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  1. Oh, or are you not answering because the Faerie Doll is not yet available? ^^ Sorry for bugging you then if that is the case. Also, is there a waiting list for the Doll? How many?

  2. Please try to answer my message to you. I'm really trying to get my Avatar count up.

  3. Umm, how long does it take for you to reply to avatar lending messages? I sent one yesterday.

  4. You still have yet to take back the Snowflake from me?

  5. Do NOT comment here asking for lends! You need to scroll up and click the "Send me a message" button in the top right column!

  6. ... and very popular!

  7. I just paid 4.1 million for this one :) Its deflating though - a few months ago they were all over 5 mil!
  8. The minimum required post count is for pet lending - for items, if you have full collateral we don't even look at your post count ;) Post count only comes into it when borrowing items if you want to borrow for low collat. You need to mail TDN Avatar Lending (yeah this one... Izzy forgot which account she was logged into again, oops!) and say in your application what your maximum collateral is - if that maximum is not full collateral, mention that you're hoping to qualify under reduced collat lending. Whoever lends that particular item will reply and say if you have enough for the collateral, which we calculate based on your post count ^_^
  9. I've had two - painted a Buzz pink with the first (yay for avvies lol) and my Xwee Pirate with the second :) If I got another, I'd try to trade it for either one of my dream UC pets or a Krawk/Draik for the ALP. Two is nothing though... I know several people who have had over ten x_x A friend recently got her 20th as well! EDIT: Oh, this is Izzy, I forgot which account I was logged in to... oops!
  10. Can't believe our official ALP account hadn't been rated so far. *gives 5 stars*

  11. *headdesk* Okay final pet lending chain mailers were send out earlier today, but I used the templates I wrote last month so they all say Dec dates instead of Jan... when reading your mailers, please replace all "Dec" with "Jan". Thank you. And that is why you shouldn't send mailers out when you're half asleep D: Izzy.
  12. Topics updated ;) We now have all the buyable items, as well as the recently UB Icy Snowflake! Our first big item goal will be a new Faerie Queen Doll, and I'm happy to say we're just under a third of the way to that as well - thanks for the support everyone ^_^
  13. Thank you Tam, but we have an excess of Pink pets between the various staffers who look after the ALP pets xD I have two myself, Izzy has another and Xepha yet another lol Thanks for thinking of us though ^_^
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