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  1. Yeah, I don't read it anymore. I just click through to see if there's anything I need to do and move on with my day. If the quality of the dialogue and the one minigame so far are anything to go by, the rest of this thing won't be anything to write home about, either.
  2. I was all excited that I finally seemed to be able to make the doors move... and then suddenly one glitched, and got stuck partway turned???? I could walk around still, but the door was at a weird diagonal and I couldn't make it move anymore. Weird!
  3. Aranel

    The Runway Votes #70

    These are all so fun! I love the range of results people come up with for these things.
  4. Aranel

    Happy Birthday Neopets - Let's Celebrate!

    It sounds like you had to complete the birthday games on the date of the birthday in order to get the final gift bag prize.
  5. Aranel

    Birthday Scores Galore Is Back!

    Yaaaaaaaaas! Remember when they celebrated their tenth birthday by having ten score-sends a day for an exorbitantly long amount of time and basically tanked the Neo-conomy?
  6. Aranel

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    I'm definitely cranky about all the things coming out that look fun but are ultimately only accessible to those with extra money lying around. I appreciate the new things TNT seems to be trying to implement, but I can't help but feel like they put a lot more effort into new NC stuff and other money-makers rather than the free content that most of us are there for. I know they gotta make money, but like... ACK.
  7. Aranel

    Shop Wizard Setting?

    I agree that that particular function would be nice, but as Hrtbrk pointed out, it's just a couple of clicks. TNT probably has bigger stuff on their mind. 😞
  8. Aranel

    This weird thing happened

    That is seriously strange! I have never heard of that happening. I hope you get it figured out smoothly.
  9. Aranel

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    I am having the buttons-not-responding issue with KP as well, using the most updated version of Chrome on Windows 7. Bluh.
  10. This is fascinating! I've been thinking about creating a similar sheet for myself. You've inspired me! I'll start tomorrow. :O
  11. Aranel

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    I just got it with the dump absolutely bursting with junk.
  12. Aranel

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes!

    As a former midnight updater and Altador Cup reporter for TDN... Too freakin' real, man. Some of those AC nights were killer.
  13. Aranel

    The Random Contest Reinstated!

    Speaking of old contests, I would love to see the Lenny Conundrum come back! KNowing TNT these days, it probably won't be working. But gosh, I hope I'm wrong!
  14. Aranel

    The Random Contest Reinstated!

    What a time to be alive! Now maybe I can get that trophy that has so long eluded me! I have to admit, it seems like TNT is really trying to keep things relevant and interesting. Although, there was this one sentence from the news that made me want to die: "Mmmm it smells like bacon, ohh but jelly bacon and look a jelly rollup how fun!" Grammar is hard, apparently.