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  1. Hmmm ... none of those ring any bells Dewdlez. Too bad, I wish I could remember. But nice seeing ya again! Definitely Morgan and Cheese Queen. :D I actually think I can still picture your cheese avatar (?). Which out of all the things that stick in your head ... /shrug Nice to hear it's going pretty good. Cliche as it is, don't get through high school too fast though. o.0
  2. Well, Laura it is then. :yes: I definitely agree with you there. High School's a bunch of busy work. Just like college, except that you sleep til 11 and you have a hundred essays due all at the EXACT SAME TIME. Posting on forums is definitely *a lot* better. Well, /bow, nice to re-meet you Dewdlez. What was your user name, btw? I might recognize it even if we didn't talk much?
  3. Hey! I remember you two! Especially since Mia has now admitted to being Mia. :D I've been awesome. Quite busy and all, but you know. That's life. How about you two? Life been treating you well? PS: ROFL! That took all about six minutes to have people post. Edit: New member, old member irony!
  4. So. I searched 'Chipmonker' in Google 'cause I don't want to do my policy research paper on Somali Pirates. And I got this hit ... I read that and thought, "Awwww. I was mentioned. How nice." .... Wait a second .... "OMG! IT'S FREAKING TDN!!!! :woot: (That's the face I made.) HOW'S YOU ALL BEEN? (Those who aren't dead like me ... ) IT'S BEEN LIKE FREAKIN' YEARS!! (Well two-ish going on three.)" Is there still any oldbies still boppin' around and who remember obnoxious old me? :O (Doubtful, perhaps. Unfortunately I think I recognize all but 5 of on the 'previous staff members' list.)
  5. It's going to be horrible next year. Urgh D: But at least it is my senior year at highschool - one more year and then I'm gone! And I'm already being shipped off to a local college for some of my classes. It's a get out of jail free card. /me goes back into apparent un-activityness
  6. Are you getting alerts? Is your recieve items box on your option page checked?
  7. I've tried sending them to you 3 times. And I got them back all 3 times saying that you did not accept them. I'll try again.
  8. That is really weird, you are right about that. I looked at a student reference thingy that I have sitting at my computer and it says 1848. Must have read something wrong x.X Anyway I'm still glad it made the 7 Wonders. That and Petra, Jorden. That city is beautiful EDIT: Urrgghhhhhhhhh, when did the forums start getting Hilliary Clinton ads?
  9. Anyone see the Harry Potter movie yet? I won't have the chance to go see it for awhile
  10. Chipmonker

    Save My Neopet!

    Lets see if we can make one of my pets the winner I'm saving Bori, Shoyru and Poogle (Lupe still needing of saving)
  11. What?!? That is one of the most beautiful and most recognizable statutes in the world. (Statue = Rio de Janeiro) Not to mention it was built like 40 years earlier than Eiffel tower.
  12. It's official, the non-profit organization New7Wonders announced what it claims are the new seven wonders of the world. The seven were choosen from a list of over 200 nominations and 100 million votes. They are The Statue Christ the Reedemer in Brazil Machu Picchu in Peru Chichen Itza in Mexico Great Wall of China Petra, Jorden Colosseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal. Picture essay is here http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,288541,00.html So discussion time! Any comments, concerns or criticism of the list? Favorites or Can't-believe-that-made-the-list?
  13. Talk about alcohol posioning .... idiot. What is the drinking age in the UK?
  14. That's a moot point if he dies though. But I guess that would be kinda of interesting - there really wouldn't be any "bad guys" that HP's kid could fight. Unless Malfoy's paps pops off and Lucas swears revenge or somemat. It would be like that corny spiderman movie. I don't think Rowling has the guts to kill off Harry, Ron or Hermione. I remember reading somewhere on her website that she cried when she killed off both Sirius and Dumbledore. But I am SO EXCITED for this book to come out. My friend's mom is a librarian at the town's library so she recruited me to go help pick up the books that they are going to sell at midnight. (YAY)
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