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  1. redespeon

    What's your Achievement today?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Symol' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! I can't even believe it
  2. Redistributing the wealth? What are you, a communist? The Neopian economy won't bend itself to the will of the proletariat, we will continue on this ruinous capitalistic path until its bitter end.
  3. redespeon

    Avatars: What have you got?

    Got both the Buzzin' and Grey avatars today. Will be trying for the Destruct-o-Match III one for the rest of the day.
  4. I'm also worried by how quickly they're pumping out plots. Even if we completely ignore the all time low of quality we've reached, didn't plots use to be something that happened every 2-3 years, at the most? And they didn't even use to have yearly stuff like Charity Corner and the Game Master Challenge at the time either, making the plots an expecially awaited event. But they're releasing big site events at a yearly pace now. Not only are they losing their luster, they keep getting worse and worse.
  5. You know, I'd failed to consider that they're a company that make their money making entertainment for VERY young children. They're probably used to kids not knowing better, but they're not quite considering that their shell of a site has mostly people over 20 fueled by nostalgia as its main userbase now.
  6. Plot update: This time we can admire the fearless soldiers of Sakhmet, menacingly standing around...in the same pose they had when they were standing in front of the walls one month ago.
  7. Leaving the writing aside (though it's hard to do that seeing how bad it is), I'm more surprised about the art. Did they lay off the entire art department again or something? This is bad. Like, really bad. The art isn't just poor, it's inconsistent. The characters keep changing appearance depending on the angle they're being seen from, they look ugly even at their best, and their expressions seem to barely match what the emotion behind them is meant to convey. Also, this iteration of Arrick has the most punchable face on the site.
  8. I mean it's not like the others were masterpieces or anything, but I remember actually being pumped and on the edge of my seat to find out how what'd happen next with the Neovia plot But with this one makes me feel like they're not even respecting the 30 seconds I have to sigh through every time they release another eye rollingly bad exchange between these two black holes of charisma they've whipped up this time Not to mention that the drawings are worthy of the Artists' Day Off event
  9. redespeon

    Is the Space Faerie Code still obtainable?

    "Unfortunately" I have premium, so being unable to use the battledome for several days would end up costing me hundreds of thousand of NPs in lost nerk drops.
  10. redespeon

    Is the Space Faerie Code still obtainable?

    Someone on The Site That Must Not Be Named sent me one for free, so I guess this matter is solved. Now I only need a pet that actually stands a chance, my strongest is still struggling to clear difficulty 150.
  11. I saw in some thread that only some codes actually worked to get the SF as a challenger, which makes me hesitant to just buy the first one I see off eBay...does anyone know where I should look for one? Or if it's a futile endeavor to begin with? I saw that the avatar isn't counted as retired yet, but you never know with this kind of thing... *cough* Dump Avatar *cough*
  12. redespeon

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Getting premium means I now get a handy stocks chart on the bottom of the screen to tell me, no matter where I am on the site, how many thousand neopoints I'm losing every day. Good investment I tell ya
  13. I figure it must've been converted into old croutons and dung, judging by the rate at which I'm apparently dropping those into the dump.
  14. Like title, join me in this pit of garbage and despair. http://www.neopets.com/medieval/rubbishdump.phtml
  15. redespeon

    Hidden tower discount, suggestions for profit

    Whelp. I take that back then, stick to overused BD weapons. PBs are often used as coinage when having to exchange big amounts on the trading post, you might also have luck with those.