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  1. I also got King Skarl - Moody but forgot to screencap 😞
  2. I actually just submitted a ticket to see if I can recover the old accounts from almost 18 years ago lol. Worth a shot right? I hope there are some goodies in there 🎅 Don't remember the password, emails, or pins. I hope I even have the birthdays right. My old main def is the right one but the old side was actually a former joint account with a sibling that became "unjointed" when a rule came out. I wonder if they'll even accept the info I give them. I definitely had a maraquan pet. The information is so fuzzy and there's not much to work with.
  3. I'm so confused. Are these in user shops?
  4. My Chrome settings look exactly the same. Do you have any extensions that involve tabs or windows? I would try clearing cookies + cache too. Does this happen if you were to use another browser? Did you pin the tab? Because opening any link on a pinned page will open as a tab as well.
  5. I love cats purring but there's something about them kneading (making biscuits ) too that makes it extra special! Crinkling stuff and something with a nice crunch, like chopping chocolate, are my favorite triggers; they instantly send me to a trance. ephemeralrift has been responsible for sending me to sleep many times. Oddly enough, it's always Margaret or the plague doctor. His House of Tingles introduced me to his channel and I'v been a lifelong fan. MassageASMR, SensorADI, and Baumgartner Restoration regularly cycle through my headphones as well.
  6. I'm selling a Lenny Transmogrification Potion for 1 mil. Let me know if you're interested.
  7. Hmm would you mind posting the site settings for neopets?
  8. For anyone who hasn't gotten this avatar yet, it's super dupe low today! I remember it being at 6+ mil so seeing sub 5 made me so happy. 5,571,883 if anyone is wondering.
  9. Awww yiss STROOPWAFELS! Every time I go abroad, I go ham on all the snacks. I haven't ventured to UK yet but a kind stranger once mailed me a box of crisps and jammie dodgers. It's a shame that America hasn't found an equivalent. Something, anything to pair with coffee besides donuts would be nice. At least we have tea biscuits but not a lot of people here enjoy a nice cup of tea. I'm still devastated over Habitarium.
  10. It's exactly due to the morphing potions, It's funny because the spotted color is popular for Lupe and Gelert. I personally wanted a dalmation-looking Gelert too at some point. I forgot about splits and would add that to low tier as well.
  11. I feel it's easier to say which ones won't get adopted quickly vs what will. I believe plain colors, starry, spotted, glowing, snot, christmas, pirate, and invisible (lol) are on the bottom of the desire totem pole. Almost everything else sits in the middle. Robot and royal are at the very top along with avatar pets (Orange Grundo, Halloween Lupe, Halloween Ruki, etc.). Transparents are a good one too. I am personally a huge fan of Woodland and wraith.
  12. Someone pick my jaw off the floor. A few moments later at 6:04pm What is happening today?! ❤️
  13. Greetings! It's funny cause I just met up with my cousins from the Netherlands yesterday. They flew across the Atlantic to see lil ol me 🤗 Your account is around the age of my oldest (shame it's lost now). Remember when when faerie quests were easy to come by and we had sidebar themes?
  14. Greywindd


    I have never ventured that far into Canada but I always feel refreshed every time I do cross the border; I'm from the east coast of USA. I had met 2 people from Edmonton on both times I visited Japan back in 2014 and 2017 so I must go to AB one day. Any other recommended cities that I should check out? I've only been to Montreal and Toronto.
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