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  1. Empress_Kaida

    Happy Eyrie Day!

    Pretty cute colors. The Jelly color has a lovely smoothness to it. I was hoping for steampunk, but oh well. Maybe next year.
  2. Empress_Kaida

    Who else remembers this game...

    Oh wow!! Club penguin used to have this too! It used to be called Mancala on there. I never did know how the game worked, but I still managed to win most of my games. 😂
  3. Empress_Kaida

    NC Trading Advertisements

    I don't have a whole heck of a lot to trade, but out of curiosity, does anyone have a dueling decks hand of cards, basic beanie and raven wig, or an orange mohawk UFT? And if so, what are you seeking for them? Thanks!
  4. ooh! May I enter with numbers 45 and 46? Thank you!
  5. Empress_Kaida

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    OOH! Is this board still open? Ive been having a bit of trouble customizing Ragnafinity. (was originally supposed to be female, but he started as an egg, and I decided to keep him like that) I'd like to paint him royal, then make him look like a roguish type. He's a draik set on choosing his own destiny. I just got him, and really, the only thing I'm set on keeping is his hair. (maybe freckles too.) I would like to avoid NC items, but if an item is found that fits, i'm ok with that. Thank you all! 🙂
  6. Empress_Kaida

    NC items giveaway!

    Hello there! Very nice of you to put this up! 🙂 Is the space trooper helmet still available? Thank you!
  7. Empress_Kaida

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Lucky finds! I can never catch her, and when I do, I get furniture.
  8. Empress_Kaida

    Random NC item giveaway

    Hello there! Is the fireworks face paint is still available? I have actually been looking for someone to trade for it, but nobody really trades money tree finds. I've started many boards, but nobody's really interested. Thank you! 🙂