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    I'm depressed :(
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    Working on Neopets related things to help out anyone who needs it!

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  1. ^ Nope < *is grumpy* v What time is it Mr. Wolf?
  2. It was worth a try XD Though, are there any words with multiple spellings? Like color/colour?
  3. Does it have something to do with the Earth Faerie and/or Eliv Thade?
  4. No, it seems they've posted it early because they have tomorrow off. Lucky them :P
  5. i think they should come out by EST... like the forums are in :P
  6. I haven't found the second one yet, but I've been looking at every single thing I do on Neopets hoping I'll figure it out :P Looks like Im on the right track though.
  7. Im fairly sure we aren't looking for the next part of the sequence. Other than that, it could be anything!
  8. Did ya here! Neohomes 2.0 just went into beta for Premium Users! Theres a few screenshots here and here. Hopefully TDN will get some up soon! (Im sure they will) I for one, think its very cool. A big improvement over the old ones, though I didn't ever use them much and probably still won't :P What do you think?
  9. Sore eyes, I know what you mean. Ive got a headache to go along with it :(
  10. I think its something that you have to be lucky to think of... theres and endless number of things it could be.
  11. masaryk, was there anything more to the error? Or something more on the second puzzle?
  12. I think thats part of the puzzle... Maybe finding the next number in the sequence?
  13. Seeing as the page's hint says "dont include spaces" Im going to guess that you have to include a number and colour. How you would submit that is a bit of a mystery... perhaps they forgot to add that in. Does anyone that got the answer correct remember how they submitted it? (like, blue6, 6blue, sixblue, bluesix...) As well, the link to the pets page is a reference to puzzle one, not two.
  14. I just hope they don't get harder from here on in...
  15. Maybe this is payback for everyone complaining? There wasn't anything there that struck me aas useful, so I think Ill wait a while and get something when I can sell it for some NP :P
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