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Found 167 results

  1. I asked a question about transfers yesterday, and after a bit of research, I'm confused again. :worried: Okay, so I'm allowed to transfer pets from my main account to my side accounts and I'm allowed to then transfer those pets back to my main account, right? So, after I send my pets to my sides, am I allowed to adopt/create/be lended new pets? I'm only looking to get some pet avatars that I don't have yet, and this all seems a bit confusing. :weird:
  2. Nice to be here! I'm Ali (account name: deceptive_sanity), and I started playing neopets when I was… probably around 11? I'm now 20 and still playing. I recently hit 200 avatars (after a long hiatus), and am working toward hitting 210. I hope to meet some fun and interesting people here!
  3. Hey all, what level of underwater fishing does your pet have to be in order to fish up a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water? And does anyone know how rare it is to get? Thanks,
  4. is there a shop on neopets that sells paint brushes/ petpet paint rbushes... whenever a new paint brush is released it always says keep an eye out for it but where do you get these paint brushes? most recently i want the valentine petpet paint brush but where can i find it?
  5. So, last year I was still a Neopets newbie and I still kinda am in a way, but one thing I didn't like was the pound being shut down, the only down side was that a hungry Grarrl ate my Ixi's Tyrannian Usuki while trying to give it to my Ixi to play with. *sighs* I'm glad it wasn't something more valuable. Honestly, I think this year's prank might be them making the site lag on purpose... but way worse than what we endured XD
  6. anybody else find that neopets is worse seince the downtime?... it takes an average of about a minute for each page to load where as before every once in awhile i was able to refresh shops and check out the trading post.... im so frustrated.. oh and not to mention this neopoint glitch! i could go on forever about the things that have bothered me! i just want the old game back! i hate when ppl try to fix something that wasnt broken, why did neopets have to switch servers man! stick with what works and leave it at that!!!
  7. why is neopets.com slow and sometimes goes offline I have a good pc with windows 8.1 and 50 mbps wifi from Comcast This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto). The original topic has been answered. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Ruto if you have any questions regarding this action.
  8. Doing my casual stroll through all the shops attempting to make some profit. I pop into the toy shop, and to my surprise a year 13 goodie bag, and right next to it y15, and towards the bottom of the page y14. I was trying to grab one but the lag hit me hard taking an entire minute to load the haggle page, but with my luck i got one :3 sadly the others were gone, but this is the first time i've even seen a goodie bag for sale, let alone multiple! :laughingsmiley: :party: Now the question to sell or not to sell?
  9. A thousand years of darkness pass in an instant; their end comes in one instant of a thousand years. You try to scream: no voice emerges. There is no sensation of air being forced from your throat. You feel nothing when you gasp for another breath, or when you try to scream again. The endless ocean of darkness that seemed to be everything in the world has vanished; in its place there comes a pressing, enfolding, smothering darkness, like a heavy shroud that covers your eyes. You are sealed in a concrete tomb, fitted to the exact shape of your body, to the very tips of your fingers; you cannot even struggle to move, but are swung back and forth as if a giant had made you its toy. You feel phantom figures and monstrous fantasies dance and die before you; before you streams of light and silence twist and flow; until at last you return into oblivion, unable to imagine what it was you were screaming about. In oblivion's starlit reflecting pool you see a book bound in red leather, lying open on a heap of glowing ashes. Another thousand years, and this time they are broken by light. You see a blurred, ponderous Titan of many colours, and a great foghorn of a voice resounds inside your skull; and you fall asleep, to dream of being bound by shackles to a plane of glass, and plunged into fire and water, while gaping mouths gibber and shrill at you from the dim gallery. A needle of pain jabs you in the socket of each eye, and you come awake again: you see a six-sided mural, full of little white facsimile stars, whose abstract arrangements depict an invisible figure with vast and feathered wings. The stars grow brighter and brighter, till you would turn your head away if you could, and the figure reaches out with a formless limb to drag you into its heavenly chamber, into the baited mouth of oblivion. For the next thousand years, you fall. Once, among all the meaningless debris in the churning gut of oblivion, you glimpse the broken remains of a scrupulously paved road, wide steps polished by sunlight, and a majestic door bearing a splendid coat-of-arms. You climbed those steps once, and the doors had been thrown open for your welcome, but now there is nothing beyond them. Light comes again, and stillness with it, and you know now: the red you see must be the hard stone that you lie upon; the still shadow is a roof above your head, encompassed by a deep blue that you can just see out of the corners of your vision, and the moving shadow is a living being, making motions about you whose meanings you cannot discern. You rise up, and greet her cordially; but she gives no response, and you wonder why. You open your eyes - you have not moved from your original position: still face-upwards, with your arms stretched out to your sides. You must have fallen asleep while the idea of motion was still nascent in your mind. You try to speak to her again, but again the words don't quite reach your lips before you open your eyes. You reach out to touch her, to alert her to your presence; and again, you open your eyes. It is impossible. As you can make out nothing of the things you want to see, you resign yourself, at last, to listening intently. In this you are frustrated by a continuous rushing-and-receding sound, something like the sound of waves against the shore: hissing, roaring, crashing, growing constantly closer and louder, as if furious at the thought of your waking. But at the moment it would surely have overwhelmed you, mysteriously, a single voice becomes perfectly intelligible, rising above the cacophony. "You will understand it when you are older," it says. "When you have forgotten it, you will understand." Then, as your heart (it seems) begins to beat, all sense of urgent desire departs from you; only peace remains, and the marvellous cold embrace of oblivion. You are at peace, and a thousand years means nothing to you. Amid the ebbing tide of oblivion you spy something being carried away: her curious smile, and the gentle light of her wings. = o = enter name. an adventure for several players. [[ This is a different kind of roleplaying game from the usual. The system here used is derived somewhat from old interactive fiction games, differing chiefly in the presence of a human moderator (or 'parser'). I will explain the rules for those who are unfamiliar. There is no requirement of registration: any one who may post in this thread may participate, whether by issuing commands, or by providing or dissecting arguments and information. Participants may issue commands to a single player-character by adding '> ' to the beginning of an imperative statement. The player-character will fully obey all submitted commands that have clear meaning and intent. This definition excepts: commands of uncertain meaning or intent, commands based on demonstrably false assumptions, commands that contradict the purpose of many or all previous commands, and commands whose intent cannot be deciphered*. Of course, participants have full power to veto other commands, by discrediting the purpose behind them. Questions in the same format as commands will be answered according to the extent of the player character's knowledge and percipience. (*Should a submitted command fall under any of these categories, the parser will still respond, usually by either requesting clarification, or providing further information. No command will be ignored.) In the case that commands conflict, the players may resolve the discord among themselves; when this is impossible the parser will choose according to its own discretion, preferring commands that have the stronger reasoning, or sometimes those with extraordinarily interesting outcomes. Most importantly, as this is a game about storytelling, you have freedom to form your own conceptions, choose your own goals, and devise your own schemes; to criticise, amend, and compound your ideas; and ultimately, to do as you reason to be right, as reason is itself a power. I thank you for your attention. > Now, wake up. ]] =X= book zero. ropes and chains. chapter i. innocence. You awake. You are lying on a hard floor, facing upwards, with your arms and legs wide-spread and somewhat numb; a dull ache pervades your entire body, and seems to colour every sense with a mild displeasure. Withal, there is a sweet scent of flowers lingering in the cool air, and all seems quiet. Your eyes flicker open. The light is a little hard to bear, but there is something lovely about being able to see at last, so you blink to get rid of the tears. You are inside a hexagonal gazebo, decorated in a simplistic (though not a simple) style, which strikes you as familiar; upon six petite columns a dome-shaped roof curves above you, framed by a deep blue sky and painted with a pleasant photorealism of an expanse of stars. The understated style of it calls up a strong nostalgia, and you realise it is a feérie work, of the kind that never leaves the gardens of the palace of the fays, but which you were well accustomed to admire once upon a time. The sluggishness of unconsciousness has passed. The thought enters your mind that nothing will happen without your beginning it. What will you do? > _
  10. Hi :) I hope everyone is doing well! I've recently set the goal that I want to get an unconverted pet, and I've decided on a faerie xweetok. I know that this is something I'm going to need to trade for, but I have no idea where to start/how to work up to it. When I go on the pound board I'm able to decipher some of the basic chat, but I have no idea what it all means. If someone could just explain the basics for me and/or suggest where I should start and go in order to successfully complete my goal? Any help is greatly appreciated! :D
  11. so I have NO friends on neopets :< and so feel free to add me ! i have a neat little pet and im on quite often :) thanks for the adds hopefully every one!!
  12. cassyox


    where can i find the board that people post their neopets that are up for adoption? i have been trying to find it on here but i cant... can someone link it to me please
  13. Okay so My pets being stubborn and wont read the new candy cane recipe book from the advent calendar so i've gone to every language to try to get her to read it and I've noticed that all the newly released items are in English, for Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and the other three languages I don't know (With the japanese/chinese like symbols) are no longer being translated. Have they stopped or is it my browser being a meanie? And another i've tried every language and pet wont read the book!
  14. so I don't know if I can post this here. but in my shop I sell weapons at very low prices. things include *bubble cannon *ice dagger *ugly snow ball *healing potion 2 *stone shield *warriors round shield *flask of liquid light. and I am constantly adding more almost every day. on top of battle objects I also have misc. objects, toys, food, stamp. and again I am always adding to the inventory please take alook and check often for new items at very low prices. http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=tmcruz41 This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a thread to advertise shops here. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Ruto if you have any questions regarding this action.
  15. HELLO, fellow neo members! ive been playing for 315 hours, but really this game is strait from my childhood ^.^ my pet is a xweetok named hawthorn24, she's friendly, clever and strong. I have a shop I just started. its called "little shop of everything" feel free to add me on neopets ^.^ once I level up a bit ill be wanting to battle ^.^
  16. Okay, so I saw some people talking about Tarla's non-toolbar treasures today, and my question is when does she usually come out, is it random or..? I was a little confused because basically I visit her everyday, I don 't recall getting anything but I had no idea it was a scheduled or an event that's only there for everyone at a certain time. Maybe I'm just bit slow :3 I'm not sure, I've been playing for years but only recently heard about it about a few months ago.
  17. Despite having spent almost a decade on neopets, it's only just this year that I've decided that I want to work towards getting paint brushes and morphing potions to achieve my 'dream pets'. I'm not sure how many I'll end up working towards, but right now I'm trying to get a woodland paint brush for my eyrie Ellenwy, and a plushie cybunny. What are your dream pets? Have you achieved them? How close are you to reaching your goal? Maybe we can help each other get there! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. We already have a dream pet topic. Please continue the discussion there. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Spritzie if you have any questions regarding this action.
  18. I finally hit my first million NP! I used to play back when I was younger, 10 years ago, unfortunately, my original account died a while back, unfortunately, but on this new account I started 29 months ago, I kept spending, but I finally decided I wanted to try to save up! I feel like this is a big accomplishment, and I am super excited!
  19. I tried searching for something like this, but is neopets lagging for everyone else? I think it may be the website, maybe the new server or? I only think this because other sites,TDN etc run fast, and my internet is excellent. Is this normal right now? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. If you find any issues, errors, or glitches on Neopets, please post them in our Offical Neopets down/having issues board. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  20. So I stumbled upon these Burger King codes that were released in 2008, when I go to the page to redeem them it says that the promotion has ended, however every website that I've visited with information on this says you can still redeem them. Is this true? Because I'm having trouble getting it to go to the next page after I've enter them. Thanks :D
  21. Has anyone had any luck with Shenkuu's Culinary Concoctions? If so, are you willing to share your recipes?
  22. Went to the faerie caverns and did picked the same routine I do everyday. After choosing the third time the page said I had found the treasure so I clicked the "view what you found" or something like that and after clicking it, it redirected me the third part of the cavern and I won nothing... What did just happen here? I had no idea that could happen :C
  23. So I set up a scene outside earlier today and took a picture of it for this last Random Contest regarding the Caption Contest picture. Well It says the ideal size is 300x300 pixels but if I make the image that size you can't see the fake bugs I placed around my Neo plushies because they blend into the leaves and sticks around them. Anyway do you guys think it'd be ok to leave my image the size it is? Currently the image size is 660x495 in Pixels. I mean it says the "ideal" size, so that means it's not uber neccisery though right? And I don't understand the smaller then 50k thing.
  24. Whoo! So today is my birthday! Not yet on Neo, but in my time :) Yay!
  25. I have this project for my pet, but the back ground is crucial. I can't find anything anywhere, Is there a space,galaxy planet anything alike background, or even foreground, banner, doesn't matter, I need something of the sort and have had no luck :( (dahw) I found someone's pet had a Galaxies Beyond Background, and i couldn't find it anywhere, no where nadda zip :( Ohh woah with me. Please help, :3 :rolleyes_anim:
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