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  1. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  2. An old sea captain-turned-governor hands you a piece of a treasure map. "Keep hold of this," he whispers. "It's quite valuable." He then strolls away as if nothing had happened. (about 60k , not bad)
  3. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that
  4. oh wow i love this !! and the Rarity stated with every item saves lots of time ...
  5. Shenkuu-ian for life i just can't imagine my heart belonging to any other team
  6. thanks everyone :) i dont understand it either , i just enter my pets and forget abt it for a week :)
  7. thank you so much Naamah and welcome back to TDNF :)
  8. i agree , that was my first impression too but it's a decent effort for Jelly
  9. although the customization is minimalistic .. Peophus won Gold for NP category :) funny that my better - customized pets never win
  10. The ray is fired at 16B... ... and she changes into a Red Flotsam!! five months of only kougra colors and it didn't turn candy after all :(
  11. wow what ? i didn't know that .. i mean those items would be the first thing i'd search for if i had SSW
  12. The ray is fired at 16B... ... and she changes colour to Transparent!!
  13. the cube is fine .. it was the cable that is damaged .. my cousin said it is not original !! bcz it's thin and short .. not the usual iphone 6 charger .. which is strange bcz i got it brand new in a cellophaned box .. but then i googled an found some charger cords similar to mine for iphone 6 ... so i dont know .. anyway i just bought a 2 meter thick cord for $20 ... plugged it and it's charging fine ... i also called the retailer and they said they'll replace my cord .. because it's still under warranty .. but they're an hour-long drive so i'll probably go tomorrow or saturday ...
  14. i got a new iPhone 6 about a month ago i only use facebook , messenger , instagram and whatsapp last week it turned off on its own . i went to google and learned how to do a force reboot .. it worked fine after that and my friend told me it's normal .. it happens last night i charged it , had it all day *yesterday* until at about midnight it's at 21% , i want to charge the battery while i'm asleep .. i put the cable in , it didn't charge .. i removed it and checked the port , its clean (no debris or lint) .. now the phone is dead and it won't even connect to the laptop .. i take really good care of my phone and its accessories .. i don't take the charger out of the house .. i don't twist it .. etc it's now 4:40 AM and i lost sleep over it .. cuz im scared it's a software problem first thing in the morning ill go to my cousin and try his charger .. my question is : is this a common problem with iPhone chargers to stop working after a month ? what could be the cause ? electric shortage ? (i use a power strip and the other 2 chargers for my laptop and samsung tab are working fine)
  15. nah im good .. why what's special about VPTS ? i dont play stocks much honestly .. ive had these 2000 shares for 3 yrs