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    WoW, Poetry, Writing, Wicca, Cats, Netflix.

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  1. Good luck! They will probably warm up to you before you know it. :) I just adopted a kitty a few months ago and I was really worried she wouldnt get used to me either lol. After a day or two of being at home, she warmed right up to me and stopped sleeping under my bed. Now she always cuddles up with me and my boyfriend when we sleep. :)
  2. sassypants_22


    Welcome! I always felt kind of weird at first when I got back into Neopets. I started playing when I was 10 or 11 and I just recently started playing again. (I'm 22 now.) But I've found out a lot of people on there are my age or older, lol. It's always nice to get back into something nostalgic. :)
  3. sassypants_22


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  4. sassypants_22

    Hey! I'm neofriend-less. Help a girl out?

    I feel like many of us are older on Neopets... I'm gonna be 23 in May. You can Neofriend me if you'd like! @rockerchick4777
  5. sassypants_22

    Hello All

    Welcome :)
  6. sassypants_22

    Newbie to TDN :3

    Hiiii! I also came back to Neopets for nostalgia, now I'm hooked again. Lol
  7. sassypants_22

    Nay for stitches in my hand

    Oh no. :( Hope your hand heals up soon!
  8. sassypants_22

    Hi everyone :)

    Hi! My name is Sara and I'm returning to Neopets once again. I've been playing since I was about 12 and I'm 22 now. Trying to save up Neopoints to get some paint brushes and make my pets look all snazzy.