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  1. whats your budget ? there are some great weapons out there for about 500k (each)
  2. ya it was hard for me dropping the Shenkuu girl (Axe Bond) but it had to be done
  3. i had to explain to them it's a virtual ball - like animal with arms and no legs then i realized how silly Neopets are hahaha then i told them it's better than Tamagotchi which i was crazy about in my childhood and cost them a lot of money buying me them haha
  4. my final score was 27487 malo and cherry slacked off a bit in the final round
  5. with each rank , you gain a number of points .. according to the petpage ~AbsoluteCorruption .. they can calculate it for you .. and tell you how many points you will get at the next rank ... but then again TNT may have other ideas and change the system ...
  6. congrats to all who made it to All - Star i stopped at rank 18 .. i COULD have made it All Star but 18 has Shenkuu colors (Gold Shield on Red Gem) so i'm content :) will play more tomorrow for more prize shop points
  7. thank you so much pulp ... i showed my drawing (the original one on paper) to my parents (separately) and they both thought it's a S N A I L
  8. *hides* I think Wraith Usul is amazing even without clothes on ... a spooky BG , a trinket , some hand-held staff is enough .. I also think Elynsi is a good enough name for a Transparent Wocky ..
  9. i once bought a laptop and less than a week later it wouldn't shut . down . at . all .. i'd press shut down and it'd just keep running (i didn't connect it to anything yet cuz i was traveling and had no cable (yes internet used to be by cable lol) i gave it to my cousin who formatted it (it used to be Vista) and installed XP on it .. a step backward but XP was more reliable
  10. first time i know about this luckily i live in a house and the nearest house to us is like 100 meters away
  11. im no expert .. but maybe you need to re-install / update the wi-fi / modem driver on your laptop worst case scenario - reinstall Windows ..?
  12. yesterday i noticed one of my bffs account was disabled .. she left Neo though abt a year ago i messaged her via social media and she said IDC how can you not care OMG
  13. "What are ye lookin' at?", a pirate demands. "Yer Neopoints or ye'll walk the plank!" You hastily hand over 1,860 NP. ... i hate bullies
  14. i think all librarians are haha well if Deb adopted a blue Zafara with a nice enough name and re-pounded it as Christmas it'll get picked up quicker i think
  15. i'll need some new pencils / possibly charcoal .. do you know we got no pencils in my house ? i found a pencil in my car .. i have no idea how it got there