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    Phoenix Taming, Muscular Pancakes (waffles,) Believing in the Heart of the Cards, Alchemy with Elves, Existing, Steampunk Dirigible Piloting, and Akuma Destruction.

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  1. Does anyone know what these achievements mean? I know I didn't complete the maze in under 20 seconds, so I have no idea what the "Just in Time" achievement is. (Unless its like a participation achievement.) I'm stumped with the second achievement too.
  2. Honestly, my wish list is pretty short. Ive been wanting to paint my draik, Ragnafinity, Royal, and Raikiri, Orange for quite some time. 🙂They're my dashing rogues.
  3. The rubbish dump is weird. I donated some old croutons about a month ago, and just recently I found it in the dump? I wish I took photo evidence, but it was pretty strange.
  4. Oh I hope this event is more...eventful than the last one. 😝
  5. Ahh she's adorable! What a great pound find! Kougras are so fun to customize. I adopted from the pound to get my active pet, Steamlock. I was looking for a good name to transform into a steampunk Hissi, and I just happened to find her in the pound as a custard Aisha.
  6. No its not the screenshot. Don't worry! When I "saved" the image link and sent it to you, I must not have actually saved it as the new one. Its all on me.
  7. That moment when you realize your foreground and effects didn't save, and your entry's bg looks naked. Oh well. These are all amazing! I really like #2 and 11!
  8. I do occasionally in my spare time. I mostly just replay the first level to get neopoints, But sometimes I continue the harder levels when I actually want to play. 😄
  9. I agree. Way too much purple. But that could be fixed with more yellow. Having just the feet yellow and every other accent color just makes me uncomfortable. 😂 Maybe changing the nose to yellow, or the inside of the ears. (as much as I like them pink.)
  10. Talk about summer stuff, I just got a Bucket and spade set from Trudy.
  11. Pretty cute colors. The Jelly color has a lovely smoothness to it. I was hoping for steampunk, but oh well. Maybe next year.
  12. Oh wow!! Club penguin used to have this too! It used to be called Mancala on there. I never did know how the game worked, but I still managed to win most of my games. 😂
  13. I don't have a whole heck of a lot to trade, but out of curiosity, does anyone have a dueling decks hand of cards, basic beanie and raven wig, or an orange mohawk UFT? And if so, what are you seeking for them? Thanks!
  14. OOH! Is this board still open? Ive been having a bit of trouble customizing Ragnafinity. (was originally supposed to be female, but he started as an egg, and I decided to keep him like that) I'd like to paint him royal, then make him look like a roguish type. He's a draik set on choosing his own destiny. I just got him, and really, the only thing I'm set on keeping is his hair. (maybe freckles too.) I would like to avoid NC items, but if an item is found that fits, i'm ok with that. Thank you all! 🙂
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