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  1. that was me you said that to, when I said that traditionally, Sunday is my busiest day, and you assumed I had a weekday in lieu of sunday (sp), which was incorrect. Its Sunday as well as m-f, not instead of.
  2. phill

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    Me too, I dont normally look at them, as a rule, its just 5 goals 6 seconds rinse and repeat. I will be paying more attention to the screen next game day.
  3. phill

    Slushie Slinger

    I feel vaguely sorry for the waitress. She's doing the shift alone and she's doing the best she can, but everyones so ANGRY and throwing junk on the floor. Give her a break already!
  4. phill

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    Ive been watching the bonus scores snce I read your post, and Ive only had one 770 whiile Ive been watching too. But Ive never seen it that high on a regular day.
  5. phill

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    maybe its related to 'bonus game' points?
  6. Many congrats on your reaching all star :)
  7. That's Shaye for ya, my boy's literally playing the field.
  8. phill

    Happy Quiggle Day!

    hich are basically two hole-punched leaves.. ------------- they are shoots or buds, I think
  9. phill

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    Im fine with it, and using chrome.
  10. phill

    New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

    yay we get to keep our team avatars! Only one though, no team hopping for collecting.
  11. yes, msn is the main culprit. slsl gives me thumb cramp.
  12. yeah me too, I picked up a cup earlier and my hand CRUNCHED. Now, Im not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but Im pretty sure thats not good.
  13. I like the 'so what have you been doing for the last six hours?'
  14. Im up 2 but Ive not mashed the keys yet. I should be asleep really.
  15. ah, shame, its a nice board. you might like these links that went up on the boards. http://www.neopets.com/~Imabre http://www.neopets.com/~oniorochi