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  1. phill

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 134!

    I will try to remember to check here next time round to see what people are needing avatars for!
  2. phill

    What is it like where you live?

    Pot pie and steamed puddings are different beasts. Its a type of suet pastry that you steam for hours. Treacle is a byproduct from sugar refining. It can be a light coloured syrup when it is called Golden syrup, or dark, which is pretty much like molasses. Good for treacle toffee and parkin which is a traditional Northern type of gingerbread.
  3. phill

    FEA-themed shop... a good idea??

    I could only do three then it stopped me! 😞
  4. phill

    What is it like where you live?

    Begone, thou foul beast!!!! hahahhaha! I figured it out by saving the pics then dragging them. Is all good.
  5. phill

    What is it like where you live?

    Our beans have a lot less sugar than US beans. I didn't understand why North Americans would urgh at beans on toast until I realised their versions of beans are very much sweeter. I wouldn't want to eat sugary beans on toast either. We are an Island, so we have a lot of traditional seafood dishes obviously. Same as anywhere else really, we have a lot of regional variations on similar dishes. Sausages have been mentioned, there are many varieties and styles up and down the country and all are 'the best ones'. we call them 'sausages'...despite me being emphatically assured once by a North American that no, I was wrong...we call them 'bangers' . Jamie Oliver and London tourist pubs might call them bangers, but rarely anyone else. Cheeses, we have hundreds of variations on regional and artisan cheeses. There are so many more cheeses than the boring (imo :D) cheddar. (and fun fact, the cheese rolling game on neopets is a real traditional event from back when there was no tv or internet hahaha). So yes, preserved meats, hams and the like. Same as most places in Europe but with different names. Pies are traditionally popular, you can put anything in a pie. Pork, rabbit, venison, beef, fruit, cheese, mixture of the above, lol. I don't know how to do pictures or I would. Honestly, I don't really know where to start with traditional foods, theres so much. Steamed puddings are also traditional. Yes, they are fattening stodge, and yes they are delicious. When you are in the middle of a cold grey rainy winter a little bit of stodge with custard does you the power of good Treacle or syrup pudding are types, you've probably heard of Spotted D.ick because iit has a comedy name, but actually contains dried fruit like currants, it's good. Sussex Pond pudding has a whole lemon in the centre, crazy but crazy good. Or you can have savoury steamed puddings like steak.
  6. phill

    FEA-themed shop... a good idea??

    I would definitely take more interest in it if there was a trophy! I just went and played it to remember why I don't bother playing it and I think it was because I can only take 3 jobs. I was just getting into it and I'm, BAM...done for the day. Basic jobs, so only made a few thousand nps, minus the value of the items (all from my sdb) doesn't really seem worth it. I'm sure it's very different playing with coupons but I just sell those when I get them.. Anyway, what I came onto the thread to say was, when you do your shop theme and design, try not to have too much extraneous detail at the top of the shop. There is nothing worse when you are on a timed quest than clicking into a shop that has three miles of animated pictures, adverts, and text, and it slowing you down. I know I'm not alone (when I used to do timed quests) in clicking straight back out again and going somewhere else. I'm not for a second suggesting that you would do that, just observing that themed shops can look great but aren't ALWAYS user-friendly so that's something to keep in mind.
  7. phill

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 134!

    I thought after I posted that quote that, ironically, the person who says that line is a man dressed as a lady so it probably wasn't the best quote to choose haha. I'm quite at a loss when choosing skirmish sides since charity corner. I chose awakened because it has randomised boons so I might find something more useful to me than what the other factions are offering. I don't tend to fight skirmish battles until I've maxed on the koi, because I don't really like the skirmish arenas prize pool. Sadly, I only fought three plot challengers because I couldn't get past the rotating chest lock from hell after that, so I was locked out of participating much further in the plot.
  8. phill

    What is it like where you live?

    Got to admit I'm a little biased. I've know/met more than one person who's got them in their back garden. As in, their families have been ekeing a living for centuries off not very productive hill farms because the land was what they could get rather than the rich peoples valuable lowland arable land, until the day when someone decides that land has a value to them after all and slaps a compulsory purchase order on it.
  9. phill

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 134!

    I'm a lady! I do lady things! (little Britain quote, lol) No, it was deliberate. I had about three to start, then was wondering if dots counted... ...thought they probably didn't and had to actually formulate a sentence rather than just grunting a terse response back
  10. Yeah, I agree. It's more like supporting a sports team than choosing a temporary and everchanging obelisk skirmish side. You support your team because reasons.
  11. phill

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 134!

    I went with awakened this time round
  12. It's true. There are whole groups of people that pick which side is going to win and cheat to do it. I know it's weird, but it's a thing. That's why, quite honestly I'm okay with my team not winning rather than being chosen by an ACG (or ASG) and coming first because of it. Plus it puts you at risk of getting flagged or frozen just for being a normal 'good' player.
  13. phill

    FEA-themed shop... a good idea??

    I donated thousands of things...right before charity corner started. I didn't even know that was a thing back then. lol, winning at life 😉 Good luck with your shop. As for any jobs Ive taken, no I haven't used a job coupon. I just sell them. so ive only done low values and there was never any problem getting those jobs.
  14. phill

    FEA-themed shop... a good idea??

    before you throw out all your packrat stuff, did you get your rubbish avvie? Only saying because I didn't know about it till I donated thousands of things...sigh.
  15. phill

    Secret Lab Map: should I buy the whole set?

    thats a really good tip for getting random events (and where I get most of my map pieces, lol). I play solitaire, both sorts, dicearoo, anything like that where you refresh the page a lot to play can be a goldmine for RE's.