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  1. Round 3 , we have 5 teams to play Altador Moltara Kreludor Mystery Island Kiko Lake We should be able to beat Altador + Moltara + Kiko Lake (if we're having a good day) KL + MI .. I doubt we can beat them
  2. Just played my game #404 of YYB It said "Score Not Found"
  3. My stupid mousepad on my stupid laptop decided to get stuck and drive the mouse in all directions , switching tabs , and ultimately , closing the window , when I was 14-0 against FL , going for 15 . I got mad and went out to get lunch .. now it's 2 pm and I'm back , ready to play and level up to 19 (i only need 15 YYB or so)
  4. The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and she changes colour to Jelly!! From Biscuit to Jelly . One Food To Another
  5. they're Lab Exclusive , but I thought u can use FFQ for them ? or not ? I'm not sure
  6. The only teams HW won against were FL , AL and ML .. which we havent played any yet .. Im expecting we wont be in the bottom tier after all .. My GPG hit a nosedive because of all the Darigan Balls I'm getting .. at least 2/ game
  7. Oh wow !! Look at that Burlap !! It's beyond amazing .. stuff right out of nightmares *Starts pondering using my Fountain Dip*
  8. WOWIE WE CRUSHED HAUNTED WOODS I have a soft spot for them bcz they're the first team i played for in ACI and we were the Champions , but I'm really glad we got our first win Also , something funny just happened : Tendrak and Leyton were fighting over who scores the goal , when the ball just got to Mirsha in the front and she scored easily ... I'm really motivated today against Darigan Citadel
  9. darkinvention says, "You will buy me lots of presents from the Grooming Parlour wont you?" how does one groom a biscuit ? They made it that he ALWAYS missed now
  10. I noticed that when we were voting on the Paint Brushes and they showcased the "Scream" Gelert .. I watched a movie about Munch's life about 15 years ago and it stuck with me ... I also wanted Van Gogh but on Peophins , not Cybunnies I hope they release an Oil Painting Peophin in August that is based on Gustav Klimt :)
  11. Congrats on reaching All-Star I only played 20 YYB on Sunday because I was out with friends all day Still I ranked up to 13 and today I'll be 14 TBH this is the fastest I ever ranked up
  12. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. I want a real Puygi but they're so expensive
  13. Your mother was a hamster , and your father smelt of elderberries
  14. It's funny how America celebrates European history and Europeans don't
  15. Oooh I love this theme Already sent in my entry
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