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  1. i prefer mlp tbh. (oh, does my avatar give that away? haha) korra was pretty good, but i liked the characters in the old avatar MUCH better, and i kind of can't stand korra herself ~ she acts so entitled, especially in the later eps. mlp is just more lighthearted, and the older i get, the less drama i like in my shows. :P
  2. welcome! the folks here are real friendly, so please don't hesitate to post or ask questions! hope you have an awesome stay. :)
  3. the lump of sand has to be on the right side to get a pkmp, draik egg, or avatar unfortunately. :( the lump of sand on the left side only gives the background, from my experience. and yes, it's deffo frustrating!
  4. so cute! thanks for letting us know ~ i like the steam things, they look really punky :P
  5. yikes, no clue ~ unfortunately i think this is an issue only TNT can solve at this point. :( i haven't heard of any 'stache glitches on the boards, but i'll poke around and see if anyone else is having problems.
  6. hope everything gets sorted out for you hun! it's deffo annoying how slow they can be at getting accounts unfrozen, but hang in there. :) and not to mention, you can always come here for moral support ^_^
  7. oh congrats angelo! ^_^ super interesting article--and now you're only a few articles away from the avvie!
  8. lockouts usually happen (like 90% of the time) because you had too many gems on your board and your window closed. did you leave your habitarium running for a long time? if so, that may be why you're locked out. :( also the picture function is glitched now but people used to be able to take photos of their hab ~ i think it stopped working a few months ago.
  9. could you still get the pw sent to your e-mail addy? i hope this has all just been a mix-up! :(
  10. i think the 1 mill krawk potion is a great catch! if you're patient you can probably get 100k+ off of that one. the camouflage one might be slightly harder to sell, since it'd only be of interest to collectors (a camo pb is less than 100k), so it might take a bit of time to pawn it off the starry scorchio one i'm not sure about at all, but it's all a learning curve methinks...you'll deffo get the hang of it! best of luck sweetie! ^_^
  11. aw, that's so bizarre! i hope they contact you again through another username. really sorry about what happened though, losing great friends is always horrible :(
  12. i think the AC is okay depending on the time of day...at night the trolls seem to multiply by 1000 (maybe because they're finally out from junior high? :P) i actually think the NC boards are probably the nicest, as well as the prem boards -- aka people who pay in some way for the site. i gotta admit though, i find the neoboards kinda fun sometimes, but these forums definitely take the cake. ♥ go TDN~!
  13. @ saxen: you're most likely right! i haven't been on the PC very actively for the last few months, but in march i remember seeing a few WN pirate draiks being traded out for some UC babies (i think one of them was a kougra)...but then again there were a ton of UC babies uft in march for some reason, maybe it was just a hiccup in the supply and demand. :P @ angel: "homeless" is a great character name, but i'm not sure it'll be the easiest name to trade because the character possibilities are somewhat limited. (although i admit it would be epic on a grey draik!) i notice that girlier names / adjectives tend to be a little bit more popular, if that helps any! saxen has quite a few lovely named pets, so i'd wait to see what she has to say about this. :)
  14. good point saxen! but aren't uc baby kougras like the lowest in the uc trading tier? i've seen even basic WN draiks go for uc babies, but maybe the values have recently changed for those. @ angel: if you can get a RW/RN, that would definitely be best. for those though, make sure it's a more common and shorter RW/RN as opposed to something like "Peristalsis" or "Strategizing," since words like that are HTT and have very little value. common names or short names (3 or 4 letters) would be most ideal. best of luck hun!
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