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  1. i used to HATE crisis courier .. my HS was like 200 but i played and played today and got 2570 ... it's not a bad game once you memorize the moves and get used to the speed of your Yooyu ...
  2. I went back to all the previous GMC's and re-checked Apparently I missed on the Day and Night Scarab by having ONE green tick in Day 6 (I still don't understand how this happened) and it was a bonus prize and it's now worth around 11 Mil :( However they didn't give out bonus prizes in the later GMC's So just in case there is a bonus prize .. make sure to have all gold ticks .. better safe than sorry (btw i always seem to miss out on things by a single tick , click , etc .. in the Plot of the Ancients i missed one click - to get a flower - and so i didn't get the Steamed Jacket) ... this is why I now follow ALL guides on all Neo help sites simultaneously)
  3. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    some people wanted 2 of the same weapon to battle with in later parts of the plot others wanted to hoard them / invest Now it's down to 100k .. will it be buyable ? Turned Tooth went up in price again to about 250-300k
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    well i don't care much about the nerfing but this is a bad move by JST !! some people paid up to 2 mil to get this spear when it was doing 16 icons and now it's down to 200k i expected it to be nerfed AFTER the plot also what's with the stupid name change ? did they intend to release a poisonous spear with 16 icons as a plot prize ?!
  5. maybe it helps to copy one answer and paste it everywhere and eventually you'll pass ...
  6. Your Fashion Counselor!

    You have given Juma to User 'yuiina'. Click the button below to continue.
  7. Day 2 is still locked for me guys ... anyone else ?
  8. you don't need to play ALL the qualifying games .. maybe 50 or 60 .. i remember one year the challenge was 80 and i had to grind in the last day ..
  9. Enter The Runway #49!

    I'm making a couple customs for the Backstage Thread i'm a real 80's kid
  10. The Runway Votes #48

    congrats to all the winners :) and good luck in upcoming contests ...
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    i see a light green space when i hover over the achievement .. does it mean i completed it ??
  12. i've gotten the highest trophy every year with both gold and green ticks ... the trophy is for the number of challenges completed ... not when you complete them ... there are usually 24 challenges in one week ...
  13. How much are you battling?

    it heals 10% of what exactly ?!! my pet has like 1400 HP ... so it heals 140 ??
  14. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    the glitched green boxes for achievements are removed all i see is a blank space where they're supposed to be
  15. the dead side is much more fun - i promise :)