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  1. once prize shop opens is it first come first served or does everyone get to choose from the whole collection? I've never made it to prize shop phase before 😂
  2. The ray is fired at jamestuskaninny24... ... and she changes into a Green Lenny!! WELL. Thats a massive downgrade 🙄 Also the name is now problematic is so many ways 😂
  3. how many times a day do you play? I've managed zip and am losing interest!
  4. I got faerie bubbles avatar today, super proud 😂 oooh I love eventide hadn’t seen it when I got my FFQ and chose faerie!
  5. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Skeith - King Hagan' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! One king down!
  6. Neoquest 2 is much less painful I promise... it’s NQ1 on insane I can’t face 🙈
  7. I just collected my food club winnings then decided to use it to play wheel of extravagance for the 1st time ever... AND GOT THE AVATAR!!!
  8. I voted bowling ball since its the only one I actually own or have heard of...
  9. Just a heads up in case anyone is still hunting for a 644 day old darigan peri - this one is ageing sometime tomorrow 🙂 Found it posted on the neoboards! (sorry if this isn't the right place to post this - please move it if so!) http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Japeries
  10. I didn't actually know about this so thanks for the post! As it happens I've been filling my SDB with all sorts of things while working on packrat, I guess I'll keep on saving things until CC now, I had planned on having a massive donate/shop stock when I got to 1000 unique items so you've saved me from messing up
  11. sorry I probably wasn't clear, the interest keeps rising but your percentage depends on your account type! So once you have over 10mill you have the max percentage, but obviously the interest you get constantly changes with the actual np in your account 🙂 I'm a saver at heart whether in real life or neopets 😂 Once I hit 10mill I'm going to have to force myself to treat myself to something! No idea what probably a weapon that my stats don't deserve 😝
  12. I think its 10mill? If you go to the bottom of the bank account page and click on upgrade your account it tells me how much you need to be eligible for each type of bank account. My current bank account gives me 12% interest iirc - the advantage is (please correct me if I'm wrong!) once you make it to a certain account type, you keep it even if you then spend all your nps..
  13. personally I'm not going to make any big purchases until I manage to max out my interest percentage.. Depends how quickly you earn though I guess!
  14. I know I couldn't believe it, I've never even seen the jackpot over about 8k! So lucky!
  15. I just won the dice-a-roo jackpot of over £28k! And the avatar... and didn't even notice as was just clicking away then noticed my np balance!!!
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