is literally translated to Pancakes [Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae, XIV, 645c; Galen, On the Properties of Foods, I, 3]" (there's more, but I dunno how interesting it could get with details about the dessert. I'm kinda mad that I love pasta, bread and gluten filled foods so much because I might be gluten-intolerant... :c Anyways, enough about me and food. Heh... ^^;; I'm really into video games, anime, manga, singing (when no-one's around), sketching/drawing my own manga style OCs, roleplaying, writing stories, novels, & I took up writing children's short stories for my cousin's two little ones. (She's like a big sister to me. We grew up together with her literally living across the street from our house.) I LOVE writing. It's so much fun to be creative! ^-^ How about you? What do you like do to?
  12. trickkey

    What's your failure today?

    ON Neopets: The Lab Ray took down my lab pet by 2 levels. So far that's my only complaint or failure. Here's hoping to not fail miserably at something important. OFF Neopets: I've been sick since December 10th. It's legit getting to me, not to mention it's below freezing outside. I would go on a walk, but IT'S SO COLD! I have managed to fall back out of shape and it's not fun. I plan to go to the gym ASAP, but need to find a way to get there and back. I've been having major anxiety with worrying over things I could easily fix, with a little effort... I feel like I'm failing myself, I guess. ^^;;
  13. trickkey

    Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    That's really cool! I love any animals in the feline family. I used to obsess over cats. Anything I did or made had a cat mentioned/drawn in it. That was before I was diagnosed with Aspergers' Autism. I've grown a lot as a person though. I still love cats, but my obsessions now are anime/manga, Neopets, an MMORPG I play, and writing. ^^ But Cheetahs are so cool! I never knew Duma meant cheetah in Swahili! That's super cool too! (:
  14. trickkey


    Hi! ^^ I just joined not long ago, myself. (The forums, that is... Hehe...) But either way, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you too. As I have received so much friendly and warm vibes from everybody already, I figure I may as well join in on the friendly welcoming of people joining! I hope you don't mind me sending you a Neofriend request...? I've got a couple new friends that have added me from here, I can only assume. I'm always open to new friends and I love to chat and help friends out. :)
  15. trickkey

    Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm pretty sure I'll fit right in, too! Just seeing how much friendliness & warmth and same goofiness from people who have welcomed be so kindly, I can't wait to get to know everyone more! I'm super duper happy to be here. :) & I'm in Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem Heroes: Shadows of Valentia, so no spoilers for further in the game... But is your username based on Duma from the game? I have to know! Because I LOVE the game to an extent I haven't had with a game in a LONG time. The voice-overs are just so spot on and the plot is so interesting! Thank you! I know I'll enjoy my stay here. The greatest group of goofballs are here! And it's super nice to see how welcoming and sweet people are here. I'm looking forward to making new friends and meeting new fellow Neopians. On here & Neopets! Also, I love pastries. The pastries at Paneras with the sweet cream cheese filling are my favorite. Unless we're talking cheesecake. Cheesecake is the BEST. I think your username is super cute & creative. Do you have a favorite burnt pastry? ;) Haha, Nice to meetcha Marcus! I have a friend very dear to me named Marcus. We go way back. As far as I know, he doesn't play Neopets... But the way you commented on here reminded me of how he uses the same kinds of phrases and has a very intelligent mind and wide range vocabulary. :) So I look forward to getting to know another Marcus! You seem pretty neat. And no, nobody here is "barking mad". Instead, we're barking GLAD. Ohmygosh that was a terrible pun.. One thing you guys willl learn about me very quickly, is that I am a pun addict. I entered the Caption Contest on Neo, but I can't find my entry or see if I made it in. I had a TON of puns for that picture. I may have overdone it... Heh... Hehe... You're clever, Sarah. And you know the quickest way I'll warm up to people without me even telling you! Puns & Dad Jokes. I love them both so much. I drive my family nuts with puns and plays on words, but it's so great to have someone literally hold their sides from laughing so much after a witty comment is made towards their situations, hobbies, etc. I love making people smile and laugh, and I live to do so. It makes me happy and fulfilled to make someone else's day better. Even with just a pun or giving someone who looks sad or stressed a smile & nod, giving acknowledgment that they matter. :) My parents almost named me Sarah! I'm adopted, and they were trying to choose between names. My dad loves the name Sarah. I think it's pretty, too. I was going to be named Trevor if I had been born a boy, and Sarah if my mom hadn't made a deal that my dad could name me if I was born a boy. So, she picked the name Larissa. I like both names though. & I hear ya! Being able to be yourself makes the site here so much more wonderful to be a part of. Nice to meet you too! Thank you very much! I feel so welcome already from everyone who has posted here, I feel so blessed to receive such a warm welcoming. ^^ *LE GASP!* I'd love to join The Kindness Project! The guild I'm in currently isn't very active and I'm rarely responded to/acknowledged... I'll definitely take a look and join! I love doing Random Acts of Kindness, helping people out with things they need help with, and I'm extremely empathetic and social, so I enjoy helping people. Whether through being a shoulder to lean on, or giving them something they otherwise couldn't get... I'd love to start a Newbie Pack project (and recommend TDN as a lot of new members on Neopets don't know what to do first, where to go, etc...) The site has helped me SO MUCH with saving more Neopoints. I'm not rich by any means, but I'm not dirt poor, either. I'm satisfied with the progress I'm making bit by bit with my savings. ^^ I'm trying to get my niece to try Neopets, but haven't been able to show her the site yet. (She's almost 13. Wow, the years go by so fast...) It would be awesome for her to join a friendly guild & have some helpful and friendly Neopians to be there to answer questions when I can't be there. :) Hiya! I love wolves, first of all. Additionally, I do the same. My best posts for roleplays/adding to my own personal novels, short stories, poetry, and a trilogy I have plans to write, but need a LOT more character development. I had writer's block for so long with my stories, but then I broke it by writing a genre I never had before. Children's story! I wrote a "morals are important" but fantasy style short story for my cousin's 4 & 2 year old kiddos. I'm thinking about making a sequel. Since they loved it so much, and Jovie (cousin's 4 yr old) loved that I put a dragon in the story and said since the dragon didn't have a name, she was giving him one. Auggie loved that I made him "a brave knight". "Auggie the Brave". (He's the 2 year old.) ...Jovie named the unnamed dragon: Toast. That girl is smart as a tack! So, I'm now continuing the story with them having a day out with Toast. (The dragon.) And I can't wait to see my cousin's reaction to it. She inspired me to try writing children's books in the first place. :) Thank you! And I don't feel bad, honestly. I've played for years and years. I had an account WAY BACK that was hacked by someone & frozen by TNT... But I've rebuilt most of what I had lost. I had some bad memories leave with that old account, but I've played Neopets since I was around 12-ish? I'm 26, now. I don't think there's anything wrong with being an older Neopets fan/veteran. If you love a site like Neo, which, in my opinion, is something anyone should be able to play. We're all on Neo for the same reason. We enjoy playing and socializing, getting out dreamie pets, etc... I think Neopets is the kind of site where age doesn't matter. To play games and socialize, make friends and get your favorite pets, there's no age limit on good old fun! :)