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  1. I always forget which day the Obelisk rewards go live, so I bought my stocks for 15k today like a sucker. I need to be better about the chronology of my dailies.
  2. A little birdie told me that Thieves is the safest bet this time around, so I'm gonna buckle down and commit to Thieves.
  3. I'm down for Thieves or Seekers, depending on how the tides seem to be going.
  4. Wow, that feels good. Hagan down, Skarl to go..... EDIT: ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?? Is this a bad April Fool's prank and I'm gonna have these revoked? Holy buckets! Good day for avatars.
  5. I had a similar experience. I still want my Buzzin' avatar sometime ... ever, but I just wasn't sure I could reliably do a quest every day this week. It's a low bar, but I'm kind of scatterbrained right now. I figure it'll come around again eventually.
  6. With Brutes, I didn't want any of the boons. With Sway ... I struggled but eventually went with Cheaper by the Dozen, since I don't have much time to play this week and it has very immediate value and is worth more than my bank interest. Yay! Now the only avatar I'm missing is Order. We'll see if I ever get that one.
  7. Long-term, finding a therapist you trust and whose style works for you will do more to improve your mental health & ability to deal with stress than anything else, so long as you're committed to the process and doing your homework between sessions. I went to therapy because other people told me to a few times, and that never helped, but as soon as I decided I needed some help on my own, it started me down a path that has made me a much more resilient person. But that's a long process! So for the short term, adding in mindfulness around time management. Scheduling in your self-care and leisure time makes it feel a lot more intentional and restorative. What I mean by that is, if you're a student and have a big paper due, you may find yourself doing leisure activities as a form of procrastination, which will just stress you out more. There's a big functional difference between scrolling social media for an hour when you "should be" researching vs. having 60 minutes set aside on your calendar for a face mask and an episode of your favorite show. I spend a lot of time in the gym, but until recently, nutrition has been a huge question mark for me because I don't like cooking and just feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the idea of having to feed myself. Then I discovered minimal-cooking meal prep, which has changed my life. If you're in a situation where you have to prepare your own meals, I'd recommend trying it out. Start small by just making lunches or dinners for the week. On Sundays, I set aside 2-3 hours and get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ready for the entire week so I don't have to spend ANY time worrying about food until Saturday. I hadn't realized what a stressor that was for me until I got out ahead of it. Journaling is good, as is just letting yourself have a nice cry in the shower. The main thing, though, is being kind to yourself. If you have a habit of negative self-talk, replace all of that with love and encouragement so that "Why am I so lazy?" becomes "We've got a lot going on right now, but let's get a little work done on this project," etc. Just try to be on your own team.
  8. Sway, it is! Onward into battle I go.
  9. I still need Sway and Order avatars, so one of those two for me! I'll wait to commit until I see which of those is most popular amongst other people here.
  10. The sound I made when I checked this tab was somewhere between a gasp and a burp of shock and gratitude. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE DONE WITH THIS GODFORSAKEN WHEEL!
  11. These boons are underwhelming, but finally having that avatar makes me feel pretty darn good. I also went for Right Round, which means I'm now spinning wheels I stopped messing with as soon as I got the avatars and getting fire rained down on my pets for it. Oh, well. Live large. Should I double-spin Extravagance? I've never taken that wheel out for a spin.
  12. I need all 3 of these avatars, so I'll do whatever is most popular.
  13. Ooooof, that weapon. I came back from my long Neo hiatus after the "plot" was well under way, so I couldn't have gotten that achievement no matter what, and that honestly makes me feel a little bit better. I ache for everyone who was active but not checking the plot every day. I ended up getting the two wearables, the stamp, and the books.
  14. I thought I'd get Earth, since that's typically my element (I'm a virgo and an earth bender) and I'm a houseplant parent. The more I think about it, the more I like being a light Slytherin, since it helps disprove the all-Slytherins-are-evil-racists stereotype.
  15. I also got the light faeries, which ... are there Slytherin light faeries? I guess there are Slytherin everything else, so sure. Let's go. Pew pew, light beams!
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