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  1. Yesterday I finally got a quest from the fountain faerie (!!!!!) and after trying to think of what the heck I wanted, I realized I could knock out a couple avatars and give my #1 pet a makeover in one go. Sooo I bought a ghost buzz morphing potion and used it on Te (Magical Kauvara avatar), took my temporary bug to the fountain and painted him white (Buzzin' avatar), then used my premium perk to turn him back into a Xwee. Of course now all I want to do is customize him and I keep getting a plugin error. Still feels like a really successful day. Plus I got Blumaroo - Fire yesterday thanks to the ALP, and should be getting Mootix today.
  2. Struck out on Snowager and the Wheel of Excitement today, but it feels really good to have these two taken care of. I also got the second Korbat - Royal from In a New Avatar. EDIT: I had no idea CC counted towards this. Just threw out a soggy old box to seal the deal. I'm so happy!
  3. Apparently today is my newest account's tenth birthday! New shield coming up, woo!
  4. The problem is, I'd rather nuke my Neopets account than play 1500 games of SS, or 8800 games of MSN/SSDD. Oh, my gosh. I don't know how you guys do it.
  5. Wait, I have to play that many GAMES to rank up, not just earn that many points? Hahahahaha! Wow, I'm gonna fail the team so hard. I do not care enough for this. I'm sorry, guys. Shenkuu deserves better than me. (Also, yes, I'm freaking TERRIBLE at YYB.)
  6. I'm really annoyed that the games I played yesterday didn't count, and more annoyed that the lag is so bad this morning. I'm gonna have my coffee and see if I feel better. (I probably will. Coffee is life.)
  7. I wish I could be more help to my beloved Shenkuu, but man, I really do not enjoy the games. I'll put in some bare minimum effort tho.
  8. I'm super stoked about the gold trophy, and that 250 NC isn't bad, either!
  9. Now that it's over, I'm stuck here considering what I really want to spend my points on. My bank balance is sitting at about 25mil right now, so stocks are definitely better bang for my buck than the increased interest, but ... i just WANT the increased interest! I only made it to just shy of 16,000 after exhausting my SDB, so I can't have both. I'm struggling with this.
  10. I'm now at nearly 15,000 points which makes me think I should get to 18,000 which is then a slippery slope to 21,000, but so far I've only spent NP on sticky snowballs - everything else has just been crap piling up in my SDB for the past 9 years. OH MAN I should check the SDB on my side - might be some stuff in there.
  11. Thanks for the update! Is there a way for me to resubmit and override my original request? I may have already knocked one of those avatars out. If not, no worries.
  12. Thank you soooo much! That was the most beautiful thing to wake up to today! Can't wait to come up with some new customs.
  13. Oh, my gosh, you are too amazing. I'm in love with a lot of these items and want ALL THE THINGS! My favorites: Cathedral Trellis Frame, Fireworks Face Paint, Earrings of Barbat, Bronze Sun & Moon Garland, Musical Bar Staff, Floral Chandelier, Tapestry Backdrop, Disco Ball Staff, and I NEED TO STOP LISTING THINGS NOW. I will definitely take any unloved leftovers. I love customizing my babies.
  14. I keep getting Error 404 on the new item discard checklist. Maybe I need to wait another day for them to get all the kinks ironed out.
  15. I'll probably wait to hear what the big guilds are going with. Now that I finally have all the avatars, I'm just a leaf on the wind.
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