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    Philosophy, space exploration, science fiction, fantasy, Ingress, neopets

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  1. Rayd1978

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Yes, for Yooyuball is where I noticed it, though think was also for Make Some Noise. Likely is for all games, as I assume uses the same security program.
  2. Rayd1978

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    I'm seeing a new captcha upon submitting points. I'm guessing cheating got to a point where something needed to be done, and this is part of the effort. Or maybe it was a scheduled update and the timing is coincidence? Admit I tend to just scroll over security information and hit 'I agree'.
  3. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! HAPPY DANCE!! First place!! I know it's very possibly due to cheaters, which sucks; but it's still nice to be the first place!
  4. Rayd1978

    The AC games

    I personally tend to play all the games 5 times a day, except Slushie Slinger which I don't care for and only play once, and Yooyuball which I occasionally play more than 5, usually in groups of 5. I wouldn't mind getting All-Star, but pretty sure it's not going to happen.
  5. Rayd1978

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    My first year really playing, picked Faerieland because the fey amuse me. As happy as I've been to watch the team rise in ranks, I'm certainly not happy to think it might be because of improper means. But I really dropped by to ponder the AI system. Mostly when I've played, victory is pretty academic, not a lot of effort needed. But today, playing topped ranked Meridell, I find I need to work a lot harder to keep my scores up. Part of which is bad luck and every other ball seems to be Darigan. But the Meridell team seems to play a lot harder and smarter than most of the teams I've faced. There something to that in the programming, or just perception?
  6. With the Faerie, I tend to stand a little ways back and try to throw it straight it. About half the time it curves around the goalie to score... and half the time goes off in some wild direction. Darigan... usually I just accept I'm not likely to score again. I've tried the 'face downward to shoot left' which only seems to work in the goalie is there to intercept. Most goals happen when the other team grabs the ball, and end up tossing it into their own goal.
  7. Rayd1978

    Slushie Slinger

    Been decades since i played the original game, but fairly sure they'd leave 'tips' on the countertop you'd have to run down and grab for extra points. I could see that done with some kind of powerup.
  8. Rayd1978

    Slushie Slinger

    I just can't get into Slushie Slinger... it's a fairly cool homage to Tapper, but play starts out a little too slow and then builds a little too fast to really catch me. But the real problem is the cups... in the original patrons sling back glass mugs that break if they hit the floor. Okay, fine. This version has plastic slushie cups... why the heck don't people just take those with them? That's what they're designed for! ...I admit, this bothers me way more than it should.
  9. *Happy Dance!* *Happy Dance!!* Up to 3rd place!! Not quite as awesome as 1st place, but making progress!
  10. Rayd1978

    Stuck on Farmer Constellation

    I recall having trouble with that constallation as well, and agree, two lines from the top, not one long one.
  11. Rayd1978

    The Trek Up North

    I had forgotten to mention getting a shovel, growing up on a farm there's always SOME sort of shovel around, if not strictly for snow. Anyway, will be a fair range in what you need depending on where exactly you live and what you personally are comfortable with. Don't be afraid to ask your neighbors what they think is wise/needed.
  12. Rayd1978

    The Trek Up North

    Have a kit for inside your house as well. Very possible to lose power in a winter storm, you'll want a flashlight somewhere you can get to it easily in the dark. A couple night lights that have their own battery power can be a huge help. Depending on just where you live, might also want to make sure you have food and bottled water for a couple days, just in case you get snowed in. I live out in a farm house, so I also keep a kerosene heater handy to keep the house warm enough the pipes don't freeze. Be aware of your shoes and socks. Ideally, you can avoid stepping in semi-frozen slush, but if you do, a good shoe can make a world of difference. And if your foot does get wet, you'll very much want a pair of dry socks handy. Wet feet in winter aren't just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous if you can't get out of them right away. Frostbite is not funny. Think in layers. A t-shirt and a heavy coat might be good when you head outside, but when you get to work or where ever, a t-shirt might be too light, and the coat too heavy. Or if you're outside doing something, coat might become too warm. Try something like a T-shirt, sweat shirt, jacket, and a light coat... little more effort, but way more options. Also, it's not just the cold, it's the wind. Get something that's windproof, most quality coats will be fine, but are many that work well in a cold room but are near worthless once you step into a breeze. If you have pets, be aware of their winter needs. Letting the dog out into the yard in summer is one thing, it's quite another if it's -10 outside. Might not be a big deal, but worth mentioning, it can get dark very early, and stay dark until quite late. Depending on your schedule, you might not see the sun for months. For some people, that's fine. For others, it has a huge impact on their mood. A light box can really help to stave off winter depression. Warm clothing, think about all the details. Thick socks, warm gloves, warm pants, hat, earmuffs, maybe even a facemask and goggles if you're going to be out in the elements. Not everyone needs all that stuff, but if you do, you don't want to wait until the last minute to get it.
  13. Rayd1978

    Well this is just no good!!

    Ouch! I've never lost anything quite that expensive, but have learned to clear important stuff out before going bobbing.
  14. Rayd1978

    Official Neopets down/having issues board

    I've been having troubles since the launch of the Altador Cup, pages loading slowly, or not at all. I knew the Cup was a big deal, but didn't think it'd impact site connection. Or maybe it's just something on my end.
  15. Rayd1978

    What are you saving up for?

    Wand of the Dark Faerie, about 50 million, so only around 48 million to go. Likely to take a while since I tend to spend a little too much on codestones and books, but I'm not exactly in a rush.