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  1. Rayd1978

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    ....so.... I've kinda lost count... but glancing over this post, looks like today was coconut number 7... on a 248 day old account... *whistles innocently*
  2. Rayd1978

    Moltara Scrap Metal Event

    The gears I've gotten... one... but is possible. And the shop price reflects it. Ah well.
  3. Rayd1978

    Moltara Scrap Metal Event

    Is the Moltara Scrap Metal and Stone event still active? I recently finished the glowing worms quest for the first time, start seeking the other materials needed. Ran across a few posts suggesting the Scrap Metal no longer drops, but the information is at least 2 years old. Going off the price of the item I'm going to guess it doesn't drop, but like some confirmation.
  4. Wow. I figured there had to be price information around.... but no, I am unable to find any either. That's a literal a way as I've seen to say it's a priceless item. If you auction it, I'd recommend giving a long auction time so people can move funds around and bid, starting bid of at least a million.
  5. Rayd1978

    Does anyone still play Ghoul Catchers?

    I log in to watch a video just about every day, play the first level of a couple times, then get bored. Now and then i stick with it to play the first level 50 times, and once in a great while i'll play one of the later levels and remind myself why I don't play the later levels. The main bug that stops me in in later levels I'll play and earn one star, then it burns through my remaining turns so i can't earn the second and third stars.
  6. Rayd1978

    Funny item descriptions

    Small Giant Squid How can a giant squid be small? Large Giant Squid That's more like it. Giant Giant Squid Okay that's just silly.
  7. Rayd1978

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    Fair. I was thinking more the fruit. I'm willing to try the popsicle, but biting it would require a sizable bribe.
  8. Rayd1978

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    I'm perfectly willing to give it a try, but I'm fairly adventurous with food. And hey, if it's nasty, don't take a second bite.
  9. Rayd1978

    ...where are the heads?

    I came up with this before saw the movie, but that did occur to me. lot of great lines, but think my fav was when Brock refused to jump back out the window.
  10. Rayd1978

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    I typically find it easier to just solver the puzzle myself than to go back and forth between the solver and the puzzle, but on occasion when the puzzle is extra tedious, will use the solver.
  11. Rayd1978

    ...where are the heads?

    So was playing the assorted wheels of luck today, and once again spun the Wheel of Misfortune only to wind up with yet another Headless Von Roo Plushie... and I got to wondering.... who's pulling all the heads off these plushies? But perhaps more importantly, is there a big pile of Von Roo plush heads somewhere?
  12. Rayd1978

    I just wanted to brag

    WOW. I've done cake decorating, but nothing near this level. I don't think I could handle the stress of trying to transport something like that.
  13. Got a quest for the Fountain Faerie today, was browsing the options.... might regret the choice later, but for today I'm pleased.
  14. Rayd1978

    Shop Wizard Setting?

    Is there a way to get the shop wizard to default to exact match? I type in exactly what I want, then get some random string that includes what I want since I forgot to change to identical match. Now, in an ideal world, the wizard would first look for identical matches, and if he failed to find anything, then include expanded options, but I'm guessing that would take some code change that no one wants to bother with.
  15. Thank you! Not a costume, really.... this is how we've looked for weeks...