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  1. Since CC is currently on going prices are jacked up so I agree with ikids maybe stick with the free food but if you need more than maybe go on jellyneo and find low priced food and search for it in the shop wizard (do that a couple times of course to see what prices will pop up).
  2. Yeah I was having that issue as well and all I did was customize and it went back to normal but hearing its likely neopets changing from flash to something else is 😕 Dunno bout everyone else but Imma miss flash tbh
  3. If you can try and use a different browser because so far that has been the only way I've been able to transfer mine and it should work for abandoning them as well or maybe its fate intervening and telling you to keep them 😉
  4. Ah I recently had this same issue I think where chrome has being doing updates like the flash one of recent? It has messed something up so you will have to use another browser for now I actually made use of IE which I haven't used in YEARS.
  5. I got one of those the other day as well and was put off by the bogie name but its neopets after all. Ps i'm from the states and we call it booger not bogie as far as i know
  6. @babayaga67 is it 9 family members? Also uh provided the killer dry swallowed the pills then the poison is actually in the water??? @emily_speck_15 I wanna say babayaga67 seems on the right track with the heartbeat but a second guess is time?
  7. Oh man I went right by your post somehow but I appreciate the humor 😂
  8. @GillyTook & @DumaIt is a fish!! I thought an animal riddle would be appropriate~ @babayaga67 is it because the carnival employee wrote down "exact weight"?
  9. This is sweet and fun! I think I'll join in thanks! #10, aaml123 And a riddle 😉 Alive as you but without breath,As cold in my life as in my death;Never a thirst though I always drink,Dressed in a mail but never a clink. What am I?
  10. aaml


    I can say personally for me bts are all very wonderful and worth getting to know as people via shows and vlive and bangtan bombs even tho a lot of those are older now, but this seems more like a bighit made this decision and spent all that money to promote them in a way they didn't need to be promoted. So don't let this put you off of them! Bts really brought me so much join these past years and I don't regret it for one moment!
  11. aaml


    This is news to me but oh god thats so?? The idea of this sounds so messy and like a big waste of money I hope everyone makes the most of it though and enjoys it since yeah if they spent so much on it then I hope it serves its purpose.
  12. I think your cute tea party theme for your gallery is majorly cute! I'm a little cliche it seems as I have a petpet gallery and a plushie on a side 😅
  13. Welxome back!! Sometimes a new start is just what you need~
  14. I feel like I'm royally bad at most of the games and just stick to ones I can get the max 3k out of but...I do feel I'm good at cooty wars? If that counts for anything cause I do have gold for that 😀
  15. Awww your good boy is so pretty!! Your kacheek fits perfectly and like kuhlowie said those bacon strips are a fantastic touch! Both pups are so cute! I've always wanted an aussie but unfortunately have not owned one seeing both of yours though 😍😍😍
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