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  1. DragonPhoenix

    Look what's still there.

    For what it's worth, Fyora is still MIA from the hidden tower as well. I know this has been referenced in the Editorial at least once or twice since the plot ended but it still hasn't been returned to normal. Welcome, lindydragon | NP: 22,443 | Logout The_Dragon_Collector » Customise Species: Draik Health: 183 / 183 Mood: extremely happy Hunger: satiated Age: 3,039 days Level: 91 Search Neopets Neofriends None of your Neofriends are currently online. You must be lonely. The Hidden Tower Baelia looks up as you enter, and her face lights up. "Hello there. I'm here to make sure everyone can still buy the artefacts they need while Fyora.. you know..." Her voice trails off and she looks down unhappily. "I'm just glad I could find a way to help out in our time of need. I've also been rearranging things here, so you may not find a few of the older items, but there are new ones that you really should check out." NOTE - Please only click on these items if you wish to make a purchase!!!
  2. DragonPhoenix

    So I fed my Grarrl a table...

    That's fabulous! I hope your Grarrl has learned its lesson about eating your furniture :)
  3. DragonPhoenix

    I just wanted to brag

    What an amazing creation! You did a fantastic job. I love all the details and the compilation of different materials. Well done! Huge projects like this are often incredibly stressful, but I'm glad you're planing to keep creating because you obviously have a real knack for this type of things. I like to experiment with different styles and trying new things for family birthdays, holidays, etc because it takes some of the pressure off to make the first attempt at something perfect. I've taught myself a lot by making mistakes as I go along :) And yes, I totally sympathize because kids and cakes don't mix! I don't know how old your littles are but when my son was three he ruined a cake I'd made for a coworker's birthday and had sitting on the counter while I hunted for the right container to transport it in. I had explicitly told him to stay out of the kitchen but honestly he was three, so it was mostly my fault. He wanted to look at it and he dragged his stepstool over to the counter and climbed up, then lost his balance and fell right into the cake. Luckily he wasn't hurt but I was up all night making the replacement! Keep showing off your projects here, I can't wait to see what you do next! :)
  4. DragonPhoenix

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    I still need the Seekers and Awakened avvies, going to hold off a bit and will join whichever of the 3 the majority of avvie needs is.
  5. DragonPhoenix

    So I fed my Grarrl a table...

    Do you happen to know what the "weight" was on the table your Grarrl ate? It shows in the item popup box when you click an item in your inventory and JN doesn't even list it for most items because it's functionally useless. Foods are about the only category of item on Neo where the weight of the item actually makes a difference to anything. The more an item weighs, the more it will move your pet up the scale on fullness. (I know this only because I'm sloooowly working one of my pets towards the Gourmet Club, and foods with different weights impact how fast your pet gets full. So for example, feeding a pet a food with a weight of 1lb will move it up one fullness level. Feeding a pet a food with a 2lb weight will move it up 2 fullness levels, etc.) I haven't had a Grarrl for years but I know they can eat just about anything. (I used to fill mine up on the seaweeds from the fishing daily, just because he was the only pet I had who could eat them and they were otherwise pointless.) I'm guessing that your table was pretty hefty in weight, as a lot of the furniture pieces are, and that's what caused your pet to get completely full and stay there. Be interesting to see how long it lasts!
  6. DragonPhoenix

    Sad Pet?

    I don't know if pets will actually turn blue from being depressed/miserable any more. I feel like this was covered in an editorial at some point, and the explanation was that when Neo first started this was possible, but later it was discontinued? I'm not completely sure, but I can't figure out how to search old Editorials to find out. I think it may have been an issue kind of like the Boochi character who could change your pet into a baby pet with a random event. I actually had that RE on my first Neo account many, many years ago. I thought it was cool, but lots of people were upset because they spend millions on paintbrushes/morphing potions and then got colors changed due to RE or pet mood. That's why I feel like they discontinued these events but I can't find it for sure.
  7. DragonPhoenix

    Fun random event!

    That RE is lovely, I've never seen it before! My daughter's girl scout troop is building a little free library as a service project (it's in pieces in my garage right now lol) and it makes me think of that. I hope I get that RE someday!
  8. DragonPhoenix

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    Just as a note, the last two days the Esophagor has asked me for foods that can be won as battledome prizes when fighting in the spooky arena. Now, I'm not going to get that lucky every day - no one is - but if you're looking to build your stockpile of potential foods needed for these quests without spending a ton of NP while it's all inflating, there are a number of BD challengers that give out spooky foods. Several of the spooky arena challengers have very low HP on easy, so even if you're not an advanced battledome player you can use this method. Good luck to all those trying for the new avvie!
  9. DragonPhoenix

    Who else remembers this game...

    Wow, blast from the past! I am familiar with the RL game as my grandparents had a set. It was very old and battered, and if I remember correctly, I want to say that my grandfather picked it up overseas when he was traveling for work at some point. He loved to learn board games and things from other parts of the world (although obviously this game was common in the US as well) and he would often purchase a game and bring it home to teach it to all the grandkids. I very vaguely recall the Meristones game on neopets but I don't think I ever learned how to play. Based on the timing of that news mention, it was released when I was in college and I was a very sporadic player back then. Neat find!
  10. DragonPhoenix

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 143!

    I also need Brute Squad or Thieves, so I'll be join whichever the majority needs between those two. Just had to write myself a post-it to remind myself to come back and check this page BEFORE the window closes to join a faction. Last time I was all "ooh I need two of the three choices, lets wait and see more votes" and then totally spaced it off until the day the battles actually started. Several Neo-inappropriate words were spoken >_<
  11. DragonPhoenix

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    So I have a stupid question... is the high score table cumulative? Or just the highest scores from a single quest? I have done Brain Tree multiple times over the years and I don't think I've ever had a single-quest score over 2,000 points. Does anyone know if the score handed out is based on anything, or if it's random? Does the value of the items or how much you spend to complete a quest have any effect? I did a quest just now and got a spooky petpet and a score of 1909. The top of the high score table right now is 25,000ish. If it's not cumulative, how can you get that much on one quest? If the scoring is random, I feel like this avatar is going on my "maybe someday but probably never going to get that lucky" list.
  12. DragonPhoenix

    Faerie Festival

    I found this on JellyNeo and it helped me understand much better than I did earlier about how the Kaia quests supposedly work. I did not really get it from just the description on the neopets news. I guess it's kind of like those upcycle cookies, so you can use it as a way to get rid of some NC items you don't want? I'm not into customization so I don't know a whole lot about NC items/quests, but apparently that bag you bought will serve a purpose IF you get a Kaia quest, but you have to carry around NC items you'd like to be rid of in order to have a shot at getting said quest. Oh yeah TNT, I see no flaws in this plan whatsoever... >_<
  13. DragonPhoenix

    Faerie Festival

    At this point, there doesn't appear to be one. In years past there has been a Faerie Festival page that you could visit to get a prize (usually a Faerie food, book, etc) and I feel like I remember it running for several days(?) but this year there has not been anything like that linked yet. The news update for today released info on new NC Faerie Quests for Kaia (similar to the crafting faerie quests, from my understanding) and some Faerie-themed poems and such, but there is no link to an actual Festival page. As noted above, the Healing Springs appears to be automatically giving out full heals for all your pets upon each visit, but that's about it.
  14. DragonPhoenix

    Changing Medications

    I feel for what you're going through because I've had to change medications for chronic conditions several times. I've never been on Latuda so I can't offer anything personal for that medicine, but I always try to keep in mind that side effects vary from one person to another, just as effectiveness of medication does. For some, the side effects wind up being more serious than the condition you're aiming to treat, which is horribly disappointing but often means that you and your care team look for another alternative. Other people will experience much milder versions of the same side effects, and yet others may not experience some of the side effects at all. There's usually no reliable way to predict how the side effects of a medication will impact an individual in advance. It's a sucky game of roulette sometimes, but treating chronic conditions, especially mental illness, is not an exact science, and I force myself to remember that. We have come so far with treatment options, but there is still a lot that we don't know. We just have to do the best we can with what we have to work with and rely on our support systems - both medical professionals and our networks of friends/family - to help handle what comes. The most important thing to remember is that it's worth searching for the best treatment for your specific situation, even though it's scary. You are worth it. We all are worth it. We all deserve to live with as much health and happiness as we can, even if that means that we have to change things up when something that did work doesn't work so well any more, or when something else might work better. Keep your chin up and stay strong. Just putting yourself out there to ask other people's opinions can be scary, I admire you for being a great advocate for yourself!
  15. DragonPhoenix

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    I saw this too... while I'm glad that hardtotame and the rest of TNT have apparently triumphed over the Binary Supagoo and the meepits for the moment, I have a lot less drive to solve it than I did when it first came out. You'd think they'd float us a hint for making us wait, but I'm betting they'll hold out a while.