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  1. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    i don't know .. i just click wherever .. it seems to be completely random (i lost yesterday btw this is why i didn't post) i don't think it has anything to do with the position of the Faerie
  2. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    got another Dress today from Wing It i'm selling it for 98k in my shop
  3. Bad word on font, but not on petpage?

    yesterday my lab pet changed into a Starry Peophin i wanted to post in on the petpage where i log my lab results but it got blocked the code for the Male Starry Peophin is http://pets.neopets.com/cp/52n7v4g4 they blocked the v4g part !! i mean that's so stupid , they are blocking their own images with random coding names (also i noticed alot of the item names get blocked when you try to post them on the boards or petpages - like seaweed) anyway i just copied the code for the Female Starry Peophin ...
  4. Today's Random Events

    darkinvention loses 2 HP and says: It's been so long since I trained I feel a bit weak. Can I do some endurance training?
  5. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    no wearable today from Wing It :( just 450NP
  6. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    thank you so much guys i just fixed the first few images ... so you can check them out now
  7. i am selling a Blood Grub and an Ugly Evil Coconut (will swap for another Coco of equal value / or if one of less value will accept addition in NP) PM or NM me
  8. I'm so sorry Anarchy_3_3!

    why didn't you just adopt an Elephante from the Pound or borrow someone's Elephante ? either way i hope you get your Jubbie back :)
  9. ever zapped the wrong pet ??

    how did i forget about that ? i had to fight him when Alsou was hatched 'cuz she was born a boy
  10. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    i don't think they did the 1 and a half day bcz i played the first day really late (around 8 pm NST) and yesterday i played at Midnight NST (after only 4 hrs) an it let me play so it counted as Day 1 and Day 2 ... \Won again today (Day 3) in the Wing It game .. honestly i just count 1 , 2 , 3 and click randomly Faerie Pencil Case
  11. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    yes i have 3 Gold Trophies .. i placed 3rd once an 4th twice .. and several other times i placed around 9th - 12th ... http://www.neopets.com/~alsou here's a petpage with my CC entries (i''ll move the first few ones from the greedy photobucket to imgur soon)
  12. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Flowing Rose Dress i just won this from the Wing It game it's really pretty here's peopha modeling it
  13. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and he changes colour to Starry!!
  14. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    i love how Illusen is sitting cross-legged and giving out ... quests ? advice ? stuff ? idk !! and I just got my first random Faerie Quest A Water Faerie sniffs and says, "You probably won't help, but I need The Lost Kau for my studies. I can't tell you why." For your efforts, darkinvention's defence has increased!
  15. The Snowager

    You carefully walk in and pick up a plush toy from the pile of treasure! Plushie Trumpet