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  1. Whenever there is a game challenge for a week, I realise how bad I am at all games. 😂 I can often only get 1/3 of the score needed for the prize. I'm good at Fashion Fever 😂
  2. gypsyknees

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    I only got the lab ray map done a few days ago and my results so far have been (all with the same pet) Change gender Change gender Increase 1 movement Lose 2 or 3 movement Change gender Change gender Anyone else had a string of the same result over and over? 😂
  3. gypsyknees

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 147!

    Congrats Thieves! I went by the odds and lost... again.. hahah. But the majority on tdn knew something that the stats didn't.. 🤔
  4. gypsyknees

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 147!

    Since nobody has posted this yet! Seekers is always my favourite and has my favourite boons, I'm hoping luck is on my side this time!
  5. gypsyknees

    The Runway Votes #68

    #2 and #7 are my favourites!! The Vandagyre is one of the first times I've really liked a wig on a neopet!
  6. gypsyknees

    Happy Vandagyre Day!

    I think snow is lovely just in time for Christmas!! They really do need to make Christmas more exciting for Vandagyres!
  7. gypsyknees

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    This is Vakach who I adopted years ago, when I thought finding a Starry pet in the pound was amazing. 😂 This is Churil, my real-life friend's neopet who got stuck in the pound! She told me about him and I went and found him and adopted him. Baby neopets are so hard to customise but he's adorable so it's worth it. I'd choose both by colour and name, I don't use underscores or numbers etc, they have to fit in with my other neopets' names (Bayinah, Tasjima, Kefini, Najidah, Saalizar and Vytaria).
  8. gypsyknees

    Enter The Runway #68!

    I just had a look at your profile and saw that is one of your actual neopets! Which is totally fine but I just wanted to let you know incase you weren't sure, you don't have to only use your real neopets to enter the runway! You can make up an entirely fictional pet on the dress to impress website! If you've never done it before I bet there'd be a ton of people here who would be happy to help ! x
  9. gypsyknees

    Enter The Runway #68!

    There should be a snip tool on your computer! Either built in if it's Windows or easy to download in the app store if its Mac 🙂 Thats what I always use. Otherwise you could screenshot your entire screen and then crop it in an image editor!
  10. gypsyknees

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    Runway #67 I was originally trying to tribute Corpse Bride but couldn't quite get what I envisioned and never ended up entering this round. Here was some of what I was working with. First is the concept of a new ghost kind of scared of other ghosts or something. And second was about as far as I got with the corpse bride idea (I tried every wig and so many backgrounds etc, just wasn't satisfied with it).
  11. gypsyknees

    The Runway Votes #67

    Whoever did #1, I was aiming for a Draik Corpse Bride-esque entry but couldn't quite execute it so great job! I also love #2, #4 and #15 ! The others are super spooky, you all did great! I'm too much of a wuss for this category 😂
  12. gypsyknees

    Pet glow up!

    I'm so glad you don't mind! I didn't want to come across as copying!
  13. gypsyknees

    Pet glow up!

    You know what, I think I saw yours last week and I couldn't get the idea out of my head so technically mine is inspired by yours!!!
  14. gypsyknees

    Pet glow up!

    Bayinah used to be a speckled tuskanniny, then I made her into a strawberry bruce and it still wasn't right. I put her in my side acc for months. I just brought her back to main and gave her a transformation! From this.... To this...
  15. gypsyknees

    My New Xweetok!

    I post into my drafts on tumblr to get a url sometimes haha cause it's easier. I love your camouflage cybunny!! @DesertRose