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  1. so this is new - whenever i log in to my side account on FireFox it tells me there may be security issues with the log-in process ... i clicked on it and i got this message : Insecure password warning in Firefox Firefox will display a lock icon with red strike-through in the address bar when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you enter your password it could be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers. Starting in Firefox version 52, you will also see a warning message when you click inside the login box to enter a username or password. What can I do if a login page is insecure? If a login page for your favorite site is insecure, you can try and see if a secure version of the page exists by typing https:// before the url in the location bar. You can also try to contact the web administrator for the site and ask them to secure their connection. Not recommended: You can also continue to log in to the website even if the connection is insecure, but do so at your own risk. If you do go this route, try to use a unique password or a password that you don’t also use for other important sites. About insecure pages Pages that need to transmit private information, such as credit cards, personal information and passwords, need to have a secure connection to help prevent attackers from stealing your information. (Tip: A secure connection will have "HTTPS" in the address bar, along with a green lock icon.) Pages that don’t transmit any private information can have an unencrypted connection (HTTP). It is not advised to enter private information, such as passwords, on a web page that shows HTTP in the address bar. The information you enter can be stolen over this insecure connection. IT Savvies what should i do ?? Should i be concerned for my account ?!!!!!
  2. yes , me too .. that's weird im glad i checked here first because i was getting anxious on why i was kicked out of Team Shenkuu
  3. congrats .. i re-started it on Medium level ... but im playing like 10 minutes per day
  4. i won this today Neopets 13th Birthday Goodie Bag it goes for about 80k
  5. wow these are much better for fidgeting i suppose ... i wonder if it'll distract me away from nail biting ...
  6. omg wait why are you zapping a MUTANT DRAIK :O
  7. The ray is fired at 16B... ... and he changes colour to Biscuit
  8. i wasn't born yet in 1980 haha ok what about these ? wish i could get those back .. i had one .. the ball was made out of sponge
  9. i'm already bored with the Spinner went to youtube and saw tricks .... yeah i have poor hand/eye coordination i cant do them lol also u need a good spinner for those spinners .. mine is cheap plastic that cost $2 and not very well balanced
  10. i also read that wikipedia article .. that woman was lying through her teeth lol She said she was "inspired" by them throwing stones angrily and wanted to help kids release pent-up energy and "promote peace.. but i don't wana get into politics haha ... that's an absurd statement .. However, she told The Guardian that the origins of the fidget spinner came when she was suffering from myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness. ANYWAY .. spinners have been around since the 1990's , apparently .. but i am a 90's kid and never heard of them until now .. or they were very limited in availability .. Tamagotchis were much more popular lol
  11. that's a conspiracy theory lol ... and believe me the Palestinian children are not targeted .. most of the world doesn't even know they exist to begin with ...
  12. i just saw a street vendor selling Fidger Spinners for like $2 (not quality ones for sure) but i was so curious and bought one it has 5 arms not 3 like the usual ones .. it's plastic .. makes some noise but not a lot of it .. and spins for about 2 minutes honestly i dont get the hype .. was is it for again ? stress ? focus ?! it's just distracting me from my reading .. what's your take on the fidget spinner ??
  13. i'm averaging 9-11 goals per game which i hope to maintain during the cup itself trying to up my game to no avail though lol
  14. you mean this is your third year signing up for them .. they only take the previous times into consideration .. The Cup starts on June 1
  15. the marble is such a nice color .. that any pet will look great in it .. relic is typical under-water stone statue .. not impressive but good for a decorative pet ..