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  1. gypsyknees

    How rich is rich?

    How many NP do you have/usually have? This is anonymous and I hope it's allowed. I just have always wondered what is considered "rich" these days. There are other factors, for example you may have millions of NP worth of customisation on your pets but for the sake of a general overview this poll focuses on cash in hand. Feel free to comment what you think "rich" is, and/or your goal balance.
  2. gypsyknees

    Would you eat at my place? On today's menu...

    Ah that makes sense! There is a lot of crossover with cuisine in the area isn't there. I also loooove dolmades
  3. gypsyknees

    Would you eat at my place? On today's menu...

    @Angeló Are you Greek? my partner is of Greek Cypriot family and that looks like a family gathering menu 😛
  4. Thanks everyone, yes I meant the shop of mystery not the toolbar, but thanks for the tips/comments on both!
  5. gypsyknees

    The Runway Votes #61

    Wow these are so good! Congrats everyone, I have no idea who to vote for!
  6. To my memory I've only ever received junk, so just wondering if there are actually decent items occasionally or if I should cross it off my list of dailies.
  7. gypsyknees

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    This crossed my mind also! @sajixx Cool! I actually have no idea of the logistics of ticketing because I've never done it so I should look into that.
  8. gypsyknees

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    I don't think so haha from what I've heard of people sending tickets in about actual real issues and never getting a response.
  9. gypsyknees

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    Apparently TNT thinks that these snowballs are worth more than 5k 🤔😠😭
  10. gypsyknees

    I just joined Neopets!

    Wow a brand new fresh player, welcome! I hope you enjoy 🙂
  11. gypsyknees

    Lets Talk About Funko Pops ?

    I have a few Disney and DC ones! My boyfriend collects them but only the ones he's interested in. He has SO many though he stacks them super high against a wall. I was just thinking today it would be cool if they made neopets pops.
  12. gypsyknees

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I made a Lutari last Lutari Day and unfortunately just haven't been liking him and can't find any colour that I like so I just placed him in the pound. I morphed him into a poogle so he wouldn't run away cause I had a random mp on hand. Just putting this here incase anyone likes the name and would like to adopt him in order to create their dream pet.
  13. gypsyknees

    What do you do to make Neopoints?

    For me its dailies, selling any valuable items I get from them, pocketing trudy's surprise, forgotten shore etc...bank interest, occasionally ghoul catchers, selling red codestones from battledome (I save normal for my own training), and then I've sold a few big ticket items that I managed to get via random event, luck, plots etc. I barely run a shop, just those items I find, I'm not a restocker at all and barely play games. I've got just under 6mil in the bank at the moment which I've made over a couple of months.
  14. gypsyknees

    I just want the healing springs to be fixed :(

    Could you recommend your favourite healing items for the battledome?
  15. gypsyknees

    The Runway Votes #59

    https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/50001-the-runway-special-edition-votes/" The entries are here, voting is still open for a few more days 🙂