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  1. I've had my Lab Map a little over a month now, my pet still hasn't changed colors but It will definetly be worth it, You could have your pet painted fire, then silver, then grey; and if you payed 670k then you just saved a lot of money. But some people don't like it because of the randomness.
  2. DO NOT GET GIMP!!! If you do not have the money to buy photoshop go to: www.getpaint.net/ It is the best FREE Graphics editor you could have.
  3. I'm curious. I use frontpage and I followed a tutorial on another website on how to use PHP with FP, but it didn't work. What program are you using to code your PHP?
  4. But accually putting everyone into one box and completely removing the content modules, I don't know.
  5. Without looking at anything, I would asume it would be something like: <style> .contentModule{width: 300px; height 300px;} </style> You may have tried that though, if you did and it didn't work. I don't know.
  6. I agree, I've only played it 4 times, because I forced myself. Then I just stuck with YYB and MSN.