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  1. Ruto

    Happy birthday! Even though it's late over there. :P

  2. Doesn't sound like you guys have changed one bit. :P
  3. Like you said yourself, the prices are rising rather rapidly. Those averages are wrong; the markets are right. Unfortunately, it looks like you're going to have to fork it out through the bottom.
  4. Sitting in the TDN broom closet, with me. :)
  5. Not to overrule my good friend Mike, but getting the Adam avatar is abusing the glitch: don't do it. I would personally stay away from the site until the problem's rectified. We've had a few unfair freezings in the past, eh?
  6. Eric would like to extend to Ian birthday wishes and general goodwill, as per standard birthday procedures. He hopes that the receiving party (hereafter known as 'Ian') will receive this in the spirit in which it was intended. zOmg. HAPPIE BIRFDAY IAN!! !! !21!
  7. Haha, I haven't left you all just yet. :P Thanks for the gifts and wishes, everyone. Also, a public shoutout to TJ for an AWESOME poem. ;D
  8. belated happy birthday

  9. Happy birthday Eric!

  10. Xepha

    A very Happy Birthday to my favorite Eric :P

  11. Zac

    Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your presents! ;)

  12. Eric

    TCG Cards

    I believe there is an RE that gives out TCG cards. It goes straight to your album but you can always get it out.
  13. Yay! Beat AAA with a score of 101 and got the avatar to boot. ^_^
  14. Eric

    Photo Fun

    I think Tom wins. It's just...photographed so well. Mmm...
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