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  1. We have another exciting announcement! A very generous TDN user has been kind enough to donate a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) to the Avatar Lending Program! Because it's a high-value item, the lending rules and procedures will be much like those we have in place for the Bony Grarrl Club. For full information, see the full requirements on the ALP site here. Yay I have a new home!
  2. The ALP

    LOL That was amazing! *goes off to price the fancy sand*
  3. The ALP

    Donations to the sand are always appreciated (I really dislike sand shopping... hence why sometimes the shop is a little lowww). However, my schedule is ridiculous, so I don't always get on to accept the item being sent in time before it expires. I'm reallllly trying to work on getting online at least once a day and at least opening neopets (I use different browsers for my main where I do the item lends the the ALP account for the pet lends and donations so my brain doesn't always remember to open the ALP browser). Feel free to send sand and I'll try to make more of an effort at accepting it on time
  4. Hey guys! Guess what? We have a new Bony Grarrl Club for lending! Due to the extreme deflation of the item, I was able to pool the ALP funds with some of my own and replace our club. We've now been able to finish replacing everything that was stolen last summer, so all items we have listed will be available for lending again. I'm still working on trying to get TNT to look at my ticket, but for now, lending can fully resume as per usual. Because of the problem we ran into last time, I'm going to take a few extra precautions when lending the item this time (full details will be explained in the email we send when we're ready to set up the lend), but the basic requirements can still be found here. Because of the drastic deflation (the club is now worth about 20% of what we paid last time), requirements to borrow have also been loosened a bit, so if you didn't qualify before, check out what's changed and apply again!
  5. Update

    As some of you may remember, back in the summer, someone got into my account and took all of my high-end lending items, including the BGC. Repeated attempts to contact TNT to try to resolve the issue have, so far, been ineffective. As such, I decided to reinvest and repurchase most of the items for lending. This also means that, while we were waiting for a response from TNT, we built up quite a backlog of requests. Rather than trying to track down every user that has made a request between June and now, as some have no doubt stopped playing or have already received the lend somewhere else, and further slowing down the queue, I've decided to purge the queue and we will restart filling requests. As such, I ask that if anyone requested an item BEFORE DECEMBER 9th, 2016 and still require that item, please submit a new request. We are currently lending all of our available items, with the exception of the BGC which will remain out of commission until I can get a hold of TNT to try to look into what happened and how I might go about getting it back (I haven't stopped trying. I'm still messaging them once a week in the hopes that maybe they'll get sick of me and at least look at the ticket). Thanks to all of you for being so patient as we try to sort the mess out, and I'm hoping we can get a bunch of you some long-awaited avatars!
  6. The ALP

    I put some up todayyyy. Also poked TNT AGAIN about my missing lending items. It seems they've stopped updating facebook, so I haven't been bothering to post there... sigh.
  7. Just a quick update for everyone patiently waiting, I've still to get any kind of communication from TNT regarding my ticket. The good news is, the price of the BGC has fallen dramatically from the last time we purchased, so the wait for a new one won't be as long in the event I do end up having to replace it. If anyone hears of any current selling prices, please feel free to contact me. I've heard that they sell for around 50 mil now, but I could be wrong. Also, if you know of anyone selling, feel free to contact me. Since the Auction House is being annoying, it's harder to find sellers for expensive stuff.
  8. Just realized you guys cleared out the ALP shop! I do most of the lending from my main, so I don't login to the ALP account much, usually just for pet lends. Restocking now and setting up some trades. Still waiting for TNT to look at my ticket, so I'm still hopeful we might get the items back. The good news is, the price of BGCs have dropped dramatically, so if we do need to replace it, it shouldn't take nearly as long as last time. Also, apologies if you donated sand and I didn't accept the item within the 2 days. Like I said, I don't go on the ALP account much. I'll try to remember to visit it more often!
  9. I don't have my account name linked anywhere on here, so I'm thinking it was someone who happened to see the BGC in auction/trades for lends and decided to target my account, since they knew I had at least one high-value item on it. I do have enough NP to replace everything (save the BGC), I just want to wait until I hear from TNT before I go to the trouble of rebuying everything. In light of all the recent security issues, I've heard they're replying pretty quickly to tickets like mine (I'm also premium and have bought a ton of NC in the past so that might also help a little), and I'm hoping we can at least get the BGC back, as everyone in the TDN community worked really hard to achieve that goal.
  10. As one of the primary lenders for the ALP, many of the items for lending are on my account. The other day, I came online to find I was logged out of my account. I didn't think anything of it, as I had just finished cleaning out my PC (including dumping temp internet files and cookies). I collected my interest, and left for the day. Today, when I went to set up lends, I logged in to find all of my high-end ALP items missing. These are also, sadly, the items that get the most requests. I of course changed my password right away (as I do every few months anyway for security), but the damage so far, has been done. I've sent off a ticket to TNT, as they have been returning items for some people in light of the many accounts that are getting compromised, so there is still hope. But for now, until I get things sorted out, certain lends have to be suspended until I can replace the items. Requests that are in the queue waiting to be filled will stay in the queue until I'm able to replace the items, so don't panic if you don't hear from us, but we won't be accepting new requests until I can sort out the item situation. So far, the items affected include: -Bony Grarrl Club (this one hurts, and if TNT is able to return anything, I'm hoping it's this) -Plushie Meowclops -Zafara Double Agent Plushie* -Chokato (TCG)* -Faerie Queen Doll* *Another staff is looking into helping with these items, so they don't need to be suspended yet, but as of right now, no new requests will be accepted for Meowclops or BGC lends. I'll keep you all informed as I get more information. Explained the situation thoroughly to TNT, so I'm hoping they'll be able to help us out soon.
  11. The ALP

    Good! Mouseykins mentioned to me earlier that TNT is apparently getting the lockouts under control pretty quickly, so hopefully it won't be too long.
  12. I've been taking requests on a case by case basis. Like I said, if certain requirements are overmet, I'm willing to let others go a lot lighter. When in doubt, send in a request and I'll either set up the lend, or message you back to let you know why it was denied :)
  13. The ALP

    Thanks for letting us know :) I'm holding onto your collat. Keep us updated. Good luck getting your account back. I wish TNT would get the password reset feature working properly again. It would probably save them hundreds of hours going through tickets.
  14. Stage 5 of MME21: Crystal Paths Trinket and the Bonus are now available! For more information on MMEs and to see all the stages, visit our GUIDE!
  15. The second Sweetheart Gram for this holiday season has been released! The Grey Faerie would approve. For more information about Grams, visit our GUIDE!