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  1. Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    It took me an episode of Arrow Not exactly sure when, but I had it playing on one window while I was refreshing another. Checked preferences after that and boom, there it was! Did this with most of the random avvies with surprising success rates Good luck!
  2. Show off your galleries!

    I have a Fruits Theme for my "main" side (focusing on cherry items RN) and Undertale Theme for my undertale themed account (Action figures, ketchup items, socks etc) that I'm still collecting items for so nothing it up. On my main I HAD an extensive plushie collection until I got bored and now I use it to showcase the movie I'm looking forward to next It used to be a Walking Carpet Plushie, Potato Plushie and Kreludor Hannah Plushie FRUITS: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=nikki2ndbest MAIN: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=nikkizebest
  3. New Magma Vandagyre And Snot Lutari

    I LOVE the Magma Vandagyre, I've been wondering what colour should mine be and it looks perfect! I love the flame feathers and the chest markings and those eyes that just stare into your soul. I have a Magma Kougra but had to use Possessed Eyes to get that effect. Oh, the Lutari is nice I guess.
  4. Avatars: What have you got?

    Finally! 2 years after losing it, I finally got it back!!!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Count von Roo's Deadly Dice' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! I'm officially retiring from Deadly Dice. See you never von Roo *RASPBERRY*
  5. How to Find Old Pet's Name

    If you put your pets in the Neolodge, TNT will send you an email from the pets saying they're checking out. If you remember the email you signed up with you could have a chance? Maybe
  6. Team Dead just because of this A Deadly Choice! The Dead welcome you with a little gift. Here's a gift for you. Hubrid Nox Plushie These have been placed in your inventory. What do Team Living get?
  7. Returning TDN member

    Welcome back! I'm also part of that club too Been here for 9 years and only active for 3
  8. Wraith Ectoplasm

    GOT IT!! Item : Wraith Ectoplasm Owner : nikkizebest Eww... Purple goo! This item is part of The Wraith Resurgence plot. The best part it that it was after my 15 item limit and I did not use the new weapons! Edit: Got 3 and crafted potion It Worked! You just created a potion! You can find it in your inventory. Taelias Concoction I
  9. Food-related customization

    My favourite food-related clothes item ever: Item : Protective Lime Helmet Your Neopet is not pleased. Because internet Also Item : Chocolate Kazeriu Statue Keep it in a cooler temperature, otherwise this beautiful statue will melt! Item : Raining Doughnuts Background Run! There are doughnuts falling from the sky. Maybe you can narrow down a colour scheme or theme first and then search? Perhaps that would be faster. Good luck!
  10. What is this?!!!

    Looks like I picked the best time to come back again!! New plot or Halloween Event? I can't wait to find out!
  11. On my main, I keep them in all the time just because I'm too lazy to feed them all everyday and it keeps them happy and bloated. However on my sides I'm usually at the soup kitchen. Since I don't have adblock for my sides it feels like I'm helping JS :P
  12. Wow, Faerieland totally swept us yesterday. I'm really wondering how they calculate the scoring :/
  13. Avatars: What have you got?

    6 Months. 6 MONTHS and I finally got the 2 back to back! I'm so happy! :happydance: :dance: :happydance: :dance: :happydance: King Skarl listens as you tell your joke... Q: Who makes a school of avocado Jetsam apart on Meuka? A: When They're shouldn't her a big book of Tyrannian Anubis Airax toothbrushes! Uh Oh... Now you've done it! King Skarl Says: That was the worst joke ever! I only give it 286 out of 1000! Leave my kingdom now! *Grrrrrrrr* Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Skarl - Moody' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Wow... maybe he needs a vacation.
  14. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. I love Petpet of DOOM, my Plushie Miamouse Yesterday's zap changed the name, today's changed it plushie!
  15. Avatars: What have you got?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Altador Cup Staff Tournament' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Hahahaah! Awesome! You've done it! King Skarl is in hysterics! King Skarl Says: *hehehehehe* That was a really great joke! I give it a 758 out of 1000. You're brilliant! You must take this gift from me. King Skarl hands you: Bowl of Yuck Garlic Bread Halves He also gives you 346 Neopoints! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Blumaroo Court Jester' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Been trying for 6 months! Finally!!