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  1. I have had glitches with Trudy's Surprise, but not that one, no.
  2. Rayd1978

    fairy quest

    Personally I tend to use http://neopets.com/~FaerieQuests which has links to most of the quest items. With the current free daily quests, the links are often out of stock, but most of the time it's fairly quick and easy. Though seldom offers the lowest prices on the market.
  3. I'm told it drifts and if you can quickly hit where someone else won a prize, you'll win a prize there as well. I don't think this has been firmly tested. I used to pick a spot then stay there until I won something, then move to a new spot. Did okay, but not enough to bother with any more.
  4. So many places I have no clue where to find from the map.
  5. I horde my neopoints to save up for a Dark Faerie Wand, but yeah hording just to have them is silly.
  6. I vaguelyrecall it happening way back when I first started, as i neglected to keep ANY on hand, just always put them into the bank as soon as I got them... then needed to buy something later. I think was about 10 withdrawls. Typically I keep around 50,000 on hand to make sure I have enough for fairy quests and codestone purchases, which is typically more than enough.
  7. I see three routes.... one, flash dies, the official set gives up, and fan based sites keep things going for a while. Two, flash dies, staff comes up with their own version to keep things going, as hosts, artists, writers, and now coders and support. Or third, everything gets switched over to something other than flash. Which would be a mess, but if done well could keep things swimming for years, until whatever the new format is becomes outdated and the whole thing starts over again.
  8. Yeah, the ninja school isn't until level 200, I think, so you've likely got a ways. I've been saving red codestones from the battledome for a while now. Gonna be a mess when I finally get there.
  9. You'd think someone would have a long term record of price changes, but I havn't found one. Originally I was content to buy at 15, sell at 30, double my money. Now I wait for 60 and call it good enough. One sale won't make or break me, it's the pattern over time.
  10. Nothing to suggest it's YOUR finger.... just... don't go trying to spin more than once a day.... just in case.
  11. The hot sauce trick works 99% of the time, but beware that final 1%. Friend had a dog that turned out to like hot sauce, chewed a bunch of things before switched to a bitter wipe (vinegar? I don't recall) and dabbed a bit of hot sauce on the dog toys.
  12. And today (day 329) is #10, a Vicious Evil Coconut. Figure I should at least try to maintain a record, so previous was a Hairy Evil Coconut. I don't recall before that. So roughly every 33 days have knocked one down, on average. Still trying to make one explode.
  13. I really hope some day they reveal the Dung Faerie. I'm honestly not sure if I'd prefer another slim and pretty faerie like all the others, or something utterly different.
  14. Agreed. I understand they don't want to go too far out and make her monsterous or something, but it comes across as really low self-esteem. "Oh, you helped me with my quest? You must be the nicest person ever." Lady, I can see on the quest board at least three other people helped you in the last half hour. You got issues.
  15. Today I caught a Titanic Giant Squid.... I didn't know that was an option Um... run? Uploaded Images titanic_squid.gif 4 kb · Done
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