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    The Horror... The Horror...
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    Using GIMP to make graphics, The Simpsons, The Office, Family Guy, South Park, Horror movies, Action movies, Comedy movies, Pretty much all movies in general (Except Foreign and Arthouse movies *shudder*), U2, Foo Fighters, Neopets (duh!), Restocking, Avatar Collecting, Being EVIL...

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  1. Hey, long time no speak. How are you doing? :)

  2. What was the worst/best thing that happned to you today?

    Good: It's the weekend! Also, I'm eating cookies Bad: It's kinda late here, so I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow/later today. Random: I decided to make a random post here for the first time in a very long time. It's rather different to what I remember...
  3. *poke* We miss you!!!!

  4. Tom is soon to be FM :O

  5. Hey buddy! =D Remember me? Yeah, sorry I haven't been active in a while.. Just stopping by to say hello. ^^

  6. Hang Out and Post

    Hmm... I was looking forward to Indiana Jones but then I saw it and was less than impressed. I'm sorry if anyone here liked it, but I absolutely hated it!
  7. TDN Forum's very own City!

    Ranked 248 Population 567 Revenues 127800 € Unemployment 1 % Transport 100 % Criminality 0 % Pollution 1 % Our stats seem to be a bit better now
  8. Where do you want to live?

    As much as I love Australia, I wouldn't mind living in France or in America somewhere. I could also live in Italy and I can speak a bit of Italian which would definitely help.
  9. ... makes me think of...

  10. Hiya!

    *eliminates DOOM cookie discussion* Anyway, welcome Apri. My name is Tom and welcome to TDN Forums! I would recommend the cookies, but I don't want to get involved/continue the above debate, so I'll just offer you a firm handshake :P Enjoy!
  11. Last to post wins!

    Me like pie!
  12. Hang Out and Post

    *shoots clone with pie cannon* Hey y'all! If anybody noticed that I had mysteriously disappeared for about a week or two (*shakes fist at exams*), well don't worry because I'm back! Now all my adoring fans can sleep well at night knowing that I am safe and back on the forums. Oh and the road appears black and white to me, because my printer doesn't print in colour.
  13. What is your favorite color.

    While the evil side of me is screaming out for me to vote Black, I'm going to have to go with Orange. I used to love red, but recently it's just been Orange all the way. Probably because I have Orange hair... Anyway, I'm quite surprised so many people voted Orange. I don't know anybody in RL who's favourite colour is Orange (other than me)
  14. ... makes me think of...

  15. VOTING for DOOM's Evil Art Contest

    Very sorry for my recent disappearance, I was pinned down with school and my computer also died, but it's all better now. Congrats to Xepha for winning this art contest. Myself and AA shall discuss the prizes and they should be handed out soon (unless he's done it already) Anyway, this contest is officially CLOSED!!! Could a mod please close this topic?