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Found 223 results

  1. i just simply cannot get this puzzle. i have tried so hard and have failed too many times, please help!
  2. Sorry for the choppy quality. Can anyone offer me a helpful hand,please?
  3. Thank you for helping me with the first one btu I still need some help with the last 2! Here are the screenies:
  4. Hello!! I don't understand this negg puzzle at all so I was wondering if someone could help me out before the day is over and the negg festival ends. Thank you very much! This is also my first puzzle so I will need help with some others too.
  5. Hey, so I know this is from a loooong time ago. And I have already read the other topics about the worms, but I'm still looking for the black one. Its been over a year since I started searching. I've let all the worms go, and found ALL but the black one again. I've looked at certain times, I've refreshed my page at certain times. WHY Can't I find it, and can anyone help me or have any suggestions? And i know its still possible to get the worms and such because I let them all go and found them all again (except the black one) yesterday. Any help would be great, thanks :)
  6. Can somebody PLEASE help me with these two puzzles. They literally make me want to scream. :( http://i39.tinypic.com/16jm77.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/67jpfa.jpg
  7. Hello, can anyone please help me out with this negg puzzle? I have been absolutely racking my brains over since yesterday :( Anyone? Can someone please help me solve this?
  8. So I was able to get the two other puzzles but it seems that this last one is bugging me. Please help! Link: http://img825.images...4/confusedp.png Thanks so much <3
  9. I need help solving this last puzzle. But first I need to know how to post a pic of it w/o a third party image sharing site. Help is no longer needed. I apologize for wasting your time.
  10. Does anybody have any idea on how to add a game to your favourites? I can't seem to find it or is it just me. I wished they just kept where it was before :/
  11. I need help finding the room in which my spell book is located. My SLEEPER coordinates are: (139,241) (179,211) (219,181) (259,181) (299,211) (339,241) TDN tells me that my spellbook is located in the room (12,15). I have checked (12,15) and there is no clickable items in that page (ie my mouse cursor does not change into a hand). Could someone tell me what i'm doing wrong? Thanks a whole bunch nevermind! i found the problem! it was posted on another thread here in the altador section. I need to click on the fairy located on page 53 of the book. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie). The original topic had been answered. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Spritzie if you have any questions regarding this action.
  12. I love pin on my side account and i deleated the attached email. i cant change the email because that has a pin. what do I do?
  13. I'm not completely sure where I was meant to post if I needed help on Neopets, so I'm hoping this is the right place! Okay, so, I decided to start playing neopets again, with my old account from about two years ago, and mind you, all the games worked fine two years ago. But now, everytime I try playing a game, a grey screen comes up saying 'skip this ad' so I click skip and nothing happens, except that now just a blank white screen comes up(i'll include pics). I'm pretty sure I've got Shockwave and everything else needed, I've tried different web browsers (google chrome, I.E.) and it has the same result. Is it my laptop, is it my account? I honestly have no idea, and I'd really like some more money :/ Does anyone know how to fix this? :S
  14. It just took it! Will this affect the plot? If so, how can I fix it? Also, I'm on part 9- Gladiator. I can't get the page with the Grarrl at the Colosseum! What's going on? I've tried 100 times.
  15. I'm putting together a Valentine's font, and I want a large pink font (like this) but when I look at the preview, I get this: http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream And when I tested it out, I got this abomination: http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream Here's the code: Font:neoHTML[/center][p] ~❀~[p][ Signature: ]❤Love is in the air... try not to suffocate!❤ Anything wrong? Also, sorry I posted the pics as links, I'm new here.
  16. hello! im in desperate need of some NP. i was hoping someone could help me get some or give me some advice on how to make some quick. Thanks.
  17. So I was about to go paint my neopet at the fountain and a the shadow usul took my paintbrush... Do I have to defeat it to get it back or is there another way? (I'm not strong enough to beat it, not even close)
  18. So, I'm trying to send a neomail adoption application, but it's flagging my message as innapropriate. I can't figure out what it thinks is bad, so I don't know what to change to get it to send! Maybe someone else could spot it?
  19. I'm making a draik and i desperately need a name, it will be a female plushie draik so cute names are a must. i hope you guys can help me out :)
  20. Lets say you were deleting your account, and you wanted to give your items and neopoints to a friend. Could this possibly get your friend's account frozen, since they suddenly acquired a lot of neopoints and items for seemingly no reason?
  21. Hey :) So as most of you know I'm rebuilding from a tragic loss of an old account, and I'm trying to get the pack rat avvie.. Is there anyone here who could afford to part with some junk items that are gathering dust in your SDBs by any chance? I'd be ever so grateful! Thanks so much!
  22. I am having trouble with part 3 of the Altador Plot. I am using the tdn walkthrough, but how am I supposed to use the coordinates? Like, my numbers are: (48,-140) (88,-170) (128,-200) (168,-200) (208,-170) (248,-140) So, are the numbers I'm supposed to use when I hover my mouse over the stars? Or should I keep searching until the rectangle thing connected to the telescope lens show my coordinate? Because I can't find 48!
  23. i cannot find the dreamer constellation. i looked at every single point and i couldn't find it. sorry if i'm vague but i'm new so... help please? :/ This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from ‘Neopets Help’ to ‘Altador Plot’.
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