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  1. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  2. no these are not UC's .. most of them came out after the conversion anyway , like the Maraquan Kacheek and Mutant Chomby here's the UC versions of those pets grandfathered = still available .. but you'll have to trade for one and they're very valuable (not grandfathered = notavailable anymore)
  3. my main pet "darkinvention" is at 500 (max) for a while now and i never , ever got anything good from the vortex
  4. @deboratibi i , too , am a virgo .. thats why i jumped to voting instantly @jellysundae you should vote for candy if you want to see it come to life ;) btw this may be NOT the final version of the Elelphante in these 3 colors .. they may , and most probably will , make changes ... but as you guys said , Candy has more potential ... imagine a gumdrop Chia or a Taffy Kiko
  5. i was in a guild from 2000-2003 ... then another one from 2003-2006 ... (a bunch of us left the old guild when the guild owner passed away and we created our own guild) ........ then my account got frozen and i quit neopets for 2 years .. i started playing again in 2008 and rejoined my old guild but it was already dead ... although i was on the council (was it a council? i dont remember) but the most active member had grown up and was in highschool now so she kinda lost interest in Neo ... i left the guild in early 2009 and never looked back .. i miss my old friends there though ...
  6. i liked the marble but it's a little too similar to camouflage ... i thought floral is a pinata ... candy .. i like candy ... but we already have lots of candycane striped Christmas pets (confused)
  7. Awesome! You have voted for Candy. Thanks for voting!
  8. Spring Faellie , of course and did you consider painting your Uni Woodland ?
  9. actually that IS the proper TNT protocol .. he's worthless bcz he could do it himself but he made YOU do it these are a few answers from the NT editorial
  10. this Rico guy is worthless !! i submitted a bug report about the battledome and all he said "your complain was archived" anyway wait a few months and then buy anything you want with the extra NC .. they will have forgotten all about it by then as for the extra items and NP - yes discard them :)
  11. got a hairy evil coconut from the coconut shy :) *sends to gallery*
  12. FAQs Neopets > Charity Corner Community Hall > Why do we need a Community Hall?
  13. btw this has been irking me for a couple days ... are they really opening a year - long donation hall ?? that would keep "dailies" items that are R99 in the 40k ... possibly higher
  14. Doom scared me as a kid .. my cousin used to let play it on his computer
  15. The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and she changes colour to Orange!!