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  1. I got that RE a while ago and still haven't decided what to get... Good thing it doesn't expire! Perhaps a book is the best if you're trying to get the avatar or just want to have high intelligence. Otherwise, PBs are probably the easiest to sell.
  2. Oh no! Sorry that happened to you, I hate when I forget to put my NC items away and she requests them 馃槙 I do see bags in the mall now, though, so idk why it wasn't showing...
  3. I got Eu De Negg and Wheelbarrow of Spring!
  4. Ouch, here I was getting excited too...
  5. I was between the quest refresh and bank bribery because I stocked up on cookies when the sale was going on but I ended up going with bank since I don't have any particular goals right now around stats or colors.
  6. Should be some decent boons no matter who you pick!
  7. It's a bday miracle! My faction won AND it was an avatar win! True the boons aren't great though....
  8. Aw well, at least it's just inconvenient rather than detrimental. Just don't know why it even exists....
  9. I've been playing this game almost 20 years and have just gotten my first fountain faerie quest. I already have the colors I want though, so I'll use it to get the avatar.
  10. Very! Though to be transparent, I think all Juma colors are adorable because I love foxes.
  11. I hate the "free spin" space on the wheel of knowledge, It's useless and I always get it several times before it give me anything else. Is there some trick to this? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before using the "free spin" so it doesn't just land on that same space?
  12. Both cute choices! I was saying to Angel贸 that I love Candy Kougras because they remind me of the lisa frank leopards. I've also always loved Faerie Grundos because they're so dark and spacey. You'll have to post when you decide!
  13. Congratz! What are you going to do with your fountain dip? What's your dreamie?
  14. I didn't know this happened every daylight savings... I wasn't too close to the 100k (Got it a week ago) but today I would've gotten my bonus prize 馃槙
  15. I heard some people say its glitched so not everyone is getting it with the cookie like they're supposed to be. I've had 7 CF quests (missed one because I turned down kaia's quest). 3 walkways, 1 wings, 1 bun, 1 garland, and 1 dress. Seems like the BG is the most desired, based on the NC mall boards.
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