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  1. gypsyknees

    Enter The Runway #66!

    You should post them on the backstage forum! I'd love to see them!
  2. gypsyknees

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    @Nielo oh my gosh Kaylee Frye is PERFECT! also perhaps one of the cutest kacheek customisations i've seen!
  3. So beautiful! I love your customisation! I'd be keen to see other people's as well.
  4. gypsyknees

    Bring on the autumn!

    Yeah Woolies is one of the big 2 here (Woolies and Coles). Aldi is pretty high up though. Love the customisation!
  5. gypsyknees

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    I just came looking to see if anyone else had been having issues. Just as someone else had, I can't click on these pop up options, it just has a loading symbol at the mouse. I also noticed it in Kiko Pop. I just updated my Chrome to the latest, still hasn't helped the problem 😕
  6. gypsyknees

    The Runway Votes #64

    Unfortunately I was too slow to enter or even vote! So many great ones! But @aleu1986 I love yours!! Makes me want a Tuskaninny again!
  7. gypsyknees

    Who else remembers this game...

    I play this! My mum has it. I never knew it was on Neopets!
  8. gypsyknees

    Bring on the autumn!

    Hahaha. I think some kids do the american milk & cookies thing here too, if they do anything. We eat those fruit mince pies at Christmas though 😉
  9. gypsyknees

    Bring on the autumn!

    There are examples of both haha, kangaroos is common. But I think people still do go along with the reindeer thing.
  10. gypsyknees

    Bring on the autumn!

    Yes haha, but because American media is so prolific I still associate snow etc (which I've never seen) with Christmas even though my real Christmas is usually like 35 degrees celsius (95F). I'll still dress up my neopets in snowy Christmas outfits haha
  11. gypsyknees

    Bring on the autumn!

    That is sooo cute! I love it! Where I live it's actually Spring now, it's annoying being the opposite of most of the world haha
  12. gypsyknees

    How would you style a Magma Korbat?

    @Vlagopus that nose is super cute! thanks for all the inspiration! @Nielo thankyou! i love the second one the most! @floralpattern oooh i already have some of those items, great idea!
  13. I recently discovered my magma pool time by a fluke (yay) and immediately painted my korbat without really giving thought to it. He was previously painted Shadow but I haven't been very interested in him for a while. If anyone is interested in suggesting ideas for customising him now, I'll take whatever inspiration I can get 🙂
  14. gypsyknees

    How rich is rich?

    How many NP do you have/usually have? This is anonymous and I hope it's allowed. I just have always wondered what is considered "rich" these days. There are other factors, for example you may have millions of NP worth of customisation on your pets but for the sake of a general overview this poll focuses on cash in hand. Feel free to comment what you think "rich" is, and/or your goal balance.
  15. gypsyknees

    Would you eat at my place? On today's menu...

    Ah that makes sense! There is a lot of crossover with cuisine in the area isn't there. I also loooove dolmades