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    makeup, not failing out of college, Jeopardy!

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  1. I also love Artemis Fowl and the Animal Crossing games! Have you been playing pocket camp?
  2. This is absolutely amazing! How often do you make cakes this big?
  3. This looks beautiful! What flavor is inside?
  4. Oh no! Are your family and cats okay? I'm so sorry that happened but glad you're okay!
  5. That's awesome, welcome to Neopets and to TDN! How'd you hear about it? I first heard about/joined in the early '00s, because my older sister was into it. 😁 Curious about how people hear about the site now!
  6. That is so lucky! For some reason, I've gotten the Light Faerie nearly every day so far. She keeps increasing my active pet's level, but I've so been hoping for the Fountain Faerie. I've had 2 Grey Faerie quests so far, but she had the Battle Faerie reward me both times. It's crazy how some people are so lucky with this stuff.
  7. Oh man, I made an account just to reply to this. I LOVE makeup, although I don't wear it every day because I love sleeping in just a little bit more. Eyeshadow is my favorite because there are so many different colors, brands, and palettes to experiment with. I feel like with foundation or concealer, you find one and that's the one you buy from now on usually. Right now my favorite palette is the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk one - the colors are a little too bright for my face, but it is still so pretty. Apart from that, I really like UD, but I buy the pots instead of the palettes because I find the colors in the palettes to be hit or miss. Oh, and I'm also "somewhere in New England" too! :)
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