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  1. sunny098

    Stuffed Animals

    I have a ton of stuffed animals because as a child my parents would take me to Tahoe and Reno every year and you win so much from the arcades and carnival style games. πŸ˜‚ I don't really go for branded plush, just what is cute. In fact I still sleep with a giant Angry Bird and a Pikachu plush lol (adult in the 20s haha).
  2. sunny098

    Travel thread

    For me as a photographer in California, I do have a day trip planned up into snow country up in the Sierras. :D Super cold but fun. CES Las Vegas is coming up soon. That's it for me as classes start right after the trade show for me. lol
  3. sunny098

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. King Skarl Stamp
  4. sunny098

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    That's not the problem, the stuff doesn't load in Safari on my Mac for me too. It seems to be with Neopet's servers sadly I'm guessing.
  5. sunny098

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    Same for me. Seems all Flash Player objects on the site is totally down. Maybe they are in the process of converting to new HTML5 format. πŸ˜‚ (Google it if you don't understand)
  6. sunny098

    Today's Random Events

    It's alright, just take it. πŸ˜‚ I lost out on 1 NP.
  7. sunny098

    Problems with Healing Springs?

    Thank heavens, I thought I was the only one. LOL They need to fix it though, it is a source of income for me on NP when I sell items in my store.
  8. sunny098

    What is it like where you live?

    @Kute Yeah, I used to live in Fremont. Our schools were like 95% Asian. haha But not when I first came here though. The Asians slowly moved in. I came here only knowing the word "chair" literally. We were taught some English in China but it was British English, and I didn't learn very well. I picked up the language fast when I got here. I do miss the childhood ability to learn a language fast. A few years ago I tried to learn Japanese and it was hard! πŸ˜‚ Maple Story, oh that brings back memories. That was me in like close to the end of elementary school and then Jr. High! It was a fun game, but I don't think it is like what it used to be.
  9. sunny098

    What is it like where you live?

    I'm technically not native, I came here from China when I was 6. Although, growing up here, I find myself sometimes making mildly racist remarks now and then about Asians to my friends (who are Asians as well surprisingly but they are like me, either born here or grew up here) because I just don't think about myself as Chinese anymore. πŸ˜‚ Your father must live in one of the more rural towns in California then! I hear they don't hand out carry permits here in the SF Bay unless you have a legit reason (and no for self defense is not a valid excuse unless you can prove someone is stalking you or something or you got a restraining order I guess). Yes, I know where Petaluma is, but never been before. I rarely head up north. Normally when I travel, I travel east into the Sierras or south. πŸ™‚
  10. sunny098

    What is it like where you live?

    For me I'm from the SF Bay of California. It's true, you can literally meet people from all backgrounds here. I hate getting too political, but I do enjoy the open LGBT friendly environment, but I hate that liberal California has the strictest weapons/gun laws in the US. πŸ˜‚ Just a while back I was looking into getting a hunting license, and there is this license, that permit, and then you have to take some sort of safety course. In this respected, I wish I lived in a slightly more conservative state. πŸ˜‚ Weather here is awesome, no snow to worry about, and you can wear shorts and flip flops like half the year. The basic Californian fashion. 😁 It is awesome seeing how everyone gets so amazed when the bay does see it's rare snow fall on the peaks. Such a rare sight here. During the summer, you pretty much get burned alive, but not as bad as the ones living in Central Valley. Ha! I do wish the Sierra Nevadas were a bit closer (I have to drive like 2-3 hours from where I live), but at least wilderness is with in reach (I'm a wilderness girl), and it is a great way to get away from the summer heat. Yeah, where I live, the road names are all Spanish too but it is expected as this used to be part of Mexico. Something else I hate is probably the traffic. Last time driving home from Stanford it took me 2 hours to drive like 10 miles. Oh gosh! They really need to build more roads! Earthquakes don't hit me where I live in the east bay too much, I feel a shake now and then, but back when I used to live in Fremont, a shake once monthly, I got used to fast. As for food, you just can't beat the awesome Mexican food here. Ha! I love Mexican food. It is so good.
  11. sunny098

    Got a new laptop!

    My desktop actually came with a disc drive, but sadly I had to use the slot for something else. I ended up pulling the disc drive out and got one of those USB 3.0 to SATA adapter and I plug it in when I need to read a disc (only came up like twice in years when I wanted to burn things to disc). Using an internal disc reader outside of the computer. That is one other that I think is a bit cheaper, just a bit cumbersome.
  12. sunny098

    Got a new laptop!

    Do they still offer the free upgrade to Windows 10? If they do, you probably should... Better security and runs better. In this day and age with ransomware and fake Microsoft customer service call centers... Glad to hear you got a new computer though.
  13. sunny098

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Snow Chair
  14. sunny098

    What's your Achievement today?

    I got a Battle Faerie Quest... For 1K NP I completed it and saved me a lot of training money.
  15. sunny098

    Trudy's Surprise bug?

    It seems the thing is bugged again. It isn't resetting.