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  1. I relate to Lulu so much lol. Question @Nielo Do they need to be dressed exactly like those images? I think I answered my own question by seeing how many outfits she's had in the past haha.
  2. Never been a fan of the Nimmo (and I don't love the posture haha) but that mosaic looks great.
  3. I had a concept but never ended up finishing it, great job everyone, I'm surprised at the variety!
  4. I usually go by these predictions but this round is a lot harder 😓 I'll go Brute since it's been quite a while.
  5. I just completed my first ever Fountain Faerie quest and I am in shock! I didn't even have to use my Refreshed Quest Request perk. The sheer volume of possibilities is overwhelming, I know I won't use it straight away, but definitely keen to hear what you guys would do? What are your dreamies? What colours are the most rare/hard to get?
  6. I have all the avatars now! But order has slightly better odds and seems to be the winner in here so I'm joining as well 🙂
  7. Going with Moltara this year!! Last year was the first time I signed up but forgot to participate in any way 😂
  8. My friend gave me a copy of new leaf and one of her old 3ds right before I had surgery last year and it was so nice playing when I couldn't do anything else! Kitt the kangaroo is my favourite ❤️ Nana is also really cute! There's tooons that I've never had, well the majority I've never had hehe.
  9. I would love Plumpy if still available!! It's my mood 😂 (gypsyknees)
  10. Well I managed to forget to actually fight this round 😐 who won!
  11. This actually works, what a lifesaver, thanks for sharing! ----- Okay its glitching for me too 😢 my first donation lot worked but now its not showing up
  12. The selection process is sooo tedious I wish you could multi-select. 😭
  13. I can't decide between Seekers and Sway 😢 Seekers have my favourite boons but Sway has slightly better odds 😕
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