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  1. What's your Achievement today?

    I have not played coconut shy for a long time, because I thought you only lose money. But I was bored today and decided to have a go. And I knocked off the coconut and got this little fella!
  2. What is your routine?

    Dailies from TDN (the ones I think are profitable and the ones I need an avatar from), battledome, and lastly sort the items I got (deposit, stock, discard). Then I'll play a game or two if I feel like it
  3. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    Heh I was being sarcastic. I haven't been training movement at all and it's pretty much useless for me
  4. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    I spent my last points on the battledome perk one (only had enough for one) and got... 10 movement points It's cool that's totally what I wanted...
  5. Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade

    I just got jhudora's and she didn't ask for expensive items at all, so I was lucky. They were all in the 1000-2000 np range with I think one that was 6000. Hoping I'll get the Illusen one soon too, I'm on level 17 at the moment. But as for continuing past that, I don't think I will based on your posts:)
  6. So I just recently started doing these quests for avatar reasons, but now I'm wondering whether I should continue or not? The TDN guide is a bit cryptic, saying it's not worth your money unless you are very rich, but how rich is that?
  7. Avatars: What have you got?

    On a roll with these avatars!
  8. Avatars: What have you got?

    Kiko pop today!! So nice to get a daily that you do like a zombie, having forgotten that you can even get an avatar.
  9. The Runway Votes #53

    Oh these are all so pretty :) Good luck to all! I'm looking forward to the next runways, this was my first and it was alot of fun!
  10. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    Nothing happens when I go to the neocola machine? Am I missing something? :( EDIT: Ah yes it can be at the slushie shop too. Now I got my negg, galaxy this time:)
  11. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    Why are people disappointed with the royal usul, isn't this pretty much the only chance to ever get it? Also, I wonder when those perks I want will be out of the 'coming soon' phase...
  12. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    Oh yay, neggs! I chose the jewelled negg and got the bewelled blumaroo as well as a sprouting flower magical negg
  13. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 130!

    Sway for me, although I was tempted to go with Awakened since I don't have that avatar... But the chances are so low and I'd rather have the boon so
  14. Are Guilds a Thing of the Past?

    I've tried to be active in many guilds over the years but never saw the point... A community is nice I guess but it was always just the new members and a select few admins that did anything. Maybe I was a member of the wrong guilds but I certainly feel the activity has moved elsewhere...
  15. a little patience goes a long way

    I find that patience is needed even more when you want to sell these HTS items for the higher price and not give in...