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Found 32 results

  1. Hello! First of all, i'm new here (as an user itself, because I normally read a lot lol) so, hi! welcome to me! And secondly, my question... I was able to enter my old account today on neo, an account that I maybe dont use since 2010, and I have a few NP and items I would like to send to my now main account without being frozen. I remember doing this on the TP over 10 years ago between other accounts I had and one was frozen, so now i'm not sure what to do to avoid it! How is the best way of doing it? I guess the TP still, but can i make a trade on my side account with items and then offer a jelly (for example) from my main account without being frozen, or do I need to do something more? And what about the money? Should I do it the other way around? Like... making a trade on my main account of a jelly and then from my side account send the NP? I'm scared because the side account used to be my main like 10 years ago but i havent used it since then, but I still have avatars, money, items and, well... Sorry for all the questions, must sound a bit silly after all that someone "old" around neopets still have to ask stuff like this, but i never had proper side accounts! Like, once I transfer all those items and NP i talk about this account will be closed again forever lol Thanks for the help, everybody!
  2. I've been pretty much saving any r80-r99 items I come across and have a select r90-r99 items I buy daily. My goal is to try and get about 10k items in total (More so r90-r99) by the time it comes around. I'm nearly at 2k items right now :) (Lots of doubles of items What have you been collecting for it, if anything? What do you think the next CC will be? Here's my list of items xD
  3. Hi guys I've returned to neopets after a looong time and I'm loving it there! But I can't seem to figure anything out most of the time. For example, on the neopets homepage today it says this : I visited the news page and the neopian times and there was nothing special to be found. I also visited the haunted woods and some of the places in the deserted fairgrounds and I saw nothing special for halloween! I saw that there were goodie bags given out each year and my question is how do I find them? Thank you and sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums. I used to play neopets about 13 years ago and was SUPER into it. However like most of us as I grew older I lost interest. A few months ago I decided it would be fun to try it out again. Unfortunately my old account has been deleted due to inactivity but I'm really enjoying my new account. Anyways, one of the things I was doing when I last played neopets was trying to get the pack rat avatar so I decided this would be the first thing I would accomplish now that I'm back. 4 months, later and with a lot of dedication I've gotten it! I'm proud to say I've gotten most of it for free through my dailies. I have two problems now: 1) what should I try to accomplish next? I'm a very goal orientated person so it's much more fun for me to be trying to achieve something. 2) While doing my dailies I've gotten a handful of NC mall wearable items (mainly through the money tree). As of right now I'm really not much into the idea of customization. That may change but for now it's not appealing and sounds like a lot of work. Plus, I really like my Neopets in their natural state :) At the time I was acquiring them I assumed I would be able to just sell them in my shop when I achieved the avatar but I've discovered that is not allowed. So my question is what should I do with them? Is there a way for me to (legally) make a profit off these items? I don't want to trade for more or different ones so I'm not sure what to do. If it helps I have: Prissy Miss Bow, Elegant Gold Necklace, Pastel Blue Hair Bow, Flower and Jewel Circlet, Hero of Neopia Foreground, and Silver Star Bracers. I've got about 4 Basic Gift Boxes. And I've also got a NC Mall 8th Birthday Mystery Capsule that I'm not sure if I should open or not. One last question: What about customization appeals to you? What got you into it? Is there a favorite item of yours? Well thanks for your help in advance and have fun out there!
  5. So now that the Prize Shop is open, what did or will you buy? I can't decide with mine! Glad the Yooyu balls are cheap!
  6. Hello! I discovered the existence of Fish Fingers and Custard recently after watching Doctor Who obsessively, and I'm wondering what other geeky items like this might be around. Has anyone else found anything? What about related to other fandoms? Item description for Fish Fingers and Custard: Box falls out of the sky, Neopet eats fish custard!
  7. So upon entering my SDB today (AFTER SPENDING A TON OF NP ON FAERIE ITEMS TO SOMEDAY GO IN MY GALLERY YESTERDAY) I received the pack rat avatar that I've been going after. Is it just me or does it almost suck once you receive the avie? I enjoyed going to user shops and collecting items I didn't have to add to my SDB total, and now, well, I don't need to anymore..... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!?!? lol
  8. So this is kind of similar to my post about half a year ago: http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/42884-duplicate-item-images/ but today I found that there are actually some items with the same (more or less) name but are actually different items. Wind-up Mallard http://items.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=item&showitem=34395 Wind-Up Mallard http://items.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=item&showitem=59918 (Also at my gallery) http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=spencerkattys Both of these items come up when you search for either in the shop wiz (identical to my phrase) because case doesn't matter, so I was wondering if there are any other items that have pairs like this.
  9. why was there no new items released on aisha day! their my fave pet and no new colours or morphers or items were relaeased how come?
  10. Bigsby Shaddington has brought us another new WonderClaw machine, Changing Shades. This machine brings us some gorgeous colorful clothes. WonderClaw widgets are available in the NC Mall for purchase along with game boosting power-ups to increase your prize winning chances. For a complete list of all the colorful items available, please check out our guide. Also the Baby Machine has now been retired. WonderClaw Guide
  11. Colours Camouflage Maractite Clothing click the items above for more info!
  12. The time of year where all Neopian's rejoice and celebrate has come! Everyone's favorite Christmas event, Stocking Stufftacular has arrived! Stocking packs are available for purchase in the NC Mall in 1, 5, 10 and 25 count packs. Remember that you need to have your stockings hung prior to the time they get filled in order to receive that day's item(s). You won't be able to collect for previous days either, unless you had a stocking hung on that day before prizes were given out. Stocking Stufftacular will officially start on December 8th, 2013. If you're planning on hanging stockings this year, make sure you have them hung before 11:59pm NST each day to receive your item(s). For more information on Stocking Stufftacular please visit our guide. Stocking Stufftacular 2013 Guide
  13. The second collectible from the Wearable Wheels collection is here! Venture on over to the NC Mall to pick up your all new Wheel of Excitement Collectors Wand. This wand is available for purchase all month long for 250NC. Remember that in order to get the bonus item at the end of the collection, you need to purchase each collectible with your own Neocash. Trading for the collectibles does not count towards the bonus item. As the Christmas Holiday Season approaches the Gift of Neocash promotion has arrived yet again. Spending certain amounts of Neocash this month will earn you free bonus Neocash at the end of the promotion. To see how much Neocash you've spent and earned, you can visit the main page. For more information on this promotion, please visit the FAQ.
  14. This year the Games Master Challenge is Team Sun vs. Team Moon. For those Neopian's not interested in the games, Reslen's Enchanted Planetarium has opened! By venturing inside either the Day Room or the Night Room, visitors are awarded a special Limited Edition NC Mall item. You can purchase one ticket for each room you desire to enter from the NC Mall for 700NC each. These grant you access to that room for the entire event. Now go grab your tickets to the Planetarium and start receiving your prizes! For a complete list of all prizes available and more details on the event, please visit our guide. Reslen's Enchanted Planetarium
  15. Hi! So, I've been thinking a while, that I'd like to start a collection - start collecting stuff in my gallery. I haven't decided what I'd start to collect, so that's one thing I have to figure out. ^^ But I was wondering... There are guides how to use galleries, of course, but do you guys have any tips for those who want to start a collection? Like, for example, how do you find out how many items you miss from your collection? Can you find a list of items somewhere? If I understand correctly, the search function won't show expensive items like paint brushes... But PB's can be found at the Rainbow Pool and here on TDN, but I was wondering like if there's a list of normal items. What if I wanted to collect strawberry items? So, what are your tips in these things? And perhaps, what item(s) you should start collecting? "Collect something you like" is an obvious answer to this question, but any additional tips?
  16. Hi, My best friend is creating an account on neopets, and considering that I've used neopets for nearly six years now, I know that the newbie pack is pretty awful. So with my neopoint riches, I am going to be generous enough to create... The ideal newbie pack! Please can everyone give me some ideas as to what it could include? She wants to create a female Xweetok called rainflowerforest224, which she would to be happy, cute and excitable. Can you try and pick things that are similar to that? The items I have thought of already are: Warm amber ointment All the pieces to the Forgotten shore map A cheap paint brush (maybe snow as we all got one on the 24th December last year) A petpet (please give me some ideas) A Main Codestone Twenty dubloons I look forward to hearing from you all! Miss N
  17. To help celebrate Halloween the free Halloween Barbat Goodie Bag has been released in the NC Mall. Claim your goodie bag and go to your Inventory to open it. Remember you can claim this goodie bag on your side accounts as well!
  18. Does your pet secretly desire to be a Plumpy? Well now your pet can dress up just like Plumpy with the all new Plumpy Costume Pack! This pack was released in Future Fashions today and will be available for purchase in the NC Mall on Monday. Inside this pack you'll find the complete Plumpy costume and a snazzy bonus item! Remember to keep an eye on your bacon!
  19. Hi everyone. So I'm trying to edit the layout of my gallery, but I need HTML experience in this - which I'm not very good at. The main trouble I'm having as my question states, is trying to get my gallery to display more than 4 items in a row. I'm thinking of displaying maybe 5 or 7 items per row, no more than that. So as you can see from this example (and from most other galleries), there is a lot of space being wasted, and all those items being cramped altogether in four rows at a time just doesn't look good: I remember back when I used to do a lot of HTMLing, there was this one HTML code you could edit to display the amount of items you see fit per row/column. I just forgot how to do it, and I've been searching all over Google for that code, but it seems it's lost favor over the past years. I get it that Neopets has changed (and removed) a lot of layout editing (such as songs, graphics, etc.), but I'm pretty sure the option for displaying more than 4 items in a row is still fairly possible - several days ago I found a user who displayed 10 items in a single row in her shop. I didn't think to catch her username, because I hadn't thought of the idea of the time, so I can't really show her example. And this was only several days ago, so despite all the changes the site inflicted on all the hardworking layouting of a lot of shops/galleries - that user was still able to use her layouting. So I thought maybe if it was still possible, someone with good HTML knowledge could help me out with that. I appreciate all your help. Thanks.
  20. New Colours Wraith Dimensional New Clothing click the items above for more info!
  21. Zylphia is back with an all new Mystery Capsule Adventure. Some historical timelines have gotten mixed up and she needs our help sorting it all out. There are seven mystery capsules to be released in this adventure. Purchase them all and receive bonus items. For more information please visit our guide. Twisted Histories Adventure Guide
  22. The second Mystery Capsule from the Twisted Histories Adventure has now been released! This capsule depicts what could have happened if Darigan had won the war instead of Meridell. These are only a couple of the items to be found in the capsule. For complete information please refer to our guide for this event. Twisted Histories Adventure Guide
  23. This Mutant Day has brought us a Mutant Poogle! New Color New Morphing Potion and Wearable
  24. Another item Fortune Cookie has been released! This one is filled with fair themed prizes. Get yours now from the mall and see what you get! Some items from this cookie include: Remember that in order to receive your item you must gift it to the specified number of neofriends first. Please view our guide for more details on this new cookie from Noda. Complete NC Fortune Cookie Guide
  25. New Colours Wraith Dimensional New Clothing click the items above for more info!
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