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  1. redespeon

    Old neopets player, new to TDN!

    Welcome welcome~ I recently game back for the same reason, need to get them avatars I couldn't get as a kid.
  2. redespeon

    Last to post wins!

  3. redespeon

    New Rubbish Dump Avvie

    Has anyone asked the Editorial about it? They're usually pretty open when it comes to telling people if something is temporarily impossible.
  4. redespeon

    ...where are the heads?

    Smells like the potential plotline of a site event that will result in junk headless plushies inflating in price beyond measure.
  5. redespeon

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    Clearly. Any good Neopian would report such a worrying malfunction in the RNG.
  6. redespeon

    Coltzan's Shrine

    Two dubloons coin today.
  7. redespeon

    The Symol Hole

    Has anyone ever discovered if this is a daily or if it can be done more often? I know it says "Maybe we can do this again tomorrow!" after, but it also lets you try as many times as you like, so...
  8. redespeon

    Wise Old King

    Got an A+ (783) Too late in the month unfortunately, might have been a trophy score in the first days.
  9. redespeon


    I won for three days in a row but it was junk every time. I remember getting faeries and codestones much more often from this a very long time ago, did they change the prize pool?
  10. redespeon

    Turmaculus Alert!

    How do you paste the entire "event" into a forum post? Are copying the page source? I see people doing the same for Something Has Happened! avatar events and I'm curious how
  11. redespeon

    What's your Achievement today?

    Forgotten Shores avatar. I don't even know how long it took.
  12. redespeon

    Does anyone still play Ghoul Catchers?

    I tried for like a week, but the broken daily limit counter makes it more of a bother than it should be. Having to manually count how many NP you won that day (since it falsely claims you have reached the limits after like 3 rounds) makes the already boring task of repeating level 1 for 50 times even more bothersome.
  13. redespeon

    New items from Trudy, again?

    Got the Woodland Yoakie (300NP Petpet) today. Eh...
  14. New attempt was going well. Then a snowball got stuck in a block, softlocking the game. I'm so tired of this. So tired of games that haven't been bugchecked in 19 years.
  15. Are they joking? And you can't even retry to send it, why would they do this?