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  1. Emily

    Official Neopets down/having issues board

    **NC Mall** is currently experiencing some major issues. Best not to redeem/buy any NC or try to buy any items until it's fixed, as people aren't getting credited with what they bought.
  2. Added the pea to the available items! Collateral will be 85 mil. Thanks for everyone's input!
  3. Emily

    Plushie Tycoon

    Apart from the general game mechanics, the biggest thing to be aware of is time. The first few days, it's crucial to be able to be on for as many updates as possible, so it's good to start your game when you know you're going to have a few days off from school/work with not a lot going on, and definitely pay attention to what all the guides say about setting your time zones so you're setting them at times that are convenient for you. I found after the first week or so, when you've build up your cash and supplies a bit and can start producing larger batches of things, it's easier to let the game run on it's own for longer so you only need to check in for a few updates a day when your batches are done producing. When setting up your batches to run, make sure to time them so they end when you're pretty sure you'll be able to be online to set up new ones.
  4. I mostly just wanted to see if the community felt like it was worth taking the risk of lending with lower collateral so more people could participate, or if everyone preferred the extra insurance that comes with the higher collateral, all other factors being equal. Yeah the account age thing is mostly to keep out the people who have to create new accounts every other week because they keep getting frozen. Surprisingly, I still get a bunch of requests from obvious shell/cheating accounts, so at least an age limit gives me reason to reject otherwise impressive (and impossibly young) accounts. Age really doesn't mean a ton because it really is easy to wander away and forget about your account for a few years. But at least an older account does show that when you're on the site, you follow rules. Other factors do definitely influence my decision to lend to someone. I take a look around their account and take into account their avvie count, site events they've participated in, and the overall effort they've put into their account, and we do keep ALP tracking sheets of people who have borrowed and any problems we've had. The poll is more to settle the collateral issue , as ultimately, all lends are still approved at my discretion based on the account. And if I didn't make it clear in the first post, the Pea is now the property of the ALP account. We don't process third party lends. I'm glad there's a unanimous consensus so far! I honestly thought this would be a lot harder
  5. Hey everyone! One of our generous members has recently donated a Super Attack Pea to the lending program, meaning we are now able to offer every avatar item for lending (with the exception of the Usukis because they have a tendency to clog up trades). As you may remember, we were having quite a bit if trouble last year with higher value items being accidentally lost by borrowers, to the point where I ended up having to replace our Bony Grarrl Club 4 times within a few months. As such, I felt I had no choice but to up the collaterals required for both the Club and the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) to the market value. This obviously meant that less people were able to borrow, but the items could be quickly and easily replaced should something happen. Because you guys are the ones we want to have access to the items, and since you all help fund the program through donations to the ALP shop,it seems only fair that the community should have a say in the collateral amounts. There are two main options being considered: Keep the collateral amounts high, meaning less people are able to borrow, but the items can be easily replaced, so once you've saved up enough you can be sure they'll still be available to borrow. Lower collateral amounts to under market value, meaning more people will be able to borrow, but if something happens to the items, we won't be able to replace them and they won't be available for lending any longer. Along with the actual NP amount required, I think imposing a strict account age restriction of 2-3 years is reasonable, meaning your account has to be at least 2-3 years old to qualify for a lend (feel free to comment what you think a reasonable account age would be if you think it should be something different) The poll will close two weeks from today (on July 19th). **Edit: it was just pointed out to me that the new limit on auctions is now 100 mil, so it WOULD be possible to collect full collat for the pea. The poll options have been updated accordingly**
  6. Emily

    Nine New Stamp Avatars Released!

    I realllly hope this means some retired stamps come back out on re-release. I have like, 8 pages that are just missing one or two stamps, but they haven't been seen on the site since like, 2003 haha.
  7. Honestly, I feel like the majority of the difficulty of this game comes from the bad quality haha. It's so simple, but when the controls don't react the way they should, you spend a lot of time falling off stuff or juuuust missing things when you're jumping. Definitely weird to go from modern 2018 games with their super sensitive controls to these old flash games.
  8. After extensive testing with amounts ranging from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand NP, it looks like whatever glitch was happening with the trades is fixed and item lend will resume as normal!
  9. Emily

    Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    Now I feel like a dope for only bothering to get 21 points haha. I assumed we would just get items as prizes. Trying to decide which theme to get, since I missed quite a few old plots on this account.
  10. It appears that there is some kind of Trading Post glitch affecting my account at the moment (possibly others too). When someone offers their collateral on a trade, I accept it, but I only get the junk item they offered, not the NP. This means that when I offer their collat back, I have to use my own NP to pay back what they gave me. As such, lends are suspended until I figure out what the heck is going on, as I've already lost over 2 mil NP over a couple lends to the Trading Post literally swallowing money. A notice will be posted when item lends are back open. -Emily
  11. Annnd it just happened again. I'm going to have to suspend lends and try to scare up enough NP to replace the latest person's collat, as between items going missing and glitches, both my account and the ALP account are basically broke. This is actually getting ridiculous.
  12. Just thought I'd do a quick poke to see if anyone else has ever experienced this particular bug and if they were able to fix it. When doing a lend through the TP, I had the item up, the person offered on it, and a couple minutes later, I accepted. She got the item fine and I got the junk item she included in the trade, but not the NP she offered along with the item. The NP also didn't bounce back to her account. It's been a few days and I've been clicking the link to "fix" items stuck in the TP, but the missing NP is still... missing and there's no sign of the trade obviously, because I accepted it. It's like it got half processed or something. I know it's probably no good submitting a ticket (I still haven't heard back from a 2 year old ticket about 100 mil+ in items being hacked, so I doubt they'd bother), I was just hoping someone else may have experienced this and may have found a way to "unstick" their money. It was a significant amount, so I know it all being missing wouldn't be due to some random event because there aren't any that steal the particular amount that went missing.
  13. Emily

    Battledome: New Survey Released

    Was it only available for a day? It's telling me the survey is closed hahaha
  14. WE DID IT!! Thanks so much to everyone!!
  15. Thank you guys for all the sand! I seriously hate buying it so much, lol. Especially since I'm not premium anymore and don't have the SSW anymore. I hate to think I'm paying more than I need to for junk! Yeah I actually had a spare FQD that I had bought as a backup before, so I'm listing that since we've been keeping up pretty well with the lends. I also didn't realize what a hoarder I was and got a few fun surprises from my deposit box, especially some books from 8 year old events haha.