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  1. action_jackson3000

    PSA: Game Trophy Glitch

    I lost out on a trophy when it happened but managed to hold on for 2 others the following day. Wasn't aiming for many and therefore didn't spend much time playing. Feel bad for those who spend hours and went unrewarded because Day 1 is their best chance
  2. action_jackson3000

    Does anyone have Neopets superstitions?

    I always do every other daily and deposit/stock anything of value before Apple Bobbing because I'll probably lose an item. Also wait to visit Healing Springs until after Apple Bobbing and Qasalan Expellibox because I assume my pet will get sick. Whenever I scratch a Scratchcard and have 2 matching icons in a single line I always scratch the third so it's 3 in a row. I may not always win but if I do it just looks more satisfying. Also always do the X pattern 🙂
  3. action_jackson3000

    Why was Jade Scorchstone Retired?

    Really wish I was more active and bought one from the HT for 10m when it was still active... 😞 Now I either overpay for it (50m?) or buy the "less expensive" Leaded Elemental Vial (28m-30m) I doubt I'll ever be able to restock one from the Royal Potionery. Was Jade Scorchstone retired because of that dupe crisis several years ago? TNT could have at least replaced it under a different name/coding (e.g. Hypno Helmet --> H4000 Helmet) Saving up for a LEV would probably take me a full year and there's other things I want to buy too. 🙂 Probably a long shot but I did recently send in an Editoral requesting to temporarily unretire HT items for one day only in the future; maybe next Fyora Day (June 2, 2019) or Faerie Festival (Sep 20, 2019) Nothing notable usually occurs during either of those dates AFAIK so a one-day a year event would be something to look forward to and save up for (sort of like how in recent years many users hoard up items for Charity Corner) Last I read a lot of users have asked for old/retired Stamps to get re-released again, would re-releasing retired Hidden Tower items for one day a year be too much to ask?
  4. Can't wait until I can use the SSW. Made some progress on my Gallery the other day and it was very annoying trying to find decent prices. I'll probably stop for now until I get Premium. I remember years ago too many searches on the Shop Wizard will give you a temporary boot to come back later (in an hour or so). Can't remember the exact number of searches but I'd probably exceed the limit if I wanted to search hundreds of unique items in a short span of time. I've survived up to this point because I only use it for Faerie Quests or Codestones (or pricing my own items) Cosmic Dome (fighting Giant Space Fungus) is also something I look forward to. Selling Nerks or Bubbling Fungus is an easy way to make a lot of NP. 🙂
  5. action_jackson3000

    The ALP

    Transfer is definitely more appealing but still some concern considering how much I value him (and having to wait a day until he's returned, if returned...) I did manage to obtain a BGC from a friendly user today and equipped it on an adopted Grarrl. No numbers in the name though so I couldn't confirm my original concern, also didn't want to waste extra time testing on another Grarrl w/ numbers so I of course sent the item back asap.
  6. action_jackson3000

    NC Trading Advertisements

    Wanted to try here first before looking elsewhere 🙂 Anyone interested in trading me the following NC Items? Black Bat Attack https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/black-bat-attack Clawed Glove https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/clawed-glove Some guides I've read suggested 2-3 GBC for the Black Bat Attack and 1-2 GBC for the Clawed Glove. I'll probably buy 1000NC sometime in the next couple weeks which should cover the max total value if you prefer a 200NC Mystery Capsule instead of a 150NC type... (I don't have any Caps on me so take your pick from those currently for sale in the NC Mall) Or if you prefer Fortune Cookies instead I can buy those for you instead. I already have a ton of Basic Gift Boxes stocked up from Trudy so that's taken care of!
  7. action_jackson3000

    Google Chrome, Flash and Neopets

    Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere but wanted to share this tip that some users might find helpful. As you may have discovered a while back, an update to Google Chrome's browser changed the settings so sites (like Neopets) that you enabled Flash for are no longer saved. Every time you exit/quit you have to re-enable flash again which can be a tedious process. To keep Flash enabled: Type chrome://flags/ into your URL bar Scroll down to "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" and set it to Disabled Restart browser, Flash should stay enabled once you enable it with the (i) in the URL bar. Other methods to try and enable flash are play Test Your Strength http://www.neopets.com/halloween/strtest/index.phtml or visit The Lair of the Beast http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/thebeast4.phtml Clicking either should ask you if you want to enable flash
  8. action_jackson3000

    The ALP

    I have another question hopefully someone can clear up. I recently read of a situation from several months ago where an individual loaner lent their Bony Grarrl Club to someone else but after being equipped that user wasn't able to remove the item. The glitch apparently is that is the Grarrl's name has too many numbers included, the BGC can't be removed by the normal method of simply unequipping from the Equipment page in the Battledome. Turns out however that if you pound the Grarrl all battledome equipment is automatically removed and returned safely to your inventory. I don't expect to borrow a Bony Grarrl Club anytime soon but I'm concerned if this glitch still exists and hasn't been fixed by TNT yet. My Grarrl has 2 digits in his name but I'm not sure if that's enough to trigger this glitch. I obviously value him a lot (stats and color) so pounding him isn't an option I want to consider even as a last resort if I ever found myself in this type of situation. So as an extra precaution would it make more sense for me (and other potential loaners) to create or adopt a separate Grarrl (preferably with no numbers in its name) that we have zero attachment to? Worst case scenario if the new Grarrl needs to be pounded to automatically remove the BGC, nobody will lose sleep over that action.
  9. action_jackson3000

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    I always ignored this daily because I didn't have the patience to spend a lot of time on it. Thanks to TDN's tool I've been solving the puzzle every day and enjoying the free item reward. http://thedailyneopets.com/articles/negg-solver/ Cheers!
  10. action_jackson3000

    Games Master Challenge?

    Noticed there doesn't appear to be any threads for GMC in the archives. Does TDN forums not consider it important enough to belong in the Neopets Plots and Events section and warrant organized discussion? It's been a while since I participated but it's not too different from Daily Dare and sometimes you have to pick a side so there is a bit of competition. I'm assuming based on past history the 2018 GMC will occur sometime in November?
  11. action_jackson3000

    Hating your pet's name

    I like my Grarrl's name: Tyranatar86 Not too many numbers so it seems slightly more natural (like he's Tyranatar the 86th or kind of like an athlete nickname with their initials and jersey number). That being said if TNT ever allowed us to rename our pets (I wouldn't mind buying NC to do it) I'd rename him to just Tyranatar if the current name-holder (last spotted: A long, long time ago) got purged and became available asap
  12. action_jackson3000

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    Picked Cartography for the first time the other day. I've never won with The Sway so hopefully that becomes possible next skirmish if they're an option.
  13. action_jackson3000

    The ALP

    Good to know. Supervising chains for just one of each item/pet/petpet is probably tons of work already. Somehow I thought having multiple copies of the loan would speed up the queue for those waiting but if you're all set that's cool. I just found a volunteer and will transfer him later tonight so everything worked out. 🙂
  14. action_jackson3000

    The ALP

    Hi I have a Grey Buzz I'd like to add to the Grey Wocky sigh chain. I'm not interested in being his permanent owner so is there a reliable user who I can transfer him to?
  15. I'll admit most of my game trophies from 2001-2003 and those obtained since my return were won during high-score reset day (first day of a new month); that's one thing that is still the same after all this time. Suppose one silver lining of less players now is less competition (or expert veteran gamers willing to hold off a few days to allow other users to rank in the Top 17); I remember the days when it was impossible to get a reservation at Kelp! lol Not sure about the Kad avatar; you're correct that I fed one just for the trophy. Can't remember what food it was but I know I definitely bought something expensive back then and it was the last Kad needing to be fed at the time. I remember being frustrated that plenty of Kad feeders would stock their inventories and if they had the food needed would quickly get the job done, while those who wanted to use the SW were left in the dust. Like hi-score tables there's probably a dip in users so maybe it's not as difficult as it once was; probably better odds if you try at times when less users are online too (wasn't a possibility back then during school nights) In other news I recently adopted a Buzz from the Pound and painted him Grey with a Fountain Faerie Quest reward I had saved up (got 2 avatars; Buzzin and Grey Wocky sigh) I'm not interested in being a permanent owner for him so I'm more than happy to transfer him to someone else and have him included in TDN Pet Lending Chain for anyone interested in the Grey Wocky sigh avatar. There's a few avatars I wouldn't mind obtaining myself through lends but I feel I should let people know me a bit first before applying. 🙂 Wouldn't want to risk losing my 17 year old account.