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  1. is Swamp Gas becoming a Super Sayan ? on the other hand , the Noir suit is amazing !! and the banana is hilarious
  2. The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and she changes colour to Ghost!!
  3. i wish they made the Jelly Chia like this guy or these guys
  4. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. 20/2/2017 The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and he changes colour to Strawberry!!
  5. no these are not UC's .. most of them came out after the conversion anyway , like the Maraquan Kacheek and Mutant Chomby here's the UC versions of those pets grandfathered = still available .. but you'll have to trade for one and they're very valuable (not grandfathered = notavailable anymore)
  6. my main pet "darkinvention" is at 500 (max) for a while now and i never , ever got anything good from the vortex
  7. @deboratibi i , too , am a virgo .. thats why i jumped to voting instantly @jellysundae you should vote for candy if you want to see it come to life ;) btw this may be NOT the final version of the Elelphante in these 3 colors .. they may , and most probably will , make changes ... but as you guys said , Candy has more potential ... imagine a gumdrop Chia or a Taffy Kiko
  8. i was in a guild from 2000-2003 ... then another one from 2003-2006 ... (a bunch of us left the old guild when the guild owner passed away and we created our own guild) ........ then my account got frozen and i quit neopets for 2 years .. i started playing again in 2008 and rejoined my old guild but it was already dead ... although i was on the council (was it a council? i dont remember) but the most active member had grown up and was in highschool now so she kinda lost interest in Neo ... i left the guild in early 2009 and never looked back .. i miss my old friends there though ...
  9. i liked the marble but it's a little too similar to camouflage ... i thought floral is a pinata ... candy .. i like candy ... but we already have lots of candycane striped Christmas pets (confused)
  10. Awesome! You have voted for Candy. Thanks for voting!
  11. Spring Faellie , of course and did you consider painting your Uni Woodland ?
  12. actually that IS the proper TNT protocol .. he's worthless bcz he could do it himself but he made YOU do it these are a few answers from the NT editorial
  13. this Rico guy is worthless !! i submitted a bug report about the battledome and all he said "your complain was archived" anyway wait a few months and then buy anything you want with the extra NC .. they will have forgotten all about it by then as for the extra items and NP - yes discard them :)
  14. got a hairy evil coconut from the coconut shy :) *sends to gallery*
  15. FAQs Neopets > Charity Corner Community Hall > Why do we need a Community Hall?