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  1. One Voodoo Petpets Gallergy Layout added :) Code can be found at the bottom of the page here.
  2. I've not been around for a while, so I'm guessing a lot here won't know me - my name is Izzy, and I'm the graphic creator behind TDN Graphics :) I have been poofy for the last year or so due to life stuff (exams ugh), but I would like to get back into adding new layouts to the site. For this, I want YOUR suggestions. I won't automatically make every one, but I will try if its possible. Keep in mind I am still a full-time Emergency Doctor offline and work quite long hours. Suggestions won't get made instantly so manners and patience are essential. Guidelines for suggestions: Neopets themes only State if you want a User Lookup, Pet Lookup or Gallery Layout Be specific with images if you want - but keep in mind very small images are hard to work with Alternatively, if you just want something general (say Lutari User Lookup) then thats fine too! If there is a style you particularly like on the site already, you can request that the theme be made in that style - I will try to work to this if its possible Only one suggestion per post, per user - if I make yours, you may submit another suggestion after than I am open to making a "custom" version of the requested theme just for you - with your name/username/petname on it - if you write that in your original suggestion post. Remember there will always be a generic version on the site for others to use however. Eventually I will add Guild, Shop and Petpage layouts to this but there is some back-end stuff we need to sort first. Please do not post asking for those in this thread.
  3. In the FAQ, we have plans for additional layouts - but to be honest, Shops will be the last ones I add because they are a pain in the butt to code for xD There's way more filters on Shop coding than any other part of the site. Plus, I already have designs I've made in the past for Petpages and for Guilds, so those will be better for me to make first :) My graphics/images have actually been hosted on TDN's servers for the better part of 6 years... I'm guessing we might have a bit more traffic now than when they were on my petpages but I think we will be able to keep up :)
  4. None of the items listed were for sale in the NC Mall. We are not collecting screenshots anyway - we are collecting SWF files.
  5. Thanks for the votes everyone :) Last day today - I'm not sure I advertised enough, but I only saw one other Xwee entry being advertised so maybe there's hope xD EDIT: And the competition is over... Soft won her species and got 9th overall with 225 votes :D Thanks all!!
  6. Thanks so much everyone :D Soft and I appreciate the votes and lovely comments!
  7. Hey everyone :) So, my guild had this challenge where we needed to enter the BC with a holiday or winter themed image... so I drew and entered Soft ^_^ She'd love your votes, to add another trophy to her lookup for Christmas, if you like her picture! Thanks all :D
  8. NC Card codes were emailed to the winners today :) Please let me know if there are any issues!
  9. Several people posted here they were using trackpads and they got it - so not impossible! I finally got the solutions page finished... here :) Sorry for the delay everyone D:
  10. Ian hasn't gotten the cards yet lol He can't find any at the Target near him, so is trying other places now.
  11. Well, our Puzzle Challenge has come to an end and we've tallied the results! There were 8 people who completed all the puzzles :) RANK 1 - Ysera324 RANK 2 - poptart123 RANK 3 - jellyfish RANK 4 - celestialchaos RANK 5 - 7_rayne_7 RANK 6 - FrankMafkees RANK 7 - thejokerlaughsatyou RANK 8 - laasya98 We have a $10 NC card for all 8 of you - look out for an email with details soon! Congrats everyone :D Til next time!
  12. Congrats to everyone who completed all the puzzles :) I'm not sure how many people there will be who completed them all... maximum 16, since thats how many people got today's and it was the least-completed puzzle. There's probably at least a couple of people who got today's but missed an earlier one though. Ian's tallying the results for me so we'll see! I will make up a solutions page tomorrow sometime and post it for y'all. I meant to write it earlier and release it when I closed the submissions but I spaced xD Working night shifts the week you move house doesn't help the memory haha
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I had fun making them too :) And for the last one, I think its the background image that makes it harder too... I had no trouble getting to 52 when it was the bats version of this puzzle I made for a plot a few years back (bat shower bats on bogshot background) but this time with the butterflies on the pink I find it much harder xD
  14. Ian checked, and you never had it right. You'd double clicked "submit" too many times on your last submission and locked yourself out... so he's reset it to give you your last attempt back.
  15. Who'd've thought... more people have solved puzzle 2 than today's or yesterday's (:
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