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  1. queenofthebats

    What's your big NP maker?

    For some reason I have very consistently good luck at Coconut Shy? Probably the only reason I have any neopoints is from selling what I win from that game. That, and the whole Trudy thing.
  2. I think what really bugs me has to be the art. It's just so undynamic and poorly drawn that it's not even good enough for a laugh. I'm not really expecting anything good from the plot story-wise, but the least they could do is make it more visually pleasing/interesting.
  3. queenofthebats

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom: Ruins of Thanyros

    This actually helped me get it! at exactly 25 seconds, phew. Until I tried combo clicking + holding the key the doors only opened like 1/4th of the time upon coming into contact with them for extended periods.
  4. queenofthebats

    Stocking Stufftacular Glitch?

    Weird. Thanks everyone! I wonder how many people got the glitch (if it wasn't intentional).
  5. queenofthebats

    Stocking Stufftacular Glitch?

    Today I received two of the 'Holiday Candy Machines' items from the Stocking Stufftacular, even though I only had one stocking up for the day. It was also the bonus item so I don't think I would receive two even if I had put two stockings up on the day. Does anyone know if this is a glitch? Should I contact TNT? Edit: So I thought maybe the fact that the stocking page lists the item as 'Holiday Candy Machines' and the Jellyneo item database and the TDN item database lists the item as 'Holiday Candy Machine' (singular), I thought that would answer my question. But the item on neopets itself is in fact called 'Holiday Candy Machines'. So I'm still left confused, lol.