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  1. Greengirl

    Training Stats Help!!

    Thanks for checking prices! That's so kind of you! I think I will just bite the bullet and go to 250! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi there!! So I have a wee bit of a problem. I had been training my pet, and then used the lab ray for a bit. Now her stats are disproportionate and all over the place. Since she's level 249, I'm having to wait 24 hours at the Mystery Island training school each time. Should I just up her level so I can train faster at the Ninja School, and get her Defence/Strength back up? Not sure what would make the most sense! Funds aren't a factor in this, just don't know what would make most sense and save me time!
  3. Greengirl

    The Secret Lab map

    I tried doing that with my main pet - but I ran into a sticky problem I'm still trying to fix! The lab ray started decreasing my pets' stats, but then INCREASING the Max Hit Points, so much so they became well over double my level. Now I'm having to train my pet to get her level back up to balance with the hit points, so I can train other aspects of her again. Also be warned that the lab can drop your level down to 1!!
  4. I think it was the Wild Woods that was holding me up!! I didn't do that step because Fyora was already in my Infirmary, but I went back and 'found her' and it seemed to work!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. Hey there! Literally created an account so I could ask this question and maybe get some help My Murmur page won't give me a new riddle to solve. It just flashes with my previous solved location "Turdle Racing" and won't reset. I also tried clicking the Faerie's Chest link directly, but it only half loads and after 3 seconds takes me back to the HQ page. I've visited pages with the purple haze, gone through every step up to this point. But can't seem to get a new murmur to solve! Anyone have suggestions? Anyone have this issue?