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    Literature, history, science and tech, music (metal, electropop), beauty, gaming

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  1. Show off your galleries!

    So I decided to go with steampunk after having major decision anxiety for quite a while... I used a premade TDN layout and put the cheapest items from my wishlist there but I'm looking forward to expanding it and making it great! And I'd also like to start learning how to make my own layouts too but that might take some time. Anyway, here it is: My steampunk gallery
  2. Avatars: What have you got?

    Yay, finally!
  3. What's your failure today?

    Got a honey blossom from wheel of monotony but when I saw it in my inventory I just assumed it was some junk so I discarded it. But it's worth around 10k NP. Stupid me being too lazy to check the price...
  4. NeoQuest

    So... I got to terror mountain on Insane, just got Talinia, was casually battling through a cave with netflix in another window. And I got careless and just pressed attack passively. And I died Completely my own stupid fault. We'll see how long it takes until I want to play again I do already have the Insane trophy so just doing it for fun.
  5. Show off your galleries!

    Oh all your galleries are so pretty. I've really been wanting to start my own but I'm having big issues with choosing a theme I have five ideas at the moment which I'm doing wishlists for but I don't know if I want to go with any of them...
  6. Today's Random Events

  7. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    This game is soooooooo stressful!! After playing the first level on the first day I thought the idea of mirroring pieces was kind of ridiculous and super easy. Boy was I wrong. It doesn't even matter if I've been doing fine and probably would achieve the gold medal, I just get so frustrated when the assassin eats up a piece or I get stuck so I just restart. But it is satisfying once you do get the medal.
  8. Setting a goal on neopets (what to do with my neopoints?)

    I just bet in the food club for the first time. Hoping it can be a new way to earn NP :) Also started looking into restocking which actually seems really fun!
  9. Setting a goal on neopets (what to do with my neopoints?)

    Well I spent years playing alot of the games almost daily, beginning at like age 10 or something. Then at some point I started investing in the stock market and that has been my main income ever since.
  10. What's your Achievement today?

    So I logged on to neopets and found that I had 400 000 NP on hand. Whaaat? I thought I deposited all my money (which wasn't even over 20 000) to the bank, and I never keep that much NP on hand. Had I missed a random event? But surely they would not give that much money!? Or forgotten I had some item at an auction? No I would'nt just forget that... A glitch?! But then I realised! Sadly I am not first so no avatar But I'm still happy for the reward and trophy :)
  11. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 127!

    I'm joining the obelisk war for the first time and going with seekers. Eek
  12. Avatars: What have you got?

    Just got the 3 HT rich avatars. For the last one I had a discount making it 9 million instead of 10, but still it did hurt quite a lot to just give up 9 million NP like that...
  13. Drackonack won't eat?

    I've had my draconack and cheeses in my inventory for weeks. It does take forever but hope it happens soon!
  14. NeoQuest

    I finished Neoquest I today and been thinking of starting Neoquest II, but I don't know which difficulty. You can't get a second item prize on insane, but I think you can on Evil? Also, I was kinda shocked when I read my best time for beating the levels, it was over 400 days for both evil and normal but then 10 days for Insane. 10 days!? I must have done nothing but play each of those ten days.
  15. What's your failure today?

    Lost 4 levels at deadly dice :( Trying to get my pet to 50 so it kinda sucks... EDIT: JUST missed a freakin' recovered jetsam collectable charm at the money tree. That's worth several hundred thousand NP's.....