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    discord - pcysmiles#7710

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    ~anime, kpop, too much tv~

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  1. aaml

    Gallery Thoughts?

    I think your cute tea party theme for your gallery is majorly cute! I'm a little cliche it seems as I have a petpet gallery and a plushie on a side 😅
  2. aaml

    Hi, new here

    Welxome back!! Sometimes a new start is just what you need~
  3. I feel like I'm royally bad at most of the games and just stick to ones I can get the max 3k out of but...I do feel I'm good at cooty wars? If that counts for anything cause I do have gold for that 😀
  4. aaml

    My Aussie <3

    Awww your good boy is so pretty!! Your kacheek fits perfectly and like kuhlowie said those bacon strips are a fantastic touch! Both pups are so cute! I've always wanted an aussie but unfortunately have not owned one seeing both of yours though 😍😍😍
  5. aaml

    2 easy avatars in one lending

    Doesn't it have to be YOUR OWN pet and petpet? Also your boy is so cute! I really dig the werelupe look!
  6. aaml

    Hiatus Return~

    Ah! Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and reassurance on hiatuses~ I'm still a little lost when it comes to this forum but hopefully I can stick around I've made myself a goal on neopets to try and help myself not leave for another couple years again hopefully that works!
  7. Hi! I'm Cat and I've been on and off playin neopets since hmm 2007? And I made a return this past July because of a friend and now it seems to have sunk its claws in me again (but thats a good thing). Hopefully I can be more consistent about things. Uh well this has been my introduction of sorts I guess? Seems like there are plenty of people who've been frequent neopet users but who, like myself, have had long periods of absences which makes me feel better 😳