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  1. Ooooh. I am so excited. A new plot could be awesome.
  2. Yeah, same here. I need to stay off of Dress to Impress and sell all my extra wearables so I don't keep coming up with new dreamies. xD
  3. Ooh, those would both be awesome. ^^ I am working on getting all my permies customized and painted and stuff. Then I want to draw them all and write up stories for them. So much to do on neopets, haha. I need more hours in the day.
  4. I wish I would take the time to make all my petlookups pretty! It can be so much fun. Gives your pets a little more character! ^^
  5. Wish they would have some spookier paintbrushes in the trick or treat bags, haha. Like halloween, ghost, transparent. xD Would kind of be cool.
  6. I am too nervous to open mine. LOL Just going to hoard them in my SDB for awhile.
  7. Thanks for the welcome! I feel like I have barely explored the site at all. There is probably a ton more stuff that would be useful to me, haha.
  8. Oh. I haven't voice chatted in a long time, haha. But thanks for the invite, perhaps I will check it out later. 🙂
  9. I will have to check it out. I love the avatar checklist too, it is pretty handy. ^^
  10. Thank you so much for the welcome. Still trying to get the hang of things and how to navigate this, but it doesn't seem too difficult. But I will be sure to ask if I need any help!
  11. Hehe. My sister alwatys says Henlo. Welcome to the forums. I just joined today too. 🙂
  12. I play it when I have time. But it doesn't work on my phone. So I have to use my tablet. It is kind of laggy, but I do love that extra 50K a day.
  13. Aww. She is cute. ^^ Congrats on getting her and training her too! I am trying to save up and get myself a Fire Xweetok. I used to have one a long time ago and now I decided that I want one again, haha.
  14. My converted dream pet is a Fire Xweetok. I am working towards saving up for a Fire Paint Brush along with a few other items to get all my dream pets painted. ^^
  15. Hello! My name is Rachel and I just joined the forums. I am looking foward to meeting new friends and having more people to talk to about Neopets related stuff. I recently came back to Neopets from a hiatus, about two months ago, and am now addicted to Neopets once again. I have been working really hard on account improvement and am pretty proud of how far I have gotten! Feel free to come and chat. I'd like to say that I am pretty friendly and nice. ^^
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