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  1. EDIT: I just decided to send in a ticket. I have another question.... I reset my PIN because it had never been changed and I also wanted to change the e-mail on the account. Weellll I didn't write my new PIN down and I forgot it (yes dumb I know). I clicked the option to have an e-mail containing the PIN sent to my e-mail but according to Neopets my e-mail has blocked messages from neopets. I checked my e-mail's trash and spam and also the "Blocked e-mails" list and nothing was there. I'm not blocking any e-mail addresses from anywhere. It's a yahoo address and I know those have issues with neopets (which is partially why I wanted to change it). The neomail I got looks like this So far I've failed 4 out of the 5 attempts allowed for a PIN. If you fail five attempts, does your account get frozen or are you just locked out for a while? I know the general numbers I used, it's just a matter of trying different combos if I can't get my email to accept messages from neopets. I googled and couldn't find anything on how to get yahoo to receive neopets e-mails. Does anyone know how? Would love to change the e-mail address but for that I need my PIN 😐 Also I did check the FAQ for this particular issue and it was unhelpful. The FAQ link for this problem just sent me back to the help front page.
  2. I'm worried that they'll see I just transferred 7k from my side to my main not realizing it was np earned from the high score. I donated it later but still. I just got paranoid because I only recently got my account unfrozen and one person on the board was really like...snippy about this issue lol. Called it "dishonest" despite the fact that whole board was me being transparent about what happened. I just hope they didn't report me because they seem like the type. Thank you though! This made me feel better. I guess I'll hold off on the ticket for now. Yes, I think so. When I was trying to get my old account unfrozen I got a reply from Alice on a Sunday. I know some people on the ticket waiting neoboard got replies over the weekend as well. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. Use the 'Edit' button or Multi Quote to reply to more than one post at once. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  3. I have a question about accidentally earning neopoints on what is now a side account. I recently got my 10+ year old account unfrozen, but before that I had made a new account and was using it like a main account. I did not think I would get my old account unfrozen. A few days BEFORE my old account was unfrozen, I sent in a high score for a game using my new account. This was before I ever knew I would be getting my old account back. I got the neomail that the score had been accepted several days later, AFTER I got my old account back and had made the final switch. I didn't think anything of it, because that new account was now my side account, and I was using my old account as my new main account. I have not played games on that side account or done any dailies or anything else to earn neopoints since I switched. Today I logged in to my side account for the first time in a while and saw I had over 7,000 np. I thought that maybe I had transferred neopoints to my side account from my main and had forgotten about them, so I transferred the 7,000+ np to my main account. When I logged back into my side, I saw I had 500 neopoints. I knew something was up, so I donated those to the money tree. I found out that you get daily neopoints from being on the hi-score table. When I played neopets years ago I wasn't really concerned with getting high scores so I didn't know this. I have not spent any of the neopoints earned on that account, and I can transfer the 7,000+ np back from my main to my side and either donate it or let it sit there. Should I send in a ticket about getting my side account removed from the hi-score table and the neopoints earned from that score deleted? Or should I just go ahead and delete that side account myself? The score was sent when I was still using that account as my main and I did not realize I would continue to earn neopoints on that account because of my score. I'm planning not to use my main account for a day or two now. I made a post on the boards when I didn't know why I was earning neopoints and I wish I hadn't. 😕 I really do not want to get frozen again for an honest mistake.
  4. Lol wow. This seems so obvious now that I feel dumb making a post about it. I was staring at the constellation for so long I guess I just overlooked connecting that star. I tried doing that and it worked! Thank you so much!
  5. I recently came back to Neopets after 10 years away, and wondered why I didn't have the Royal Astronomer trophy because I remembered participating in the Altador plot. Turns out I only filled out two constellations, so I'm currently trying to complete the whole thing and I'm stuck on The Farmer constellation. I'm having the same issue that a bunch of other people did. My coordinates are correct and I've done all the necessary steps in the plot, but it's telling me that my stars don't match. I've already checked the coordinates and retraced my steps several times following the TDN guide. I've also redrawn the constellation in a different order each time, but that didn't help. I cleared my cache twice and refreshed my numbers. The middle star on the rightmost line slightly overlaps instead of connecting directly, but I don't have any other place to put it that would make sense. In all the other screenshots I've seen, the middle star connects smoothly. I'm wondering if that's what's messing it up. Do the stars actually change position and would it just be a matter of waiting? From what I've read on here it sounds like people had success with this issue after just trying to submit the constellation a bunch of times, or after clearing their cache but those haven't worked for me. I don't know if that one star is throwing me off. I know this plot is old and probably glitchy. Here are my coordinates. I used the calculator on TDN and on jellyneo and got the same ones. (195,-285) (335,-315) (205,-365) (315,-345) (355,-355) (275,-225) My constellation, you can see where the middle star on the rightmost line passes over and doesn't quite connect Plot constellation: I was glad to see this plot is still available! I didn't realize it'd be this frustrating 😕
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