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  1. The Prize Shop is officially open for business! Head over to see how many points you've earned! What are you planning on buying? View Prize Shop
  2. The Faeries are requesting our help once again! Head on over to claim your Daily Reward and Daily Faerie Quest now! Neopians have until March 18th, 2019 to receive daily quests. Visiting every day, whether you accept a quest or not, will award you with a bonus prize at the end of the event. Delina has returned with new quests for Neopians. Helping the Crafting Faerie is completely optional. View Our Event Guide View Our Crafting Guide
  3. That's right folks, you're now able to download the Legends and Letters app from all over the world on iOS and Android devices! As of right now, there's no way to actually connect to Neopets, so anyone playing the app will have to create a new account in-app to be able to use it. Let us know what you think of TNT's latest offering!
  4. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. meowclops 7. sarah 8. negg 9. lanie 10. sink 12. nine 13. green 14. illusen Down: 1. moehog 2. blue 3. mud 4. pirate 5. faeriebean 6. alabriss 11. tarla Who delivered the blow that took down the Bringer of Night in Hannah and the Ice Caves? Answer: Armin Prize: 255 NP
  5. With everyone getting in the Valentine spirit, a free goodie bag has popped up in the NC Mall! When opened, the bag will give a Little Rosy Companion!
  6. A brand new Jungle themed Wonderclaw machine has been released! Head to the mall to purchase your tokens now or take a look at the new prizes! VIEW NEW PRIZES
  7. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 4. green 5. aaa 6. koi 8. hat 9. pirate 11. jellybeans 13. blue 14. mud Down: 1. braintree 2. red 3. orange 7. sarah 10. beard 11. jelly 12. sarah What is the name of the Skeith whose statue is in Altador's Hall of Heroes? Answer: Gordos Prize: 288 NP
  8. I told myself I wasn't going to buy more NC until Festival of Neggs but this is tempting...
  9. Snagged the library background! Almost bought more FQ cookies the other day. Glad I waited
  10. There's a new NC event in the desert! View Our Guide
  11. Emily

    New Site Theme!

    I think this is my favourite theme. Because it's animated, I don't think I'll be using it much since it's a little distracting, but I love to just look at it lol.
  12. A new seasonal site theme has been released! It currently appears that regular page views will award the site theme. You'll know when you've been awarded the theme because your current theme will change to the new Tis the Season Theme! Theme Guide
  13. Ouuu I really like how that turned out! I always forget that "foreground" and "lower foreground" can layer without overriding each other. Definitely going to make more use of that!
  14. I really like how it looks on "room" backgrounds. I think my favourite thing about it is that it's unobtrusive. I was doing my pets up for Christmas a couple days ago, and a lot of the foreground items, higher and lower, take up a HUGE part of the customization area. Like, 1/3 of the image. I feel like they can really block out a lot of the other features of a customization, especially parts of backgrounds and the lower parts of clothing (especially shoes) because sometimes they're a little too elaborate. Hoping we get a few more simple wearable items like the ladder during advent to complement the more complex ones.
  15. As soon as our ALP Pet Team Coordinator goes over the applications you will get a message stating if you're accepted or rejected, and if accepted, you also receive all the information you'll need to participate in the chain. We also outline the process here if you're not quite sure how it works. The messages will all come via the forums, not via neomail, so make sure to keep an eye on your forum messages.
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