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  1. joombo


    Recently watched Shazam in the cinema. It wobbled quite a bit in the middle but by far (ignoring the Nolan Batman) best DC film. Kids loved it, my little girl was literally bouncing in her seat and shadow boxing at the end fight scene
  2. That's great guys. Education is important for everyone who wants to make a successful career. This year I'll get my master's degree. All I need is just to cope with all these writings. I've found one relialb ewriting service here to help me with my rhetorical analysis essay. Last time these guy helped me to get the highest score in the class.
  3. Only professionals could help to increase website traffic fast. You can hire SEO expert and digital marketing specialist to get lots of traffic on your website and attract more visitors. Not so long ago I coperated with seo expert Greg Ichshenko from https://to-the-top.ca/. He helped me to get a steady flow of customers in the short period of time.
  4. Mostly Dota 2 and Dark Souls 3, however I will try to play also Doom 2016 and Gears 4
  5. The Weeknd - Starboy (official) ft. Daft Punk
  6. joombo


    I just returned from my trip to Calgary, AB. I checked out a few local breweries, visited both Fish Creek Park and Nose Hill Park and after all sightseeings visit local Escape 60 here is link https://www.escape60.ca/. I'm fond of escape room games with cool decorations, riddles and interesting plot. It was great journey. Want to come back again!
  7. Binge watched 'The Order' on Netflix and was a quite an enjoyable supernatural show, hope it gets renewed.
  8. I also like making music, it's my main hobby right now. I created a budget music studio in my house so now I can record my track any time I wanted. I found info about free VU Meter Plugins on https://bluebuzzmusic.com/best-free-vu-meter-plugin-vst/ and hope with its help I'll create my new track soon.
  9. Started an oldish spy thriller last night Hunted (2012) with Melissa George, only 4 in but really enjoying the story-line, good cast too.
  10. I'm fond of travelling. I try to visit at least one new country each year. Last month I was in business trip in Ukraine. I spent a week in Kiev. Nice city. I had many happy hours there. In this trip I tried relax massage kiev. Great feelings! Now it's my favorite type of massages. Like to try smth new. I want to visit this parlor again in my next business trip
  11. I live in Turkey now, I moved in Bodrum only a few weeks ago but I love this city. I always wanted to live near the sea and last year I found bodrum real estate agency with the head office in London, their specialists helped me to choose a perfect house at affordable price. Now I can admire sea views every day. I'm planning to lease this house for summer.
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