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  1. callmehername

    Yay for TNT responding to my ticket within 12 hours!

    I got mine in more or less the same! Sadly with bad news, they don't wanna give me my account back :(
  2. callmehername

    Unreleased Pirate Petpets!

    Ohhhh, they all look so cute!
  3. callmehername

    Show off your galleries!

    I also love to check galleries! I really enjoy seeing what people collect. Mine is separated in three categories even if none of them are really big: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=callmehername I collect Usukis (classic! haha), books, and green stuff
  4. callmehername

    Got quite some Neopoints from some random event.

    Meanwhile me, with the lag and without it, I only get the Tax Beast or a ghost stealing money :( I may have lost over 200k in less than two weeks, RE hate me lol. Anyway, congrats for those 50k! Lukcy you!
  5. callmehername

    Help with moving items

    Oh, sorry, maybe I didn't explain myself! My "new" account is already 8 years old haha, it's just that the "old" one is even older. I have everything in the "new/main" one, more money, avatars, high scores, items, pets, etc. It's just that today I remembered that I had an older one and I check if I had something on it and I found out a few ma pieces, brushes and almost 100k and I wanted to send them to the now main one! hahaha
  6. callmehername

    Help with moving items

    Thank you! Just another question, about the link both accounts... I didn't know it was possible! It's better if both accounts share the email then? Will take notes about it
  7. callmehername

    Help with moving items

    Hello! First of all, i'm new here (as an user itself, because I normally read a lot lol) so, hi! welcome to me! And secondly, my question... I was able to enter my old account today on neo, an account that I maybe dont use since 2010, and I have a few NP and items I would like to send to my now main account without being frozen. I remember doing this on the TP over 10 years ago between other accounts I had and one was frozen, so now i'm not sure what to do to avoid it! How is the best way of doing it? I guess the TP still, but can i make a trade on my side account with items and then offer a jelly (for example) from my main account without being frozen, or do I need to do something more? And what about the money? Should I do it the other way around? Like... making a trade on my main account of a jelly and then from my side account send the NP? I'm scared because the side account used to be my main like 10 years ago but i havent used it since then, but I still have avatars, money, items and, well... Sorry for all the questions, must sound a bit silly after all that someone "old" around neopets still have to ask stuff like this, but i never had proper side accounts! Like, once I transfer all those items and NP i talk about this account will be closed again forever lol Thanks for the help, everybody!