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  1. Rayd1978

    Peopha's Party

    Agreed, keep the candles certainly. I do think the green fog is an improvement, but a small one. The green plays off the blue plays off the gold, plays off the flames... it adds, but indirectly.
  2. Rayd1978

    Peopha's Party

    Books. Needs more books. Because everyone always needs more books always. Other than that highly bias tidbit, the only think I notice is the blue limbs stand out strongly from the background pieces. i would try a sort of haze or fog over everything, see if i could even the tone out a little. But that's my personal opinion. Over all I think you've done very well.
  3. I only barely know what you're talking about and have done zero to prepare for it.
  4. Rayd1978

    Stock Update?

    How often does the Neopian Stock Market change prices? I took the 'Cheaper By the Dozen' oblisk perk and went to buy a stock at the new minimal price of 10 per share. There didn't happen to be any stocks trading at that price. Okay, I'll wait a while. It's been several hours now, and near as I can tell none of the prices have changed. Certainly none are at 10, and the few I happen to recall are still the same, though by no means do I remember what all of them were.
  5. Rayd1978

    What's your big NP maker?

    I think the best way to get neopoints is just to keep at it. There's no certain way to get a bunch short term. Get yourself a routine, games or dailies or whatever work for you, and do them each day, every day, no exceptions. And a month or two down the road, you'll have a pile of neopoints.
  6. Rayd1978

    What happened to Neopia's economy?

    Mostly more releases/ways to get things/people already have them. Say the Snorkle Snout, I've no idea on the drops, but when the avatar came out, everyone wanted one, demand was high. Now, if you care about avatars, you likely already have that one. Demand is low, so price is low. I don't know a specific example, but I'd bet a fairly cheap item 6 years ago, which was retired in the meantime, has shot up in price. For Battledome items, a once top end item, and thus expensive, has been replaced with other more powerful items, so demand and price drop again. All sorts of factors in play.
  7. Rayd1978

    Frozen for innuendo

    On the neoboards, always assume you're talking to a 12 year old who's over protective mother is reading over their shoulder.
  8. Rayd1978

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    If it's any consolation, I get laughed at a -lot- between victories.
  9. Rayd1978

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    For the record... today is coconut number 9. Account is 300 days old.
  10. Rayd1978

    New Year targets

    Kinda hope for a Wand of the Dark Faerie, but don't think will happen this year. Hope to knock down some more coconuts, maybe get one to explode. Mostly hope to remember to play Ghoul Catchers most days and earn a pile of neopoints. In theory could get 18 million just from that by the end of the year.
  11. I am significantly less than impressed. I keep hoping there's some subtle twist that will make it all worthwhile... like i happened across some items in the Second Hand shop donated by some Princess who's name I now fail to recall, like a shovel... is this evidence being disposed of? Are these clues to some neferious activity being covered up? ...likely not. But for a few moments I had hope.
  12. Rayd1978

    Travel thread

    I'd like to travel overseas but have yet to do so. I do however play Ingress. It's a 'Capture the Flag' sort of game that uses the GPS on your phone and landmarks all over the world. If you're familiar with Pokemon Go it's the same company and the same map. So in playing I've visited all sorts of little towns and out of the way points of interest I might otherwise have never been to or even known about.
  13. Rayd1978

    Unreadable Books?

    Okay. I figured they'd either be fixed eventually, or were part of some larger plot thing i didn't know about, along the lines of those 'Blank Tomes' you needed a Mall item to use.
  14. Rayd1978

    Unreadable Books?

    So I've had two items from the Advent Calendar, 'The Story of the Egg' and 'Card Magic 101' which are listed as books, but don't have an option to be read. Not boring books my pet doesn't want to read, but no option to even try. This on my end, or something odd going on here?
  15. Hrmmmm.... a wishlist, eh? The only thing that spring to mind is a Ward of the Dark Faerie, which, yeah, no, that's way too much. Books are nice, but honestly I've stopped reading them. It bugged me from the start that they get destroyed when you read them, so when learned older pets might not, I stopped to wait. Come to think of it, codestones are nice. Have a hundred or so levels before the regular codestones stop being useful, and the red stones I've been stockpileing for the day I start needing them. What I really want is to see an explosion in Coconut Shy, but I don't think that's the sort of thing anyone can give.Edit: Edit: THANK YOU! I really didn't expect such an outpouring, thank you to everyone! I really meant to list names, but then hit the wrong button and deleted most of them. 😩