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  1. But the cogwheel 😱 I have a hard time CCing plushies... I still do it though. Points are more important 😇
  2. No, that's a whole other level. I don't think any Dutch loose sleep over how others eat their cookies.
  3. Thank you! I missed this but I am very sad now... It looked like so much fun!! You flip it so your tea warms it on both sides but it does not loose its crispiness 👍 Hahaha! I never even thought of that! I thought the tiny ones were for on the go. I often find them too dry tough so I stopped eating them.
  4. They are displayed the correct way though. Cooking on hot cup.
  5. Nice! Did you get stroopwafels? The questing aspect of the game seems to be something that has been pushed aside a little? I loved questing, and the Altador Plot/Quest was the greatest thing to ever have happened to the game. I love that the website has stayed the same. But at the same time I find it a little odd... Thank you, I probably would not have gotten back into it if I couldn't have this account. I love my pixel Kau 💕
  6. I know! It's been a while. I logged on when I was at University 5-7 years ago because my roommate at the time was playing Neopets.
  7. Bill Callahan's Dream River I just bought tickets to his concert!
  8. I'm new to the forums. I played Neopets years ago and I started playing again 3 weeks ago or so. I'm catching up to everything that has changed and I thought I could learn a lot from this forum.
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