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    Live forever or die trying.
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    Being Kanye West's protege, and myself.

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  1. i dont like anything about the person i was when i created the signature and avatar for this account hey tdn good to see ya, hope youre sleeping well and i hope that rash cleared up see ya again someday, until then take care
  2. Doubt you'll ever see this but it's been 6 years my dude what up

  3. checked in and this legit made me really sad - the nostalgia is real.

    1. Spritzie


      Ryan! You should really have stuck around :P And you should check in more often

  4. 1. im alive 2. this years april fools joke is aight 3. rip hang out and post thread 4. see you all in another few months, im out
  5. yo what is up with this - ya'll can't let this thread die :o
  6. still a little lag, but atleast i can log in
  7. nah. its like being in a club for a few years, then someone thats been in for two weeks suddenly has the same privilidges as you. lets not.
  8. they shouldve come up with a new avvie wouldve been a nice way to, uh, jumpstart the new era ahem
  9. man all i want is to be the first one to hit up one of the shops when neo comes back up. im torn between that and trying to avoid the site so i wont add to the server problem.
  10. Finally hit quad-star this year. ill be back to update this someday when i get to 5x.

  11. ew, what are you doing here. you mean i have to deal with you on two websites now? :p
  12. there will be many times when my future self will see this but be too lazy to change it. hi, future ryan.

  13. So no excuse to not hit octo-allstar, right? :p ah, thats cool. :p i've got my gallery to work with, so i always have to go through this long calculation process of figuring out what i'll make the best profit off of. that really sucks for someone who hates math as much as me. :p it annoyed me that they put out both a robot and clockwork yooyu :o
  14. Nah, the AC is a fulltime job in itself, so you should be proud you can balance two at once. :p if you're selling, the foam finger is best. if you want the wig to wear though, i'd use the points, cause they're crazy inflated with firm price but very HTS at the same time which is incredibly confusing, but whatever. :p as long as they don't try to get creative with the colors again. the yellow one still kinda freaks me out.
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