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  1. Haha, this pretty much. xD Some people also aim for the avatar collector trophy. At times there's a preassumption that a player who has a lot of avatars is kind of 'elite', so people sometimes collect them to show they're trust-worthy or committed players (i.e. when applying for a pet or guild or something).
  2. I don't really buy / trade for neocash items very often, but I do sometimes. ^_^ I noticed on the NC boards that Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries is a quite highly-valued. Just wondering, why is that? The item doesn't really seem that attractive. o_O
  3. I think so, they recommend leaving a few days gap before doing so to be safe, but it's not necessary. :) Some people put a little blurb on their userlookups saying "This used to be old main, now it's a side" or something along those lines. Though I don't know if this actually makes a difference with TNT. ^_^
  4. Selling this cute little petpetpet! Jermite R99 The Trading Post price ranges from 470,000-600,000 NP Discount for TDN members: 395,000 NP ^_^ Link to lot: http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=id&search_string=390266208 I'll update this post when it's sold. :)
  5. Yaay! ^_^ That's Kanrik, right? :snitch: I'm kind of a fan of him, so this is exciting~! :thumbsup:
  6. This page seems to have a nice little guide about switching mains, maybe take a quick look at it? :) http://www.neopets.com/~akaunts#switch
  7. Masculine went down to level 1 today. :c How un-masculine of him! :shiftyeyes_anim:
  8. The spyder's afro is cute though. ^_^ & Agreed, I love the patterns/colour on the schnelly-- too cute. c:
  9. Xepha

    Your forum set is LOVELY <3

    1. May.


      Aww thanks, Xepha! <3

      I haven't been on TDNforums in forever so I figured I'd update my forum set. ^-^

  10. I think it's your right to be picky with NC as you paid real money for them. It's not like NP items where it's just virtual money. :)
  11. As others have already mentioned, playing for long periods of time tends to do that. Sometimes I get backaches too. D: I think they sell some kind of pad that helps your wrist stay in a comfortable position when using the computer. Not sure what it's called though. :c
  12. Adoption Fee: 98 NP Annabella267 Colour: Strawberry Species: Usul Gender: male Level: 1 Strength: 23 Defence: 7 Movement: 8 Likes: Reading and Learning Attitude: Smile Sweetly Habitat: Jungle He's stuck in the pound. :)
  13. I had two wait around two hours yesterday to get the NC. xD But it's worth the wait! ^_^ Thanks for sharing that with us. :wub_anim:
  14. I have The Faerie Ixi in my shop at the moment at 90K. If a TDN member wishes to purchase it, neomail me and I can sell it to you for 85K. c: SOLD. I have Purple Petpet Paint Brush (retired item & worth 200K on the TP); I'll sell it to TDN members for 145K. c: SOLD. I also have The Faerie Aisha (worth 600K on the TP); I'll sell it to TDN members for less than half the price, which is 300K. SOLD. Lastly, I have Broken Light Faerie Snowglobe (worth 1 million on the TP); I'll sell this to TDN members for 450K (that's less than half the price!). I believe this item can be fixed if you take it to Donny's Toy Repair Shop (if you want it fixed that is). :laughingsmiley: LINK TO LOT. Please neomail me if you wish to buy an item or items and/or would like to discuss the price. ^_^ I will probably discount a bit more if you buy more than one item. :) Or you can take a look at my trades, but sometimes I take them out of the lot. (so I may still have the items even if they aren't in the lot) I'm quick selling them because I'm broke. xD This item is quite pretty (great for galleries): if you fix it it looks like SOLD.
  15. I haven't heard about that before either, (but that's probably because I haven't been on the AC in a while xD) I should try it though, thanks for sharing that! ^_^
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