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  1. The Runway Votes #46

    have you tried the Neovian Potion ? it could look like a bottle of glue anyway .. it's ok .. don't worry about it .. you'll get it next time :)
  2. The Official Food Club Topic

    oh .. thats ok .. i'd have been upset if it were like 48:10 or 72:10 btw where do i go to see Lefty's bets ?
  3. The Official Food Club Topic

    i was asleep in the afternoon then went out with my cousin all day long so i missed out on betting today ... what was the result ?
  4. Meet DARKMO0N , my new Vandagyre

    Dark Side Of The Moon is my favorite album of all time but it's cliche .. i like Bad Moon Rising though ..!
  5. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at CHEERFULLGIRL... ... and she doesn't change at all :( i adopted her from the pound yesterday to zap into smthg nice and this is the second day of no change at all !!
  6. The Runway Votes #46

    you should've entered .. that's a good plot for a movie as well :)
  7. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    to be more accurate , it's painting a pet merely for the clothes , then re-painting them for the base color (like the xweetok above who was cross-painted desert over pirate) so sometimes it gets expensive a stealthy - dimensional peophin will cost 8 Mil in case you bought the PB's yourself .. luckily I had a FF dip waiting and got the Stealthy for free :)
  8. Best Way To Get Clothes Advice

    same happened to me waaaay back .. i was searching for random names and i searched for randomsilliness and HE WAS IN THE POUND ! a yellow Chia if my memory serves me right .. i loved him ever since .. i don't think you should zap your Peophin and I'm afraid the best way is looking for clothes on the PC ... but as u said they're rare ...
  9. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    peophins are the best pets with Unis .. in my opinion :) i can't believe Dimensional PB's are now 1.8 Mil NP .. they were about 800 K not so long ago .. anyway i found one in my SDB which I must've bought and forgotten about ... and I painted Gelaxi !! @hrtbrk here's how he looks now
  10. Meet DARKMO0N , my new Vandagyre

    im not quite sure yet .. but she's on the same account with my mutant and zombie pets .. so i'm guessing she'll be darker as days go by ...
  11. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at 16B... ... and he changes into a Yellow Gnorbu!!
  12. i just love Vandagyres and finally am able to have one .. DARKMO0N .. i had to use a 0 instead of O but i don't think it shows much .. i had a Christmas PB in my SDB for years ... so i just painted her that instead of the very expensive white pb (and the Christmas one is more realistic in looking like a Snow Owl) .. i gave her an Albat petpet named Moondust .. i'm sure she will be painted many different colors in the future but for now i'm really happy with my little one .. oh and the reason i made this thread is cuz I need theme song ideas for her ...
  13. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    based on his name and paint job .. he will forever be my Space Ghost :) ...
  14. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    yes exactly it's just like Shadow but with weird pupil-less eyes
  15. I just created Gelaxi the Male Peophin on my Main I used my Fountain Faerie dip to make him Stealthy But tomorrow I'm buying a Dimensional PB bcz I love Dimensional Peophins Or should I just keep him Stealthy ?? If I cross painted him , he will look like this