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  1. I think the wheel will eventually get a complete revamp, new art, new results, new prize chart. I don't think it'll happen soon, but some day.
  2. Feh, they call that a press tour? They didn't interview Fairland, aka the team that matters. 😉 Also hadn't realized there was a staff prize shop. Took the prizes for participation and figured that was good...
  3. Right now I'm picking my way through 'Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves', which is a collection of short stories. Plan to start in on 'The Last Sun' by K.D. Edwards. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Sci-Fi convention not long ago, and his book sounded interesting.
  4. I can now confirm it's possible to miss every single throw. I aimed slightly left of the 'P' in 'Play again' and every throw went straight between the two coconuts. I guess it's -possible- that today was the day I rolled poorly and all 20 missed, but I very much doubt it. So I'm sticking with the theory that aiming -is- important.
  5. So on rare occasion I grab a pet from the pound, feed it until bloated, play with it until Delighted, and then put it back for someone else. I've considered some battledome training, but haven't bothered. I'd like to paint them in a color to catch attention, up the chances of them getting adopted. My original plan was to give them a dip in the Magma Pool, have them be a neat Magma paint, but apparently that just turns to red when they head back into the pound. I just happened to win a free paintjob from the Grey Fairy quest, and am perfectly happy with my main pet's look. So grabbed a pet form the pound to paint.... and realized I have no idea what sort of paint jobs other people like. I ended up with a Darigan Chia, which I hope ends well, but should something ever pop up again, what paint jobs are popular? What sort of look do other folks generally like, that will up the chances of the pet being adopted?
  6. I think aiming has a -little- to do with it. Not sure, but think if your aim is way off, is possible to miss every time. I should test that some day, see if it's possible to miss every time on purpose. But yeah, if your aim is dead on, lot of the balls go to the side anyway. Which of course you can try to take advantage of, aim to the side, some balls fly straight and miss, others go to the side, and so hit. But once you do hit, chances of the hit dropping the coconut are very small. By no means exact numbers, but my take is pretty much that when you click the button, the game flips a coin to see if the ball will go straight, or to the side. Then it checks if that resulting throw will hit or miss. If it hits, roll a dice, 66.9% chance is barely wiggles, 33% chance it wobbles, and 0.1% chance it falls down. And somewhere in there, a really, REALLY small chance that it explodes.
  7. Five times? Yikes. I've gotten twice, maybe three times in a row, that's annoying enough. Honestly, getting it once is annoying, just wastes my time.
  8. Pretty much. One of the things that caught my interest was Saint Martin of Tours. Paraphrasing, he cut his cloak in half to give part to a begger, and in the morning the cloak was restored. The cloak was considered a relic, of fairly minor importance, until it came into the hands of a German king, who rode into battle with the cloak. The king won, so obviously the cloak, and Saint Martin, gave them victory. So the king, and the cloak, kept going into battle, and kept winning. So Martin became a patron saint for the king. And thus a patron saint for Germany. And thus a saint for the German people. And thus a saint for all sorts of things that German people happened to do, which people all over the world happen to do as well. Was also amused to read about the Hammer of Saint Martin, which was apparently used to smash idols in northern Europe, and in some tales smash giant demons. And call down lightning. Huh. There just happens to be another set of stories from that area about a guy who smashes bad giants with a magic hammer that calls lightning. But his name was Thor. Wonder how many legends were 'converted'.
  9. I started majoring in physics, but didn't care for some of the viewpoints when I got to the higher levels. Mostly the attitude of: 'These formula are FACT. They are how the universe Really Works.' 'But they don't match up with real world data.' 'Then the real world is WRONG.' That's not science, that's religion. I switched majors to philosophy, where things tended to be 'I don't know what's right. Here's a list of things I thought were right, and how I proved they were wrong. Here's a couple things that might be right, arguments for why they might not be, and a couple counter arguments.' Then I ended up taking too many classes I wanted, rather than classes I needed to graduate, and ended up dropping out with no degree.
  10. Did some research on Relics not too long ago, playing a game set between the Third and Fourth Crusades. Interesting stuff, and sorta crazy.
  11. Correction, it -was- used to get petpets. The Shiny Obsidian is easy to get. The red rock, whatever it's called, isn't too tough once you know what you're doing, but is tedious. The gears, however, apparently no longer drop, and so prices for them have gone up up up. So you -can- still get the pet pets, if you really want. But not really worth it.
  12. 'Save'? That's crazy talk. Time to go out and buy up a bunch of over priced stuff! ....how long does this usually last, anyway? I'm tired of clicking. 200 shiney obsidians is a -lot- to go through, for not all that many points.
  13. Anyone happen to have advice on cheap but high point items? I seldom pay attention to rarity, so have almost no idea what anything will be worth.
  14. Eh, I don't know on luck, but movie star wears something to an event, item of clothing gets sold to some fan for how many thousands of dollars? And that's the less creepy side of it all.
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