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  1. I don't know how old you are, but I actually got bullied quite a bit back in grade school. Unfortunately I don't have too much tips to give, but I can tell you once you're in college no one will care, so I guess that is something to look forward to. 🙂
  2. I suffer from bipolar depression and I've actually tried all those antipsychotics and all of them made me sick sadly. 😓 My doctor recently started me on Topomax which seems to help with my bipolar depression and I'm actually losing weight. I mean I don't know what problem your doctor is giving it to you for though.
  3. I wonder if they are going to extend the event this time due to the site lag. I'm hoping for it.
  4. I wouldn't say it's down, it is just super slow. I'm just happy I can store 1000 items in my shop. No rush. Just putting everything in there until they fix everything before pricing.
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the slow issue. 😕 It's been so laggy but at least it isn't timing out like last time. Let's hope it stays that way. As for Trudy's, that happens every year for day light savings sadly...
  6. I remember this happened last year during Day Light Savings time too. Seems Trudy's Surprise is broken again. I see a "has been reset" at the top but it won't let me spin when I go to the page. It just tells me to come back tomorrow. I think it happened last year too. Anyone have a fix?
  7. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Purple Zafara Gnome Plushie
  8. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Dark Kyrii Tales
  9. Tarla is active right now! I already got one today, so I don't get anymore but you should go now! 🙂
  10. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Green Scorchio Plushie
  11. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Ultranova Rug
  12. I give my rabbit stuff to chew on like cardboard flyers, Amazon boxes, and the Costco boxes in his pen, so he definitely has stuff to grind his teeth down (and he does do that, he had so much fun ripping up the political fliers before the midterms in the US came 😂). Also, I'm not sure what it is with the lamp cables, he always goes for that particular cable, never any other ones around the room. 😥 I might try the wasabi thing though, that sounds like a good idea. I had most of the cable covered with covers I got from IKEA but a small section got dragged out over time for some reason, I should really fix that.
  13. No idea where I can rant my frustration and stress so here it is. My rabbit, Berg, sure gave me a scare the other day. He refused to eat and refused his treat. So I got him out and kept Googling, and most of the rabbit problems seems to be stomach problems which he doesn't seem to have because rabbits with that will be hunched up (but he is fully laid out) and stomach would feel hard as it would fill up with liquid or gas, but his stomach is as soft as it usually is. But to be safe, my mom and I force fed him some baby's Tylenol (calculated for his weight instead of a baby). He seemed to somewhat likes it and licked it up, probably sweet. After I tried to offer him a bit of apple but he took 1-2 bites out of it reluctantly and spat it out. Then mom mashed it up for him and gave it to him. While reluctant at first, he slowly licked it up slowly with a break in between. That's when I remembered he chewed through an electrical cable 2 days ago. His mouth probably swollen up and the Tylenol slowly decreased the swelling and pain. So after the apple, I put him back in, and he slowly ate some solid food like dragged in 2-3 pieces of his hay in his box, ate it, and then this afternoon he ate the leaves on the carrot tops but left the bottoms and stems (so probably too hard for him to chew). I also bought him some of that mushy sick rabbit food you combine with water. He had some of that but didn't seem to enjoy it. So this went on for another day and he seemed better now. He was able to eat some carrot, and had the energy to run and hide from me when medication time came (and kicked me pretty hard one time). 😂 Now he's back to his old self, being picky about what he wants to eat, and turning around and showing me his butt when he gets something he doesn't want. We had a dandelion that started to flower outside, my mom brought it in for him, and he did that (he prefers the freshly grown leaves that is probably tastier). Only after we both left did I peek in and saw him munching it down. Well, lesson for me is I thought I blocked him off from the cables with the Costco boxes but he found a small hole and got through, so no more unsupervised playtime for him, no matter how sure I am that I blocked his way off from all hazards (and I left a ton of boxes in the way, that rabbit outsmarted me 🙄). I also hope Berg learned his lesson also. He seems to have. He didn't even go near the cables the last few times I let him out and play. PS: Probably didn't help that coincidentally he went through a major shedding cycle during this time. That scared me too. I thought he was really sick, but now it seems it was just a coincidence because after brushing him, I found a new shorter coat underneath. Also he's been eating whatever I give him this past 2 days that he's well. I guess he's super hungry after the whole ordeal.
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