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    improvement, dogs, characters, my favorite comic, languages, parables & wisdom, love & the scum of the earth, and some non-g-rated stuff. way into bats right now, too. ūüíē

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  1. evervast

    Share some happy!

    hooray for happy x3 theres so many things i could put here... but going along the vein of your roobarb ((thanks for introducing this to me btw, i never heard of it before ^^)), my favorite similar show ((besides the muppets of course)) would be bagpuss =D oh, how do you put video in here? =o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68UWyU590Ls&list=PLh-Mj_oSkpi75Oxs3r-LbWTKQ0a3RnWMZ
  2. evervast

    What's your Achievement today?

    whoo! i just got a Battle Faerie quest and she requested an item priced at 50np! thats nine points to the three best stats for 50np! i just saved 27 codestones and 36 solid hours for the equivalent price of a single gumball! XD
  3. evervast

    How Do I Count How Many Avatars I Have ?

    if you feel its just off by one for some reason, maybe youre thinking about the emo usul one that only counts as long as youre using it?
  4. evervast

    Neopets & You

    ah, i love these =D ((woops i wrote a ton. as usual)) xp When did you first heard of neopets? What made you try it? when it was just beginning, back when i was 9 and they were still preparing to release the site, they sent out a bunch of emails to people advertising it so theyd have an audience once it did release. my mom was one of those people who got the email, and showed it to me because ive always loved pets and this type of thing was interesting to me. it looked like revolutionary concept ((well, 9-year-old-me just said 'that sounds awesome!')) and once it released and i joined, and made my first pet, i was immediately hooked. thereve been a ton of long hiatuses since then, and boy a ton of other petsites too, but i keep coming back here. What kept you playing? ...... my characters, at first. i felt such an immense connection to my first pet, shriek the yellow wocky ((ive since lost him and the other originals -weeps-)), i ignored school for a while and could think of nothing else lol. many more pets would come after that. i dont think i understood at the time, but i think thats when i discovered my innate love of character creation... i remember sitting at the screen one day and staring at that yellow 'adopt a pet!' button on the original sidebar, yet again, and thinking to myself 'dont do it... dont do it... this must be what addiction feels like.' lol i knew i had a problem even way back then XD its always been the characters, but i think since its rooted in such an early stage of my brains development, i also grew to associate impressive neopets things with my own self-esteem ((among other things, dont worry lol))... i keep coming back to make cool CSS, build my wealth painfully slowly lol, and now ive gotten pretty invested in NC customization. =) i USED to spend all day with my habitarium, but, you know. -salty- B( What fascinates you the most about it? the character creation! tho i think its the ultimate form of self-expression, i actually dont really like that part for myself lol, im pretty reclusive, but i still appreciate it more than most things in life. even moreso than self-expression, i think its the ultimate method of growing and learning vicariously through the characters' experiences. i really, really, really, really, really love seeing all the different characters people come up with, and what they do with them. its one of my favorite things in the world. ^o^What annoys you about it? ...... the death of it. =( the coding is so broken, so many aspects of the site are just clunky and awkward and outdated almost as if its been abandoned ((which is frightening)), and the censorship rules are so ridiculous they defeat their own purpose and make me scared to be part of the forums ((not to mention i am NOT g-rated usually, i wish neopets appreciated the rougher things in life more)), and the website is notorious for bad 'customer' service and im always afraid ill be frozen for no reason ((like many people have been)) and lose everything forever, and they took away the habitarium... things like that. its sad. =( on a lighter note, a thing that annoys me about it is how tedious and slow it is to make money. maybe im just doing it wrong, but it takes me FOREVER to make money. if it werent for trudys surprise id be in the gutter, even if i didnt like the gutter. ive gotten pretty far with it by now, so im starting to get my snowball rolling, but still, dang. XD What was the best thing that ever happened to you while playing? woah, ever?? uuuuh, almost 20 years is a long time lol.... uuhm, well when i was a roleplaying kid i had some ((irl-))character-building adventures with other roleplayers... but thats pretty vague and, you know. there was one time i was completely stupid and decided to put my second-ever pet in the pound so i could get a pet with a 'better name,' but afterward i felt like serious garbage and changed my mind, but by then he was already adopted, so i absolutely hated myself, but then i managed to get him back. i had spent that night crying ((i really love my charas dont judge me lol)), and then i was so relieved i vowed to never to do that again. it was traumatic at the time haha. man i miss them... my floppy disc that had all my passwords saved on it got corrupt one day so i ended up losing them all in the end, which was gutwrenching, but theyre still in my mind. ='p sentimental fool xp OH!! i dunno if this counts for you but it counts for me lol... i was always invested in making my pets profiles look good, even before css was technically allowed ((lol im glad TNT didnt see me trying)), so im always fiddling with them... then one day i came up with a layout i was absolutely in love with, and slaved for ever ((sometimes losing sleep for it, sleep i needed for college classes the next days lol)), fighting the insane neo-coding to get it to work just right, and finally it was perfect... but then i realized it was all for nothing because id never be able to actually use it because there was a character limit on pet profiles. it was a terrible feeling. but then i did some even craftier tinkering and finally it WORKED. it was literally a childhood dream come true. tho theyre ultimately nothing of real significance, i am SO proud of their profile layout <3 ((tho im aware cryptophasia's really... really needs some better color-scheming. yeesh. i was going for fresh and cheery but jeez.)) edit..OH! this is another thing that was really special to me how it happened. blackbolts eyes! im addicted to the wonderclaw machine ((when i have money for it lol)), and one day i chilled out and used up all my tokens on the various machines, getting lots of cool stuff, but then i found the stormy ombre contacts, and they were PERFECT for bb, and they were available in the wonderclaw machine too... but by then i was completely out of tokens. i was like feh. but then i hopelessly checked my SDB for more, and i just happened to have a pack in there, so i went and played it and it was the most beautiful machine with the most beautiful music and the air in my room was cool and breezy and beautiful, and everything was so peaceful... and i put the token in, and on my very first try i got the eyes. i felt blessed haha. x'3 i know this makes my post obnoxiously long but... it was a very nice moment, it was like everything was aligned just right. i wanted to include it. BP and thats how blackbolt got his eyes. =)How many times were you on hiatus and why did you come back? lol, lots of times. sometimes i lost some accounts due to lost passwords and the like, but also you just sort of drift away from things. the mind and spirit just wanders sometimes. needs to experience different things every so often, or else its like a tiger in a tiny cage. but, again, probably because it took root in my mind at such a young age, i just sort of associate this place with self-esteem and a sort of home... i rather grew up with the place afterall. literally, in many cases. i just sorta find myself coming back sooner or later. =p and i also always just sort of assume itll always be here... im scared for neopets future, i hope its owners dont just dump it like a forgotten old used-up disney franchise, but i still dream of like, spending my old age being able to just chill out and be epic-1337 on neopets still. imagine what another 30 or 40 years would accumulate here, man. =p
  5. evervast

    Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 6

    can we get the avatar without having to fully heal everybody, or having to complete all the previous achievements? with this reward cap i cant even win enough ingredients to cover the steps for myself, its forcing me to buy them from other people if i wanna do it at all. for the first time in over a month i just got some ectoplasm, but not enough to cover all the concoctions for even one step, and still no sign of any other ingredient..... is it even worth the effort or money to complete anymore or should i just sell them? =/ id like to collect the avatar while its still available tho, if i can.
  6. evervast

    Advice for battling hulking wraith

    if you can afford the investment, i definitely recommend the Cursed Elixir, personally. it cost me 100k to get ((theres still like 120 of them in shops, just keep refreshing)), and im no expert battler yet, but its been my #1 weapon since i got it and with the way i fight i dont see myself needing an upgrade for a long, long time. it deals 20hp of unblockable damage and adds it to your own health, plus a few physical icons thrown in on top. its perfect in the daily codestone harvest, especially for those just starting to train. just beat the rocks out of the kreludan defender robot without even needing to heal afterwards, which in turn helps you train up against the hulking wraith. it may still be a bit tough for aruols current level tho... shes at the x1.5 boost, but my blackbolt is at the x2.5 boost with 120 health and uses the Cursed Elixir, Reflecting Vanities, and the Icicle ability, and the hulking wraith still sometimes survives that ((in which case i use the Vanities again with Lens Flare to finish him off without taking any more damage)). weve done very well so far, but it still chisels down blackbolts health rather quickly... however, what i love about the Elixir is that once you get too low on health for comfort, you can simply have a few battles with a weak opponent such as the kreludan defender robot or chia clown, and just suck out their health like a vampire until youve healed up enough to continue fighting the wraiths. at aruols level you may need to heal up after every wraith fight, so it may take some time, but its much cheaper ((in the long run)) than healing potions and much faster than waiting for the healing springs. at least worth suggesting. =)