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    The Satellite, Synchro Dimension
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    Phoenix Taming, Muscular Pancakes (waffles,) Believing in the Heart of the Cards, Alchemy with Elves, Existing, Steampunk Dirigible Piloting, and Akuma Destruction.

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  1. Empress_Kaida

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom: Ruins of Thanyros

    Does anyone know what these achievements mean? I know I didn't complete the maze in under 20 seconds, so I have no idea what the "Just in Time" achievement is. (Unless its like a participation achievement.) I'm stumped with the second achievement too.
  2. Empress_Kaida

    TDN's Annual Wishlist Gifting Post 2018!!!!

    Honestly, my wish list is pretty short. Ive been wanting to paint my draik, Ragnafinity, Royal, and Raikiri, Orange for quite some time. 🙂They're my dashing rogues.
  3. The rubbish dump is weird. I donated some old croutons about a month ago, and just recently I found it in the dump? I wish I took photo evidence, but it was pretty strange.
  4. Empress_Kaida

    Qasala event is live!

    Oh I hope this event is more...eventful than the last one. 😝
  5. Empress_Kaida

    My new neopet Kifuru!

    Ahh she's adorable! What a great pound find! Kougras are so fun to customize. I adopted from the pound to get my active pet, Steamlock. I was looking for a good name to transform into a steampunk Hissi, and I just happened to find her in the pound as a custard Aisha.
  6. Empress_Kaida

    The Runway Votes #67

    No its not the screenshot. Don't worry! When I "saved" the image link and sent it to you, I must not have actually saved it as the new one. Its all on me.
  7. Empress_Kaida

    The Runway Votes #67

    That moment when you realize your foreground and effects didn't save, and your entry's bg looks naked. Oh well. These are all amazing! I really like #2 and 11!
  8. Empress_Kaida

    Does anyone still play Ghoul Catchers?

    I do occasionally in my spare time. I mostly just replay the first level to get neopoints, But sometimes I continue the harder levels when I actually want to play. 😄
  9. Empress_Kaida

    Happy Korbat Day!

    I agree. Way too much purple. But that could be fixed with more yellow. Having just the feet yellow and every other accent color just makes me uncomfortable. 😂 Maybe changing the nose to yellow, or the inside of the ears. (as much as I like them pink.)
  10. Empress_Kaida

    New items from Trudy, again?

    Talk about summer stuff, I just got a Bucket and spade set from Trudy.
  11. Empress_Kaida

    Happy Eyrie Day!

    Pretty cute colors. The Jelly color has a lovely smoothness to it. I was hoping for steampunk, but oh well. Maybe next year.
  12. Empress_Kaida

    Who else remembers this game...

    Oh wow!! Club penguin used to have this too! It used to be called Mancala on there. I never did know how the game worked, but I still managed to win most of my games. 😂
  13. Empress_Kaida

    NC Trading Advertisements

    I don't have a whole heck of a lot to trade, but out of curiosity, does anyone have a dueling decks hand of cards, basic beanie and raven wig, or an orange mohawk UFT? And if so, what are you seeking for them? Thanks!
  14. ooh! May I enter with numbers 45 and 46? Thank you!
  15. Empress_Kaida

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    OOH! Is this board still open? Ive been having a bit of trouble customizing Ragnafinity. (was originally supposed to be female, but he started as an egg, and I decided to keep him like that) I'd like to paint him royal, then make him look like a roguish type. He's a draik set on choosing his own destiny. I just got him, and really, the only thing I'm set on keeping is his hair. (maybe freckles too.) I would like to avoid NC items, but if an item is found that fits, i'm ok with that. Thank you all! 🙂