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  1. YarnednDangerous

    Altador Cup: Prize Shop Closes May 11

    literally, same. 504 points :( Now I know to actually participate more in the AC... Must have stamp!
  2. YarnednDangerous

    What Did You Just Buy?

    I just bought the April edition mug & ornament of the Mickey Mouse Memories Collection that Disney has been doing. I've been loving the decade designs & I'm looking forward to the June Mug which is 60's themed!
  3. YarnednDangerous

    So something really odd happened

    My bf actually got that RE last week! He got the Lutari PB though so it's just sitting in his SDB for now. I wish I could get that RE instead of Forgotten Shore Map Pieces... I already have the whole map
  4. YarnednDangerous

    Looking to Advertise an Item to Buy or Sell?

    If you're willing to hold on to it for a while until I cushion my NPs a little, then meeeeee lol. The tribulations of deciding I want to stamp collect even though I just started properly building up my NPs a few months ago: a million is still a hefty sum
  5. YarnednDangerous

    Kaia's Health Bar

    I'm glad her health bar is going down slowly, I got a couple days of poor RNG and I'll just barely need a third day to defeat her. Bleh But did anyone else notice this line Kaia says? GOT reference anyone?
  6. YarnednDangerous

    Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    Pffffffft I am blind lol I didn't look at the left side of the FAQs which is why I didn't see there was a drop down. Thank you so much!!
  7. YarnednDangerous

    Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    Wow so many great perks. I wish I had had more things to donate so I could get the Bank Bribery :/ I wonder how long the perk shop will be open; I need to have a long think about what to use my points on Edit: I may be missing the total obvious but I am not seeing what they mean by "Make sure to check out the list of available avatars/site themes in the FAQs." Help?
  8. YarnednDangerous

    I am looking for new Neofriend's :).

    Hiii! I'm always up for some neofriends. Most of mine are old school friends who don't play anymore so it's a little lonely haha I may go ahead and add you guys. Anyone else is free to add me as well :)
  9. YarnednDangerous

    Baby Neopets?

    Hi! I'm new here to the forum as well :) I've been on and off neopets for a long time though, since I was 13 (am 23 now, almost 24). I have a baby Xweetok I got my lovely pet randomly back when a random event could turn your pets into babies, which was a major surprise at the time. I'm always open for new neofriends so y'all are all welcome to friend me, if you would like :) It's definitely time to not be so lonely on neopets haha
  10. YarnednDangerous

    Kaia's Health Bar

    I hope it's there isn't any points based on how much you battle her. I have maybe 5 more days with Throw Pillows before I defeat her on hard. If the bar goes down too quickly, I won't have time to battle her a lot on easy
  11. YarnednDangerous

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I've been trying to donate as much as possible, but I haven't hoarded too many things :/ I wonder what the prizes will be & how many points they'll be. I have about 700 right now.
  12. YarnednDangerous

    Wraith Resurgence: The Note And Forgotten Graveyard!

    I am SOO glad I kept Throw Pillows just in case there was another Big Bad in the Battledome! I also hope there is a real Kaia somewhere & it hasn't been the Darkest Faerie this whole time. Although I am intrigued by her return and what the repercussions will be.
  13. YarnednDangerous

    Presenting my new Pastel Peophin

    Wow! She looks lovely! & I love the name; it has such a mystical aura to it.
  14. YarnednDangerous

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 129!

    I still need the Awakened avvie so I guess I'll try my luck with them
  15. YarnednDangerous

    Hard time with hulking wraith

    You could probably use a better healing item, tbh. If you're willing to invest some NPs, the Greater Healing Scroll is what many people recommend. The Thistleberry Pingrenade is a really good item for battling, as midnight_spell360 said. The other wraith weapons will also help. & I would train your strength up one level to gain the extra strength boost: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ Good luck!