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  1. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Birthday Carter!

    He did! He had cupcakes for his class at school and they probly sang happy birthday. I got him an avengers bday card too
  2. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Birthday Carter!

    Yeah he loves him some snow and cars XD. All boyish things he likes. But, he also sometimes tells me when something girly is pretty.(I have style savvy for my 2ds, and sometimes he helps me give ppl outfits) if he likes it then hey that's fine cuz I like it too!
  3. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Birthday Carter!

    He's with his dad today, but tomorrow we're gonna watch some of his favorite movies and play outside in the snow ^_^. His favorite movie so far is Cars 3(but he likes anything with wheels that talks, like Thomas, cars, etc. XD)
  4. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Birthday Carter!

    Today is my kiddo Carter's birthday! He turns 6 today! Happy birthday to a handsome lil man! 🎂
  5. LonelyHanakoKoi

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    I finally got my lutari painted! I've been wanting to do it forever just had to save up enough for it! (Cost me 2mil np off auction but idc, WORTH IT!) SapphireStarStream was my 2nd ever neopet and I have been saving since I got her to paint her faerie. I seen an auction today for a faerie brush and I was like ya know what? YASSSSSS. I am very happy. This is the color I've been waiting for! https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1743604
  6. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Birthday Neopets - Let's Celebrate!

    This was my first year that I've been to the bday party and it was awesome! That pin the tail game, was not easy XD
  7. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Unreleased Birthday Petpets!

    I just opened my goodie bag and got birthday slymook and birthday filamen!(and the 19th bday cake) they are so cute
  8. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Pteri Day!

    Awww the elderly look like a cute old couple! And I am in LOVE with the accessories at the bottom!!
  9. LonelyHanakoKoi

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    Vakach - Just the right level of classy and pizzazz!! Churil - ADORABLENESS!!! I love babies!! thanks for sharing friend! And that goes to everyone that shares their pets, they are all lovely to me!
  10. LonelyHanakoKoi

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    Omg, just gonna say it: GORGEOUS!! I have a peophin too that was adopted from the pound and he's water. I love peophins design
  11. LonelyHanakoKoi

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    That is a GREAT name for a steampunk pet!!
  12. LonelyHanakoKoi

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely day in Neopia! I have recently adopted a rainbow kougra from the pound named Kifuru. She is adorable and I love her so much! I have her currently wearing lots of flowery items because girly. I actually put them on before the new 'Enter the Runway' XD. I believe this is how to show her page? ---> http://www.neopets.com/~Kifuru If that doesn't work will someone be able to tell me how to do it properly? Thank you friends. Also, have you ever adopted from the pound? If so, what was your favorite adoptee? And how do you choose? By level? By colour? Because Kifuru just jumped at me with her color! I put this under the wrong category sorry 😕 my hubby was helping me make it. FACEPALM XD. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. Use the 'Edit' button or Multi Quote to reply to more than one post at once. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  13. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Enter The Runway #68!

    Thank you friend I'll try that Edit:Figured it out thank you friend!!!
  14. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Enter The Runway #68!

    Omg! I think I have a chance to enter for this one! Now how to do the screenshot for it?(dress to impress doesn't work for me on my phone 😕 )
  15. LonelyHanakoKoi

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    I like that teal on the healing springs bag! Happy Halloween friends!!