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  1. Here is what I got, but what is the magic lens? Is it a NC item we need to buy?
  2. I would say yeah most of the east coast is pretty humid or at least when you're closest to the shore lol. Actually both the city an country have sheriffs but they're pretty much the same as other police officers (as far as I'm aware and I could be wrong lol so take this with a grain of salt I suppose) but the sheriffs get elected. The thing about Baltimore City being separate from Baltimore County is that even though many of the jobs in Maryland are in the city, people live in the county and the city is poorly maintained since the money made here tends to leave and isn't invested back into the communities despite higher property taxes our streets are poorly maintained and city services aren't always the best 😞 I will say the city is starting to be gentrified which isn't great obviously but that means that more people who live AND work in the city will spend more of their money here rather than commuting back to the county at least? Lol, this is more than you probably wanted to know sorry I'm pretty rambly Old bay is great but to be honest I only use it occasionally myself on seafood and fries so for me a large canister can last quite a while.
  3. I hope its okay to respond belatedly to this topic too 😰 I am from the east coast us, specifically Baltimore, MD. I have lived here my entire life and for the most part I enjoy living here. The weather can be hit or miss here though. Baltimore is known for being very humid, and this summer has not let us down in that department, we've also had loads of rain lately which has been nice for cooling things down but its still pretty darn hot. Baltimore is in a interesting place, its one of the few cities in the us that is independent from a county and has its own unique kind of atmosphere the way any kind of small city does I guess. I like living in Maryland also because how close I am to D.C. and theres always something fun to do there too. I'm also very close to several beaches although I usually go to Delaware with my family in Rehoboth. Some of my favorite places in Baltimore though is the BMA, The Walters Art Museum, and of course going to an O's game at Camden yards (don't mention anything right now about baseball right now though, we're on a losing streak lol). As for food, ask any Marylander and they'll mention Crabs and Old Bay seasoning ( this is very important to us LOL), Otterbein cookies, Berger Cookies (yummy if you like chocolatey fudgey goodness), and Fishers popcorn.
  4. Like others said its very easy to get books through dailies: the lunar puzzle gives them out along with grumpy old king and wise old king, coltzans shrine, the snowager, grave danger, tombola, Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ. And some paid games like the wheel of knowledge get you books. or if you're quick you can get cheap ones at the igloo garage sale. There are also many user shops who sell books at a good discount.
  5. Welcome, if you need any advice or help this is definitely the place to be!
  6. This is a fantastic idea! his post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review SPAM our rules.
  7. @scoobert_doo Wow you were right! I had my closet at 394 so I removed items till I got to 150 and it worked, which is still strange because the customisation was working for otherpets? But now I know, thanks! @jellysundae Thank you again for your help! @Nielo sorry for the multiple postings but thank you for your help! @ others, thanks as well 🙂
  8. @Nielo I should've mentioned but my flash is up to date and I have tried firefox and safari. This is an issue thats been happening for at least a week as well 😞 I understand if they're doing updates to the site though so if thats the case I'm not upset and I understand if I have to wait a while before I can customise her again. @Nielo Currently I am using Google Chrome which I am aware has its issues bur like I said it hasnt changed no matter what browser I use, oh well. @ladyblack Hopefully its just a small site change error and will be resolved soon! @Mouseykins I am up to date, I knew it was an issue so I made sure to check bc I'd feel silly posting this only to realise I just had to update LOL @jellysundae Thanks for checking! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't triple post. Use the 'Edit' button or Multi Quote to reply to more than one post at once. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  9. Theres been a recent problem where I am no longer able to customise my peophin. I can customise all my other pets just not her, I thought maybe it was a glitch with the clothing so if I repainted her like I was going to anyways it would solve the issue but it did not, No matter what when I click on the customisation link it tries to load the user data in the normal way and then it says shockwave flash has crashed, I feel like this is not actually the problem since I am not having errors for games or customising other pets. Do you all have any ideas of how to fix this? Obviously I want to customise her and its driving me nuts right now 😞 I definitely dont want to pound her bc I have had her forever. Halp.
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